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  1. I agree. We were on Victory in November 2019. The ship is in good condition. The analyst are predicting it could be more than a year or more before the full demand returns to the cruise industry. With that in mind, I think Carnival will put off all expenses they can. So, in my opinion, we will see The Victory for some time.
  2. Just looked at the Carnival site. No sailings listing for April and May. At least that is what I am seeing as of 10:13 PM Friday the 13th.
  3. We were on the Victory in November. I was talking to a manager of the buffet and mentioned my love of Filipino food and how I wish the diversity of the crew was reflected in the menu. He offered to have adobo cooked for us for the next night in the MDR. I told him no thanks because the last time I did that on a cruise, I got the non-Filipino executive chef's recipe for adobo. I really like home cooked Filipino food that is not been "fancied up". He laughed and said he would get one of the Filipino galley staff to make it with his family recipe. The manager said the Filipino galley staff would be proud to cook something on his own since he is normally doing prep work. The next night we got to the dining room and our waiter immediately came to our table. He told us the Filipino galley person worked on our dish during the afternoon and he cooked it the way his mother taught him. When we got the dish, I asked where the cook was from in the Philippines. Our waiter asked and he said near Manila. I knew that because the pork adobo is dry. As you get further south in the Philippines, there is more brine/gravy in the adobo. Here is what we got.... and I agree... ask!! We made the cook's day because he got to cook instead of chop veggies all day.
  4. The worn look on a ship does not bother me. We have been looking at the Glory so, I am following.
  5. As long it is not a balcony cabin, we always go for the twin arrangement. We move the twins against the walls in an L shape to create the most open space possible. It makes the cabin seem bigger.
  6. I have always thought the nominal $5 was just to cover the licensing fees. As an earlier poster said, the licensing fees probably went up.
  7. We are just off the Victory yesterday. Whole milk was not available, only 2%. I asked because I drink milk at night before bed. Also, do not count on storing milk in the room fridge. The one we had did not cool well enough for milk. You mileage may vary.
  8. Hmmmm... an opportunity to eat the best meal of the cruise twice. I'm not seeing a downside. 😎
  9. We are also doing the Dr. Seuss breakfast on the 11/4 Victory sailing. My research says that it is booked on board and is a $5 per person charge. There is an 8ish and 10ish seating. Here is our sea day plan: 8:00 AM Dr. Seuss Breakfast 12:00 PM Sea Day Brunch 3:00 PM Afternoon Tea 7:00 PM Anytime Dining Someone will have to roll us back to the cabin.
  10. Can we use the Cheers package on debarkation day? Maybe a Bloody Mary in the MDR with the final breakfast?
  11. To confirm, the "premium" tea flavors are included with Cheers?
  12. Two questions for those in the know: 1. Does the Hub App reservations work on The Victory? 2. We are signed up for YTD on our next cruise. This is our first time. My husband is wheelchair bound. How will they know we need wheelchair accessible seating (there are not a lot in the crowded dining rooms). Love these "in the know" threads.
  13. Does Victory have the second coffee bar? Where can we get "good" coffee after the main coffee bar closes at 3PM?
  14. I wanted to be clear. This event is appropriate for anyone to attend? My DH (of 30 years) is from a military family. His father retired from the Army as an Sergeant Major (E9) and served in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. His mother was a war bride from Austria. This would be meaningful from him, but when I mentioned it he seemed to feel it would not be appropriate for us to attend.
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