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  1. Hi, I was in Rangiroa in 2015, on the Pacific Princess, and there were plenty of choices available on the Pier for Snorkeling the Aquarium and water taxis. Now that we are allowed to book our own excursions on Wind Star, I'd like to do a morning snorkel and then head down to the Kia Ora Resort for lunch and float back to the pier. (ala Pesacdo Amarillo) Link to her blog: http://pescadoamarillo.blogspot.com/2014/12/day-47-rangiroa.html Has anyone been to Rangiroa lately that can provide an update on what is available at the tender pier near Taputa pass? thanks, Jill
  2. Thanks! I checked there and he is booked! I am sad that Hotel Tiare Tahiti seems to be out of business. Even the phone number I had for them is disconnected. Jill
  3. Yes, I've stayed there in the past. However, email is bouncing back and none of the hotel booking engines can come up with availability. Wondering if they survived the pandemic and lack of tourism. Their rates were so reasonable and the breakfast they provided was a feast! I'd love to stay there again. If anyone has information, it would be greatly appreciated. Jill
  4. Does anyone have any information regarding the hotel? I sent a couple of Emails and they bounced back. Are they still open? thanks! Jill
  5. Just browsing cruises and saw NCL is doing an entire series of cruises in and around Papeete. Noticed some 7 and 10 day cruises. 1 ship 2106 passengers - Spirit. I know a ton of people are missing Pacific Princess-----me included. jilly
  6. All, I will be on the Pacific Princess and there is a new contact for the Meet and Greets: Jodi Rudolph
  7. Jeannie, I am hoping your season continues to include the last 10 day segment. It would be lovely to meet you for more than a few minutes! Hoping and praying we are all able to visit our most favorite place in the world again! Jill
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