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  1. Received my refund after six weeks ! What a pleasant surprise ! RCG sold the ship . No ship , no cruise and there’s that other issue.
  2. Is this prank because why would you book those cruises ? Anyway , it took four months to get my money refunded and this is with an agent working on my behalf. I’m 5 weeks into waiting for another refund. You’re not the only one who is frustrated and to those bragging that they canceled multiple cruises and were refunded sooner than later you must be Pinnacle.
  3. We were on Adventure of the Seas in a panoramic ocean view cabin ( slightly starboard ) and loved it. It was very spacious and we appreciated the two chairs and small table facing the large windows. No obstruction. Only small inconvenience is you have to go outside if you want to go aft or take the elevator to a lower floor. We had an unannounced window washer drop in . They could have let us know but no harm done.
  4. Thanks for coming forward . Nice diversion from the usual stuff on here . It made me laugh .
  5. Only professional doctors ! Unprofessional doctors are not to post .
  6. I sometimes think people post on here to get a reaction. To see how many will respond.
  7. Firstly , good luck to you ! I’m at 127 days waiting for the refund of the remaining monies owed to me from a cruise RCG cancelled on 4/15 . My TA has called 4 times , I e-mailed customer services and received two replies from two different people . I reached out to management and I received back from them a text , two e-mails and a phone call . I’m one week out from their last refund due date . I , too , am at the end of my patience which they keep telling me : “ Be patient “ . The problem is that monies refunded have had no correlation to items charged and I have no rec
  8. I’m sorry , that you are having such a hard getting your refund . I’ve stated elsewhere on cc that I did e-mail them after my TA has been unsuccessful in getting a full refund . Two different people responded after three weeks with nothing new . Thank you for your patience . One did include something about using the money on cruise planner . I didn’t read it as I’m not interested in giving them more money . I did message Michael Bayley on FaceBook today . He doesn’t personally write or read FB but still a nostalgic post by “ him “ on Monarch . If RCG doesn’t re
  9. You give great advice . Thank you for that . These are hard times and many industries are suffering however I never would have imagined an industry could get away with withholding funds owed to their customers for > 115 days . If we owed them money , RCG would have canceled our cruises , for certain . They would not have accepted , please , be patient you’ll get your money soon. Having nothing better to do , I started looking at ways to respond : File a complaint with BBB Small claims court if you live near Miami File a complaint with the Fla. Attorney General’
  10. Thank you for prompt response and for your good advice . I will call RCG . Good news for ONE CRUISER ! Perhaps , refunds are being issued more quickly for their customers who give them more business. Appreciate your reply . Thank You.
  11. Thank you for your advice . I looked up the definition of escalate and it means in a more intense manner . My TA has called RCG three times with no results. She told me I have no options except waiting . Asking if travel insurance is refunded , also . Do we need to contact insurance company directly ? It is very frustrating to be at their mercy . thank you .
  12. Did the cruise line refund the money you paid for travel insurance if you had purchased it ? If not , did you appeal to the insurance company directly ? thank you
  13. Ashland , thank you for your kind words . I do use a travel agent and she has been very diligent in calling and following-up but still no refund . I even e-mailed customer service and received a response from two different people thanking me for my patience. A whole different thread ....... what are the advantages of owning your reservation? A travel agent acts on the behalf of her client , can be an ombudsman in case of difficulties , you can communicate in person , by phone or e-mail . Just curious . We lived in Santa Clarita for six years and no loyalty to Cuna
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