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  1. I don’t know much about cruising so I’m wondering how they can get away with an 83 day interest free loan from me ? It must be in the small print somewhere . I did ask for a measly increase in OBC for a future cruise and heard nothing back . I called cc company to find out if there is a time limit in getting my money back . How long do we show patience ? At 90 days , I’m done . Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. Our local news station reported the Celebrity Millennium and Eclipse are sitting off shore in San Diego with a crew of 85 each . The ships only dock to refuel . It would cost $10,000 / day to remain in port. I think this will last all summer long . Sent from my iPad using Forums
  3. RCI has gone up $40.00 from its 52 week low . The dividend yield has gone down , though . I’ve had two companies whose shares I owned go into bankruptcy so keep an eye on the ups and downs . Buy low and sell high ! RCI canceled my cruise and it went into default FCC even though my TA had requested a refund . It was corrected and 60 days out I’m still waiting for my full refund. Cruise companies want to hold on to your cash as long as possible. I’m not a tightwad . I read these posts for usable suggestions and tips.
  4. So , I’m wondering if those of you who own shares of cruise companies are sweating because the stocks certainly took a tumble. I wonder why people would have a credit card affiliated with a cruise line. What happens if you become incapacitated and can’t cruise anymore ? Isn’t it better to use a cash back card where the cash can be used anyplace ? Lesson learned at least for now is not buying any extras pre-boarding . Getting refunds as been very difficult.
  5. If they pre-plated all foods then foods meant to be served hot would get cold unless they installed heat lamps. Food on a plate has more surface area than it does in a pan or container. Also , I would imagine people would be reaching for the plate in the back . Anyhow , they will have servers dishing out the food for awhile anyway. Listened to and watched a webinar , yesterday , put together by the Wall Street Journal. My husband managed to get himself an invitation and one of the speakers was Dr. Fauci . There is a high probability that a vaccine will be available by the end of the year . They are moving into Stage II testing . It’s in the news this morning .
  6. I don’t live in NH , now . I’m a resident of America’s Finest City . That would be San Diego . Not many RCI cruises sail from here . We have many beautiful beaches but I don’t have your advantage of beach living . We have CFA . Judy
  7. I’ve never had a Chick-fil-A or eaten in CK . I carry an iPhone on-board for pics . Ordering on one in WJ would be mass chaos especially on embarkation day . I like the WJ because of the variety. The MDR is repetitious. You are in such a terrific location . Lucky you and Laura.
  8. Were you able to watch SpaceX take-off on Saturday ? You must have had a great view. Love your cute dog , Bella ! You can get all the take-out you want on land . Soliciting comments which I think some people’s purpose is on here. I don’t mean you . The remedy to inferior food is cruising on premium cruise lines.
  9. I’m not cruise or tech savvy and I appreciated my TA checking me in and printing my final documents. I don’t like this new innovation. Will RCI reduce the travel agent’s commission as they chip away at the services rendered by travel agents ? Not all iPhones support the RCI app and why is the TA check-in and client access to the app mutually exclusive ? Can’t you do both ? To those who only deal with RCI , how will you feel if they start charging you for booking with them directly like the airlines do for calling their agents to book a flight ? I don’t think this is a customer enhancement move but a money saving and time saving move . I liken this to self-service check-out at big box stores like WM and HD . Fewer duties performed by workers equals fewer employees and less money paid to them .
  10. Trainman followers have kept the thread alive . They are looking for contributions so you will be most welcome . Judith doesn’t write but we get updates from Jim’s and Judith’s mutual friends about her .
  11. Go read her April thread . Slightly different story .
  12. Sorry that happened to you ! You were more than gracious in not cautioning him to stop coughing on you .
  13. The Clorox Disinfecting Wipes canister clearly states : “ .....use enough wipes for treated surface to remain visibly wet for four minutes . Let surface dry “. Read the label on your Lysol canister . If you are going to be disinfecting your surroundings , better to be doing it correctly .
  14. Not even suggesting you use undiluted or diluted bleach in your stateroom or at home . The fumes are too strong , dangerous when mixed with certain compounds , not to be used on certain surfaces. Also , very harsh on the skin.
  15. Firstly , listening to the audio from the Supreme Court , first time in history . Case involves Booking.com and trademarking generic terms. Not one to dwell on or correct others on insignificant, picayune matters however for future reference the mask RCI is seeking a trademark on is called Seaface. Enough of that ! I am aware of anti-fogging remedies and I’ve ordered from Amazon a couple of bottles . Yes , some good will come out of this. Unfortunately , it will come at a cost of much suffering by those affected by Covid-19. Rules are only as good as they are enforced and cooperation by those involved. They can start with the self-serve buffet . How many times have you seen transgressions, there ? We don’t wipe down anything in our stateroom and the next time you do , read the directions on the label. The cleaning solution has to wet and remain wet for a certain amount of time eg from 4 to 10 minutes. In the two years that I took microbiology, we wiped down our lab benches with bleach . It was not only effective but cheap. On our noro cruise , my husband asked the staff many questions about what they were using for cleaning . They were clueless up the chain .
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