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  1. You are correct no one under 12 allowed in the Havana, I would go down to guest services and speak with them
  2. I print ours out on card stock, cut them at the sides along the fold lines, then I laminate them and use small zip ties from the dollar store to attach them after our flight before the cruise.
  3. Bring your own extension cordΒ‘! They only have a limited number and it's first come first served! By the time hubby realized he forgot his it was to late and they were gone. Luckily he could buy one at our next port the following day and it doesn't leave his cpap case. He also uses the ships tap water, it is filtered better than our water at home.
  4. Yes, we booked our hotel months ago, booked the cruise a year ago April πŸ˜„ this will be our 3rd Superbowl cruise, but first from near the host city.
  5. Looking forward to more of your review, we will be on the Magic in February (Superbowl cruise πŸ˜„ ) doing the same itinerary.
  6. When our kids were younger we would book connecting cabins all the time. Once in the cabin we would open the connecting door and turn the dead bolt to lock it ( while still open) that way we always had access to their room. no need for an extra room key.
  7. We prepay our gratuities, and give extra to our room steward and dining team~ depending on the service. Also bring lots of $1's for room service, depending on what we order we usually tip $3or $4. We do not tip extra to the bar servers since the auto gratuities on drinks went up to 18% and the porter's
  8. We are cruising Feb 1st, cruising out of FLL. We will be flying into West Palm from Detroit on the Friday. Found flights on Spirit for $66 pp. Flying home on the Monday following the cruise from FLL $79 pp. With seats and luggage it came to $401 total. Happy with the price. Wont come even close to that with any other airline.
  9. Thank you everyone for all your help, it is greatly appreciated. Hubby said we will use the Uber or Lyft, let someone else do the driving for us πŸ˜„
  10. you couldnt pay me enough to give up my "bowling alley balcony " also known as "L" cabin. We have our 5th or 6th one booked for our upcoming cruise on the Magic !! I love them ~~!!~~
  11. Oh ok, lol sorry from a small town in Southern Ontario Canada πŸ˜„ We get in about 2:30 on the Friday I just looked up the fare estimate and it looks like it will be as stated earlier around $70 or so, which would be about the same as a rental car but without all the hassles. Thanks for all the help ~~~!!!~~~
  12. I booked a night pre cruise in Hollywood beach a couple months ago. Will the price of Uber go higher ? Is Lyft the same as Uber ?
  13. It would only be the 2 of us, we dont have UBER where we live so i'm not sure what the cost would be. I think $75 would be good, that is about what a car rental would be and then we wouldnt have to worry about getting from the car rental to the hotel. Is there some kind of web site to get an estimate? or can I do it on the app ? We used Uber a few cruises ago, but that was just in and around Miami. Thank you for the help and guidance
  14. We are cruising Superbowl weekend out of Fort Lauderdale. Found some crazy cheap flights into pbi, Flights to FLL and MIA were insane!!! Now im trying to figure out how to get from the airport to our hotel. Not to familiar with UBER but is that an option ? Or renting a car ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  15. We stayed at Holiday Inn Express San Juan Condado 2 nights pre cruise, it was a great price, excellent location. I cant remember exactly how much the cab was to port, but I know it wasnt too much. Beach, restaurants and Walgreens were all within walking distance.
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