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  1. MyTMo777


    First, a correction. That should be Deck 6. That's where the Social is. I'm pretty sure you have to have the person's key card. They ran each of ours separately.
  2. MyTMo777

    Water Rides—Use at Your Risk

    I've been on the Bliss, although not on the waterslides, and I can't imagine any scenario is which someone could possibly end up overboard by using one of the slides. That's definitely a melodramatic statement!
  3. MyTMo777


    In the Social lounge on Deck 7. It was the same deck we embarked on, and there were multiple signs pointing the way to go kart & laser tag reservations (same place), dining reservations, and shore excursions. I think spa as well. They were clearly signed, and if you're in any doubt, there are multiple staff around to ask.
  4. Teppanyaki, Cagney's & Le Bistro. Not Ocean Blue. If you want seafood, order it at Teppanyaki's or even Cagney's.
  5. MyTMo777

    Cartegena excursions

    We were just there less than 2 weeks ago. We did the hop on/hop off bus with an included narrated walking tour of the old town. We would definitely do things differently next time. 1. The narrated tour was unnecessary unless you are keenly interested in a detailed history. There are English plaques on all of the important historical buildings in the walled city. We tipped our tour guide and ditched the tour after 15 minutes. Just get to the walled city and wander it for yourself. 2. The HOHO bus would have been okay if we'd a) had more time in port; and b) knew where to go on it. The stops listed in the brochure mean little to someone with no experience. With more time in town, we would've taken the HOHO to the walled city, then taken it to the beach (wish I had my brochure in front of me so I could give you the stop number). Keep in mind that although the busses run every 25-30 minutes, they fill up, so even though you are at your stop in time, you may not catch the first bus that comes by, meaning you could be standing there for 30-60 minutes. This is particularly true within the last 90 minutes before onboard time at the ship. If you use the HOHO, I would book it through the ship. That way if you're late getting back because the busses were full, they won't leave without you. 3. Allow yourself about an hour to browse the zoo and souvenir shop at the port terminal. It was far more interesting than we expected, and we had to rush through it to get back to the ship on time. I loved Cartegena. We really only got to explore the walled city, and everything else we saw was from the window of the HOHO (we rode the whole route - 1.5 hours - without getting off just to see what there was to see). However, when we left we felt that if we only got to see one thing, we were glad it was the walled city. That's the most outstanding feature about Cartegena. Next time we're there, however, we'll probably hit the beach.
  6. MyTMo777


    You can't book the unlimited pass from the screens. You must do that in person on embarkation day. And they don't offer them after that. Day passes were offered up until day 2 of our 14-day cruise. My DH had the unlimited pass. Unlimited pass users can walk right up and usually get into the next race, unless there are a numerous pass holders. The track holds 10 racers. They make reservations for 8, leaving room for 2 pass holders to show up per race. It wasn't particularly dirty when we went. I'd heard stories of soot but we never experienced that.
  7. MyTMo777

    Any update on NCL Drinking Straws?

    Got off the Bliss on Nov. 17. Straws were not served with the drinks, but when I asked for one, I was given a paper straw. I had brought reusable straws with me, but found that it was more hassle to carry one around and use than to just do without. I did way better than expected without a straw. It made me drink my frozen drinks more slowly, waiting for them to melt a little so they were easier to drink. The only other time I had difficulty was with too much ice in a drink and not being able to get to the liquid in the bottom. I ended up taking out a couple of ice cubes with my hands.
  8. MyTMo777

    Another Just Off The Bliss...

    I was on the Bliss Nov. 3-17. A couple of comments: 1. When exiting the theatre on the port side, there is a men's room on your right and a ladies' room with 3-4 stalls and a family restroom on your left. On the starboard side there are 2 family rooms. Not really enough restrooms for everyone. We got in the habit of taking the stairs down to deck six, where there are ladies' rooms right underneath on the port side with probably 8-10 stalls. 2. I agree that sometimes late at night I wished there was a "grab and go" snack place as well. Yes, there are snacks in the casino that are usually put out somewhere around midnight, and we made use of those many nights. Other things mentioned were subjective, of course. I actually loved the artwork all over the ship! I took pictures of lots of the displays, sculptures, etc. Some of the actual framed "drawings" were kind of lame, but they were just there to keep the walls from being too boring. There were plenty of other signature pieces that really kept my interest.
  9. MyTMo777

    Getaway or Bliss

    Well, I'll be better able to answer this in a couple of weeks - I leave on the Bliss this Saturday. I was on the Getaway in 2015 with our family (DH & I plus 2 kids ages 21 & 23). We loved it! Lots for everyone to do, from the introverted bookworm to the bar-hopping 21-year-old who stayed out all night at all the nightclubs. I think Bliss would be the same because it's also such a big ship. We've done both the western and eastern Caribbean, and I prefer the western.
  10. MyTMo777

    Stone Island Mazatlan on our own

    That was so helpful!! Thank you! I did try to search for information in the Mexican Rivera port forum on here, but didn't find that thread.
  11. MyTMo777

    There must be a better agent for us!

    I use a local TA who was recommended by a friend. Although she does a good job at the basics, she doesn't offer much "extras." We've booked 4 cruises with her, plus directed our friends to her. She gave bought us a cake for our anniversary on our first cruise, and on our upcoming one, she gave us $50 OBC for our anniversary. I think the TA's that give lots of extras are the ones that work for the big, online agencies that advertise all the time. They can afford to offer extras, whereas the local TA's can't; it comes out of their pocket.
  12. I've heard lots of people say we can do Stone Island on our own - just take a water taxi. But can someone tell me exactly where to go to get a water taxi? How much does it cost? Do they accept US cash or do we need to exchange money? Once on Stone Island, do the restaurants there take US cash/credit cards? Are there public beaches or do we need to buy from one of the restaurants in order to use the beach? Is the water safe to go into? Can we snorkel there (we have our own gear)? Are there any kayak rental places? I know...so many questions. But isn't that what all you fine folks on CC are for?
  13. We're on the same cruise, Mary Ann, so if I see a lady with a rollator, I'll be sure to say hi and let you in the elevator first! Our room is near the aft elevators on the 12th deck, so I'm happy to hear those are the elevators to use. Maureen
  14. MyTMo777

    Quite Possibly a Tacky Question, But.....

    Fun question! I would consider the toiletries & stationary to be fair game. Trying to remember what else is in the cabins. Notepads, pens...fair game. Interesting to hear what other people say.
  15. Thank you for your review! We're heading out on the Bliss Nov. 3. No kids, and the only ports that are the same for us are Ensenada and Mazatlan (which you didn't get to go to). But I enjoyed reading your reviews of the restaurants and shows and such.