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  1. So sorry for your loss. Since we are in Canada and there is not much to do in the winter...... we have nothing planned. This spring since there will be no cruise this winter we are going to use that money and replace the liner in our inground pool and look forward to a fun time with family and hopefully freinds. We have been in lockdown here since Christmas.
  2. It was easy, just pack up and leave your luggage and it miraculously shows up in your new cabin 😛
  3. We had a cove on the Dream , our first and last. We missed the sun, the view and the breeze. Our last full sea day it was a bit rough out and could not enjoy the balcony at all, we were getting quite a bit of sea spray and we were more than half way back. We will stick with our higher deck balcony, next cruise we are on deck 14 😮
  4. I miss lunch at the Mongolian grill......... oh and my blue margarita, I've tried making them at home but its just not the same !! I so miss waking up in the morning and having a coffee and fruit plate on our balcony to start the day. Been on many cruises so even port days we take our time.... no rushing to excursions for us anymore.
  5. I am also interested in the size of these balcony's we have one booked on the Celebration, deck 14.
  6. bring back lots of pictures everyone, we dont sail on the Celebration until Feb. 19,2023
  7. We were on the Magic in February and had cabin 7454 it was the last cabin on the port side before the aft wrap. Loved it, the Magic is now my favourite ship. This is not my video but it is a video of the cabin. I cannot believe I have no pictures of the cabin!! 😳 I usually take too many !! anyway this cabin is in the perfect location.
  8. Next up for us is the Celebration February 19th 2023. We planned on doing a AI this February but that's not looking very good at all. So we will be doing that the next February (2022).
  9. This is interesting, according to this deckplan our balcony cabin is showing as an inside cabin............ 14482
  10. Not until February 19th 2023, hubby and I will be on the Celebration celebrating our retirements!! He retired Sept. 1st and I will be retiring 02/12/2022 . We had planned on spending a week in Cozumel this coming winter, but that wont be happening so it is moved to 2022 then our booked cruise on the Celebration 🙂
  11. Just booked for Feb 2023 LOL just a few days to countdown....... booked a junior balcony for now. Its a smaller cabin but balcony is the same size. Hubby just retired and I am hoping to be retired by then. For us the ship is basically our destination, this one goes to Cozumel which we love, Costa Maya, not sure if we've been there and Montego Bay, only been there once, loving 3 full sea days !! I'm just happy to have a cruise booked to look forward too !!
  12. We had them recently on the Magic, I prefer the old way. The ones we got didnt have much of a "sauce" on them and the bread was dried out. 😞
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