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  1. hockeyluver

    Carnival Funshop liquor to be drank only in cabin???

    We just fill up one of our water bottles with vodka and then pour some in to our cups with lemonade or other mixer. It is still more economical for us to buy this way than to get the cheers.
  2. hockeyluver

    Lifeboat falls off Carnival Dream

    The article I read said that the navigational beacon will direct another ship, possibly the coast guard to retrieve it. I am sure the people that be will want it inspected.
  3. hockeyluver

    Cabins linked for dining...

    I looked on my cruise manager and it does not say anywhere about our linked bookings.
  4. hockeyluver

    Cabins linked for dining...

    Call your TA you will need their booking numbers and the name the cabin is booked under . I called Carnival (booked with them) to link with my brother and sister and that is the info they asked me for as well as their pin number but I dont know if the TA needs that or not.
  5. hockeyluver

    Bottled liquor from fun shops

    Our last cruise we bought a bottle of vodka from the bon voyage dept. It worked out great for us. We carried on our mixers and made our drinks in the cabin. Hubby would bring some in a water bottle up on deck and fill our cups with lemonade or our mixer. We arent big drinkers so cheers is not an option for us.
  6. hockeyluver

    Looking at a L Shaped Cabin

    The "L" shaped cabins arent aft facing they are the one's next to the side corner of the aft wraps. The are awsome.
  7. LOL That would be intense !!! But I prefer the Packers 😄 🧀 to be in !!
  8. Looking forward to your review, I enjoyed your last one also !! We will be cruising on the Dream out of NOLA in February..... Superbowl cruise !! First time on the Dream, first time out of NOLA and first time in a cove.
  9. hockeyluver

    Canadian payment methods?

    We booked and paid for our cruise in Canadian funds ( I was lucky enough to book this coming cruise and one in 2020 before our dollar tanked) on our Amex card directly through Carnival . I just call and make the payments till it was paid off. I called last week and put our gratuities on my U.S visa with no problems. I also use the U.S visa to pay for things from the bon voyage dept. I've had no trouble doing this at all.
  10. hockeyluver

    Cove Balcony, Pros and Cons

    After cruising in a regular balcony and an "L" balcony many times, we are going to try a cove balcony on our next cruise also. Enjoying reading the responses here.
  11. Following along ..... doing my research for the Magic even though we dont sail on it until Feb 2020
  12. hockeyluver

    Did Carnival Raise the Price of Social Media Package?

    someone on another roll call said they called carnival and asked if there was going to be a price hike and they said yes, the price change should be going into effect shortly. Also John Heald said on his webpage that they will be upgrading the internet service on the ships. That would explain the increase.
  13. hockeyluver

    Did Carnival Raise the Price of Social Media Package?

    Oh well even if it doesn't go up, its one less thing I have to pay for later 😀
  14. hockeyluver

    Did Carnival Raise the Price of Social Media Package?

    I also saw this article linked on another site. I figured I was going to get it anyway so i puchased it now. I also purchased it for our cruise in 2020, Maybe it will go up at midnight ?
  15. hockeyluver

    Credit for days at sea

    sorry miss read your original post,