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  1. Yes I have received them but not complaining but the canceled ones were 7 night balcony. Guess I am complaining😁
  2. I read the hole cancellation letter. Unfortunately it said casino comp cruises were not eligible for lift and shift. I hope they change that
  3. I lose my money but its a casino deal so I am use to taking a gamble
  4. They are playing games but understandable. They need cash flow so are not canceling until the last minute. I have a 12/07/2020 Carnival Sunshine cruise booked and final payment is 09/20/2020, this Sunday. I don't think they are going to cancel that until they either get the final payments or people cancel without paying final payment and losing the down payment. I will pay the final payment and hope they cancel because I have no interest on cruising until 2021.
  5. Never got an email but it was posted on my cruise manager. Went from interior to an ocean view so I am OK with it. It was a casino deal so not going to call for any changes. I think its probably 50/50 that it ever leaves port.
  6. Has to be the lack of mirrors in the staterooms. How else can you explain how some of these people walk out thinking "yeah this looks good, think I will wear it"
  7. Here is my problem with upgrade offers or my casino deals. I have 4 casino deal bookings through January. If you up grade and they get your extra $160 then cancel will you only get FCC which will not cover a balcony on future cruises that may be more full. I am worried about my casino tax and fee only cruises if canceled, I will only have nothing towards FCC and doubt they will honor the original casino deal which would be expired and they will have more cruisers booking in the future. The casino rep really could not give me any definitive answer when I asked about this. So I am hoping all my sailing go on as planned. Four cruises, 26 days of sailing for $1200 for two. I will take my chances and wear a mask for that price.
  8. ah. that would be affirmative. No cruising if there are no islands that will let you dock
  9. just read all these and lol. make sure you bring your sturdy glass straw so you can punch a hole through your face mask to drink your beverage
  10. why is this upsetting. I keep getting offers and am just waiting for the one where they say we will pay you $1000 to take a 7 day cruise. It is coming I know it. 😄
  11. usually cruise 5-6 times a year. Will definitely be cruising again but will hold off until November. Usually take three over the summer but might take one in August and see how that works. Already have three booked for November and December.
  12. I received this offer also. Is there any way to booked this online or do I have to call a casino representative. Tried mock booking but came up full price.
  13. I sold my ccl stock this past fall at 40. Glad i did. primarily sold it because i mostly go on casino offers and they stopped giving me shareholder obc. Might but it back now because the stock is so oversold.
  14. Thy are giving cruises away from players club. Got basically free offers after obc and free play. I am waiting for them to pay me to get on board.
  15. Been on Sunshine 4 times. Ji Ji is my favorite. Steak house only if I get comped. Italian is open for free lunches that people don't know on the first day. Dinners are good there also
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