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  1. Funny you should mention ethanol. When we were on our Panama cruise 110 pax came down with the norovirus. Upon disembarkation , my husband was interviewed by our local TV station and he joked that there was more alcohol used disinfecting the ship than was served in the drinks during our lengthy cruise . They used it on-air. He knows better because he has a PhD in biochemistry. However , onboard he started with the people cleaning and asked them what are you using , don’t know . He went up the chain of command and ended up asking guest services and still , we don’t know . I think it is a compound that contains Ag that is effective. Anyway , it kept him occupied. To those on principle ( or why else ) who refuse to use Purell you are doing yourself and fellow pax a disservice.
  2. Better to do something than nothing at all. I think only bleach will kill bacteria, viruses etc. If you wash your hands in the restroom then do not touch anything including faucet handles , door handles . We used to wipe down our lab tables with bleach in the graduate microbiology classes that I took for two years.
  3. I’ll be be reading your review. Welcome back ! I’ve not sailed on that large of a ship and I’m looking forward to your perspective.
  4. Nice presentation, by the way , with no mistakes . Wish I could do the same . Okay , we’re taking a Canada / NE cruise to Fla. this Oct. on Adventure of the Seas. It is a repositioning cruise that begins in Québec city . We board the ship one day and depart the next day. The other ports are St . John NB , Charlottetown PEI , Sydney , Halifax , Portland, Bar Harbor , Boston , Cape Canaveral and final destination Fort Lauderdale. If you don’t want cold my advice is don’t go to NE and Canada in Oct.. I wish Montréal was on our itinerary but can’t have everything. I’ve been to all but 2 of the ports so more about the journey for us. You are buying into , in more ways than one , if you are looking at points rather than the experience itself. We are almost D but we will not buy into this point business. Happy 10th Anniversary !
  5. We too used National Express bus to Southampton from Heathrow. We booked it online. We boarded the bus at the same terminal we arrived at . It couldn’t have been easier. The arrival in Southampton is at a bus terminal with waiting taxis. We stayed at a Hilton which was too far out. We used the same bus company to visit Winchester.
  6. Thank you for the information. I would think a city map would be hard to look at on a small camera screen or phone. Good for you if you can manage it . Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. What is a gty cabin ? You must be very resourceful to be able to cruise long itineraries and/or repositioning cruises with only a carry-on bag . What is your secret ? I sometimes ask by mail for maps and brochures from tourist and visitors bureaux ( French plural ). Always free except for Boston . They have a fee of ~ $ 10.00 .
  8. Thank you for the clarification. If you are staying at the Hilton , again , this October perhaps we’ll run into you.
  9. Adventure does have an SL and while nice and newly decorated it isn't the same as Anthem's CL. No CK on Adventure. Great review and photos however I'm puzzled by SL , CL and CK .
  10. Everything has pretty much been said about saving on-board. Since excursions are part of the cruise experience, I would suggest looking into Groupon and Living Social coupons and Entertainment books. The Entertainment books are severely discounted after January. Museums have free days and the in-house cafés are usually nice.
  11. Great review of your cruise with gorgeous photos . I really enjoyed reading it especially since it was so positive . You had a good time doing your own thing with no intense sightseeing at every single port. You have the right attitude.
  12. Like on Seinfeld by the character played by Lloyd Bridges . I’ve been reading these posts and I’m wondering why you unhappy cruisers don’t try another cruise line. We sailed on the Queen Mary 2 and we were very put-off by the class tier segregation on that ship. We will never be back . Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. This topic has been discussed before and on that previous thread someone mentioned a spray available in Britain that kills the norovirus. It is available on Amazon and sure enough it is so labeled . Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. I have no personal experience but have read on cc that this itinerary and ship has been labeled a booze cruise . Lots of bad reviews about that ship. Short cruises attract a different crowd. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. That ship is immense and great photos , too. How about a photo of you ? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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