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  1. I asked about capacity also and was told around 70%
  2. I've booked the 4 night on 19th July - no problems getting the suite I wanted 😊
  3. I get a better price and better terms and conditions booking through a US travel agent than either a UK travel agent or Cunard direct.
  4. Looks that way to me. We also have a June Baltic cruise booked, and so are in the same position. I have heard nothing from Regent so far, but cannot think of another reason they would have waitlisted all of June.
  5. Hi, I see this morning that all June cruises have been waitlisted this morning. Can anyone advise whether the deadline for using FCCs is still Dec 2022 (for those cruises canceled by Regent in May)? We're getting to the point where the number of cruises with availability (and any hope of sailing) is severely limited.
  6. I've booked our first Cunard cruise for Nov this year. Like everyone else, no idea whether it will go ahead or not, but gives us something to look forward to. I think there is probably a 20% chance, so not feeling terribly optimistic about it.
  7. Yes, that's exactly how it worked for us also, although often we would book 3-4 nights ahead rather than each morning.
  8. You're welcome - and those are the exact reasons we decided book a GS, especially no 3 😅
  9. Hi both, I have also booked one of these suites and found this link https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2717429-explorer-suite-784/ which shows pics of the same suite on Explorer. Perhaps you have already seen these though..
  10. Well, my excitement was short-lived! I have just booked our first Cunard cruise on QE in November and December. Say it isn't so! 😞
  11. Be careful with regard to age and pre existing conditions in small print and of course are you insured for changes in government advice. Again, good advice and thank you. I'm finding it a bit of a minefield to be honest, but I think our US agent has found us a good deal, and I have it in writing that it is applicable to us as UK residents departing and returning to the UK. It has very good medical and evacuation coverage (considerably better than Cunard's actually) as well as cancellation so I think we're all set. After the initial excitement of booking, I'm suffering a little buye
  12. Great advice, thank you. I will look into this..
  13. Ouch! We are going Singapore-Melbourne and around New Zealand. I will look up the possibility of heavy weather ...
  14. Thanks for the advice. I am giving myself a headache over this. The Cunard Care seems to offer very little in the way of medical evacuation and medical care, compared with some other policies, although I like that it gives the 75% FCC in the event of cancelling for any reason. Decisions, decisions.. Not sure the RAC/AA membership helps because I have booked in the USA, although we are UK citizens (we live here for several months of the year).
  15. Thanks. We have never bothered with insurance before but will do with this trip as it is further afield than previous ones.
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