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  1. My favorite Princess hot dog story. Our very first cruise was during Sapphair Princess's first year at sea. It was an Alaskan 7 day. @Ken-ATL DH and I were like a kid in a candy store. We over particpated in everything... including food. On day 4 or 5 I had hit a wall for rich food. I had been to afternoon teas, bakeries, sushi bar (for one hour each day in the buffet), midnight buffet (one of the last years this was done), all meals in the dining room. Finally I hit a wall. When the waiter asked me what I wanted for dinner, I asked if there was something more simple I could
  2. @EatonDoolittle What a great idea! Also, a great excuse to meet up with someone new on the ship!
  3. In years past I have seen it on one ship and not another (both Princess). Same with other cruise lines. Some have it and some don't. Bottom line is don't depend on the ship having anything. If there are rough seas, then the ship could run out of everything for sea sickness.
  4. We have used ship water on occassion. It is okay and does not hurt the CPAP. But, as others stated, you can order in advance or just ask the room steward. In a pinch, if we are uncomfortable with the tap water somewhere, we will use regular (name brand) bottled water.
  5. Some ships have a few basic OTC drugs (meclizine, ibuprofen, etc.) offered in little packets for free at the ship medical center. This is not consistent and your mileage may vary.
  6. Medallion question: Does the food menu and drink options change depending on where you are located on the ship? Princess has hinted that the food and drinks would be offerings from the closest restaurant or bar.
  7. One of the wonderful things about Google. I am able to look up all of these drinks. I am interested in trying them all! @Ken-ATL you should follow this thread.
  8. Somewhere in the FAQ it says something to the effect that Elite/Platinum will have access to boarding times on the app 3 or 4 days earlier than the masses. I read the whole thing yesterday. Lots of interesting tidbits
  9. We are booked on the 11/28 Caribbean Princess. When booked we thought we would be far enough in the fall that we would not be the first cruise. Now we are booked on CB's first cruise. However, this makes me think the 11/28 cruise might not go either. We will see.
  10. It was stated earlier in this thread... this long, long thread... Anyone booked before June 7 can use the DMW app. Booked after June 7 the DMW app is for paid in full, Elite, and Platinum. We are gold and are able to book all nights and use the "one" promo credit for the specialty restaurant. Not sure I am going to do the complicated way to get the two free credits booked. I will wait another month for the shake out cruises to happen.
  11. FINALLY, after checking and rebooking several times, I have a table for 2 for all seven nights... oh and for the night we are at the hotel. Yes, it let me book dinner on the cruise for the pre-cruise hotel night.
  12. I see you are on the CB for 12/8. We are on the 11/27 CB and are having the same problem. Many nights the system only offers a table for 4 in the Island Dining Room. It does not matter if you choose 5 PM or 10 PM. There is ONLY a table for 4. Hopefully this gets sorted soon.
  13. DH and I discussed this and our first take was a question. As unlikely as breakthrough cases are, what are the chances that two people sharing the same cabin both have a breakthrough case at the same time?
  14. We have a pre-cruise hotel night booked with Princess. DMW app is allowing me to schedule dinner on the ship for a night that I am not even on the ship.
  15. So, I tried to book seating tonight. We want a table for 2. To book the same time each night it will only offer a table for 4. When I try to book individual nights, there are only tables for 4 on the first night no matter what time I pick whether 5 PM or 10 PM. There does not seem to be a way to change the request for table size.
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