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  1. simultaneous equations. That brings back nightmares.
  2. I think its the number of chips on the cookies so it would be 2+1+1x7 and you do multiplication before addition so 3 +7=10 Do I win a free cruise?
  3. 10, yeah 10 is the answer that's it. FOIL was used to multiply two binomials together. My brain hurts. Someone find me a cruise.
  4. Charleston is a great city/port but it can hardly handle the Carnival's Sunshine, I doubt it can handle another cruise line. Plus the city's "flounders" don't want to upgrade the port.
  5. Just casino funded cruises. Had 4 canceled in last year and have 5 reserved through January 2022. Some of them have to sail. I hope, but whenever I get an offer I book it. Even if I can't make one of them I will not be out that much money, only taxes. Its worth the gamble.
  6. Yes I have received them but not complaining but the canceled ones were 7 night balcony. Guess I am complaining😁
  7. I read the hole cancellation letter. Unfortunately it said casino comp cruises were not eligible for lift and shift. I hope they change that
  8. I lose my money but its a casino deal so I am use to taking a gamble
  9. They are playing games but understandable. They need cash flow so are not canceling until the last minute. I have a 12/07/2020 Carnival Sunshine cruise booked and final payment is 09/20/2020, this Sunday. I don't think they are going to cancel that until they either get the final payments or people cancel without paying final payment and losing the down payment. I will pay the final payment and hope they cancel because I have no interest on cruising until 2021.
  10. Never got an email but it was posted on my cruise manager. Went from interior to an ocean view so I am OK with it. It was a casino deal so not going to call for any changes. I think its probably 50/50 that it ever leaves port.
  11. Has to be the lack of mirrors in the staterooms. How else can you explain how some of these people walk out thinking "yeah this looks good, think I will wear it"
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