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  1. I started the thread just to find out about sharing. As an earlier poster said, this is getting the adrenaline going. May chair hogs is the next topic. 😀
  2. Do the card tips (the ones we write in on the slip) get pooled or does the bartender/server get the tip individually? My assumption is the bartender/server keeps the cash tips.
  3. Is it only for people who have upcoming bookings? I am not getting emails, but I do not have an upcoming booking. I do get what seems like 1000 other promotional emails from Celebrity.
  4. We do not have a current booking, so I do not see any prices. My first take on what I read is Drinks & More can be added to the classic and premium packages. But, now that I re-read this, there is a little "marketing spin" on the wording. Drinks & More Package This package includes all the benefits of the Classic and Premium Beverage Packages, like top-shelf spirits, a wide variety of wines†, liqueurs & cognacs, beer and champagne. Plus enjoy two bottles of wine*, $50 in casino free play**, and a wine tasting experience. Minibar included and replenished daily if two adults in your stateroom purchase this package. I am researching. I had already planned on upgrading to Premium. I think the Drinks & More would be beneficial. For us, the big benefit is the in room mini-bar being included. Now, if they would just include the room service drinks. 😀
  5. What is the approximate upcharge for the Drinks & More?
  6. I assumed that would be the case. Just as leaving the balcony door open on most ships turn off the in room a/c. As long as it recovers in an hour or so, we are good.
  7. We have been looking at the Apex for a fall/winter 2021 cruise. For us, the IV will probably be perfect. DH is in a wheelchair. While he loves the balcony for an hour or so at night, otherwise it is not used by us. However, the IV will probably work for us. The big window. Our one negative in the research is the same as others have mentioned. It is not really fit for dining in the cabin.
  8. Now that I think of it, I see the reasoning about the weather event. They do not want it raining or blowing sea water inside the cabins.
  9. Two questions: --Infinite Veranda: I have read that the bridge can lock the windows so they cannot be opened for a period of time. Why would they do that? --Perks: Why on some reservations that come with one perk you can add other perks but some you cannot? We are looking at some 2021 fall sailings.
  10. It is 12:06 AM. We just left the comedy show (3rd one tonight). Headed back to the cabin and looking forward to ordering room service for a late night snack.
  11. I really do not think we are going to see USA cruising until after the new year. Given what is happening with the few ships that have re-started, I think the CDC will not let it go ahead in the USA. That is just my thought. To be honest, I was looking at a spring cruise, but now, I am thinking it would be better to wait until next fall.
  12. 1:19 AM - We have been back in the cabin for a bit from the late comedy show. Room service just delivered a late night snack for both of us. We are talking about what we are going to do tomorrow while everybody heads to a port day and we have the ship to ourselves. 🙂
  13. Several Youtubers (crew) are posting while at sea. One is an officer on Princess. The general consensus of the ones I have watched is they are bored, but otherwise okay. All are staying in regular guest cabins with one person to cabin and meals are being served in the main guest buffet so they have space for social distancing. That is from seeing videos on RCCL, Princess, and Carnival.
  14. My two cents. I would not leave the country without a valid passport right now. If a country locks down or there is an out break on a ship, it could result in being forced to disembark in a foreign country. Also, if there is a sudden Covid problem, the embassy might not be open in whatever country you are in. I know it would all probably work out, but the amount of hassle and insecurity of not knowing would drive me nuts. I know it is improbable, but what if they disembarked you into a country for quarantine for 14 days. Then, you had to do a flight home. You cannot visit an embassy while in quarantine. Too many "what if's" right now. For me, no passport, then I just don't go.
  15. I have been doing a lot of shopping/pricing of ADA cabins on the Carnival website in the last few weeks. It is new, but they are offering one some cruises an ADA cabin GTY price. It is usually only a few dollars lower than the price for choosing your own room. I am pretty good about using the website to find ADA cabins. Someone stated at the beginning of the thread that the OP might have been confusing the GTY price for a regular inside. I just wanted to give the OP the benefit of the doubt since that rate actually does exist on some cruises. That being said, I would NEVER use the ADA GTY rate for an ADA room. There is no room for error when we book a cabin. DH is wheelchair bound and we would not be able to stay on a cruise if the cruise line screwed up or overbooked the ADA GTY booking. So, we always choose our cabin when making a reservation.
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