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  1. I am the person that will try a lot of different kinds of drinks. It is part of the fun of a drink package. I have a list of different kinds of drinks I want to try. So, I actually might hit the 15. On my last Carnival cruise, the Atrium bartender let me do a tequila tasting. Not a full shot, but a taste of all of the different tequilas she stocked there. She counted it as one drink. Also, I was tipping well.
  2. Only the alcoholic drinks count toward the 15. 15 by 3PM?? They would be rolling me on a stretcher back to my cabin to worship the Porcelain God.
  3. Agreed. I was super nice with compliments to the head chef in the buffet on our last Carnival cruise. I mentioned that I love traditional Filipino Adobo. His sous chef was from The Philippines and the two of them made me a helping of Adobo for the next night on the buffet.
  4. Our sea day is already full. Dr. Seuss Breakfast, Sea Day Brunch, Afternoon Tea, Supper. So much food, so little time. 😎
  5. Is this on all ships or just longer cruises? We are on a 4 day 11/4 Victory cruise. I last 4 day Carnival out of Jacksonville had the Afternoon Tea in the piano bar.
  6. What time are the Dr. Seuss breakfast? I see it as offered on The Victory 4 day sailing. Will it be in the same dining room as the brunch? I know this will sound greedy, but I want the Dr. Seuss Breakfast and Sea Day Brunch! 😎
  7. HUB APP. So, we are going to be on The Victory in November. The ship normally boards at 11 AM. When will the Fun Times pop up on the app? Do I have to be on the ships wi-fi to get it? Some ships I am able to hit their wi-fi from the dock.
  8. Extra VIFP points, extending Cheers, and my internet? Yes, please. I am sure I will figure out the flights and definitely would call in sick... *cough*
  9. I'm hoping someone who's been on a weather-related extended Cruise can let us know what their experience was.
  10. This got brought up in another thread. If a cruise is extended a day due to weather what happens with the Cheers package charges? A free day?
  11. Thanks for the info. On the current itineraries usually start boarding around 11 am, I assumed it would be 10 or 10:30. good to know.
  12. My DH is type 1 diabetic. A sugar straw is probably not a good idea. Is plastic still available or do we need to invest in a re-usable straw? We will be on an 11/4 cruise.
  13. We are on the 11/4 Victory. We have FTTF and DH is in a wheelchair. So, we always arrive at port opening. It reduces our stress and we end up one of the first few folks on the the ship. So, what time does the port actually open? And yes, I am the OCD planner. So, I am already scheduling port transportation. In our 30 years, I never take chances on the transportation piece of a trip because DH's wheelchair can throw a wrench into last minute travel plans. By the way, half the fun of a cruise is planning it. 🙂
  14. I am glad this thread popped up today. Like the OP said, it has been a rough day at work. I use the thoughts of an upcoming cruise to take me to my happy place. 🙂 DH and I have been on several cruises and never a bad one. Each is unique and we usually have some wild story to bring home... well, not "wild" but definitely different... such as going to tour the Anglican Cathedral in Nassau and ending up in Brother Bo's broken down mini-van touring the island with both doors hanging open and me holding on to DH's wheelchair as Brother Bo speeds around the curves with the end of the story of him taking us to a lean-to shack that had 15 grills cooking beef and pork for our lunch. Even when something goes wrong, we have fun with it. So, again, thanks for all of the positive stories and putting a smile on my face this Friday afternoon.
  15. I have booked with a new Comfort Inn that is opening 10/1/2019. They have free airport and cruise port transportation. The price was right too. http://comfortinnandsuitesmiamiairport.com/
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