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  1. BSQ, you are making me feel better about our upcoming trip Friday. I have been freaking out to be honest.
  2. I found it, Googled Puerta May and found it in some pics... D. Montero's.
  3. No, this isn't a big chain store and sells nothing but sterling silver.
  4. I should know the name, we have bought from them twice while on our cruises, but I can not remember. It is on the corner when you turn right to go to the taxi waiting area. Not the store by Los Cinco Soles, right down from the picture I posted. Thanks for any help!! Trying to tell our friends about it and where to go.
  5. Thank you all for posting the link to this...worked great on my Rumor 2.
  6. That is salsa & chips, Conch ceviche, nachos, guacamole, and chicken fried taco. Honestly, everything was sooo good. We had no room what so ever for dessert. When we went to leave, Manuel went and got me a pina colada and dh a beer for the road, didn't even ask. He went and called the cab while they made our drinks.
  7. On 2009 cruise on Ecstasy, head waiter, German.
  8. I agree with what everyone is saying, food is great. You will probably get more than you can handle. This is what they brought for my dh and I, we skipped dessert.
  9. Thank you, Cruisedarling. I wanted to show him to see if he would be interested in it and think about it for a bit if he said no. lol Thank you also to those who helped out with their kiddos opinions on it.
  10. I forgot about the blue margaritas and whiskey sours we had at the past guest party. First time I ever had a whiskey sour and I did like it. This kiss on the lips drink, think I will have to try that one too.
  11. I have yet to have a Miami Vice and I think this upcoming cruise I am going to have to try one. I am not a fan of their "Fun Ship Special." Not a heavy drinker at all, just curious besides pina coladas and strawberry margaritas that I usually get, what else is out there. TIA
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