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  1. I only cruise on casino comps. have 40 cruises and last 30 have been mostly comped. I find you have to wait them out. No rhyme or reason. Example. Bet my usual on a cruise and got no bounce back. last February. In May they sent me a comp for $100 per person with $200 OBC, so basically just tax and fees. I booked three of them. I believe its all about how empty or full their boats are at a certain times and then they are in panic mode to start filling them. Of course you still have to have certain playing hours and points which I always have but that is not a guarantee at the end of cruise you will get the bounce back. I just wait them out and luckily they have come around.
  2. you get what you pay for. I have always had good service on cruises except for some sea day brunch days. It is all golden corral stuff but you will not go hungry
  3. Lanyard my last three cruises. Now the Stewards have three more lanyards
  4. I just got off the Breeze two weeks ago. It was my third time and second time this summer. I cruise mostly solo so my cabin is always relatively kept clean. I did notice on this last cruise that there were area that are in need of attention. The bathrooms and windows primarily. I still like carnival because I mostly cruise because of casino deals but have noticed that the staff is just overworked and not enough of them from when I first started to cruise. (I have over 30 cruises on Carnival) Also there were 4700 people on this cruise which the CD kept reminding us so we would have patience getting on and off the boat at the ports. That is way too many people for this ship. I have been on the Magic a couple of times and have not noticed an overcrowding problem like I saw on the Breeze. That being said you know what you are getting with Carnival I still like the friendliness of the staff and workers. Much better then RC although I do like the newness and cleanliness of RC. I will still sail Carnival but would never pay full price. I would rather spend that amount on Oasis class ships on RC. There are over 6000 on the Oasis class ships and I have felt less crowded then I did on the Breeze recently.
  5. it stopped running after the hurricanes hit and they have not been back in use since then.
  6. I am confused was it your 90th or 91st cruise?
  7. I am all paid up, sailing solo on Mariner. Just got the Royal up offer. If I bid and it gets accepted will I have to pay for two people even though there will be only one in the room.
  8. Doesn't hurt to try a low bid. I have tried and got rejected twice but didn't matter because I like my present room anyway.
  9. My two cents... Last year I went on 3 premier cruises all comped free room. Gambled the same as I always did but after the last one never got a free comp since. Got the casino discounts plus free play but they are horrendous. Guess i was spoiled. I think like one person said they are full of bettors and taking only heavy bettors for the free comps. That being said i also sail RCCL and they have upped their game and comps. Same amount of play and you get one free cruise a year plus have been sent 3 and 4 day free cruises on top of that along with heavy discount cruises. I will lay off Carnival for awhile and see if they want me back after people stop accepting their bad offers. In the mean time I have RCCL and URCOMPED. I have 30 carnival cruises so its not like I was a newbie or using them for their offers.
  10. If they enforce this rule then-enforce all rules. Chairhogging, cheaters at trivia, seat saving at shows, people that don't use hand sanitizer, kids unattended, babies with diapers in pools etc etc. Smoking is the least of the problems on a boat and gets the most attention. At least you can ignore the smokers, you can't do anything about all the other rule breakers.
  11. Its mostly the cabin you have to getting an upgrade. I had an unusual one last time I cruised. I had an interior that slept 4, ceiling bunk beds. I got a text while i was on the ship asking if i would move to an ocean view for free. I was sailing solo. I accepted and later went back to my old room and there were a party of four where one member was a worker in the embarkation center. Said the way they get a free cruise is they wait until the last minute to see if any open rooms are available or if people on the boat will move from their rooms. they actually wait with luggage not knowing if they will get on the cruise or not. Guess they have to have a lot of flexibility but I noticed a lot of those workers are retired and working part time.
  12. Is the deluxe beverage package accepted on Coco Cay. been awhile and I know carnival does not accept its beverage package on private island
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