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  1. cruiser_family

    Half Moon Cay Cabana Question

    The cabana is not based on the number of people in the cabin. They sent wristbands to the cabin (like they send tickets for excursions). We knew we needed extra and went to the Excursion Desk and just paid for the additional ones that we needed.
  2. cruiser_family

    Half Moon Cay Cabana Question

    We did the same last year at Mahogany Bay and I believe it was $49 for two people we added.
  3. I did the same cruise ... Western Caribbean ... on the Carnival Holiday in 1990 and 1993. I actually ended up in the same cabin (not planned). I have enjoyed doing the same itinerary several times because it was always a different group of family and friends. That said, I will be doing my last cruise to Cozumel, Ocho Rios, & Grand Cayman for the foreseeable future. I am now, truly ready to move on.
  4. Following .... We will be on the December 23rd sailing.
  5. cruiser_family

    Build a Bear Qs

    They had the stuffing machines on our December 2017 cruise. I got the Carnival Bear and my little guy got The Cat In The Hat. I've done the regular store multiple times and found the prices to be similar. The staff certainly made this experience fun for everyone.
  6. cruiser_family

    Carnival partial transit Panama Canal

    Thanks for your response. I've wanted to do this as well, but wasn't sure if the Partial Transit would be "worth" doing. Your description sounds great.
  7. Thanks!!! We'll see how it plays out but at least we know it is a possibility.
  8. You got there early. Were there cabanas available? I'm trying to plan for a cruise in December. We have senior members of the family going and I was thinking this would be good for them.
  9. cruiser_family

    Warning - Internet on Carnival Glory

    Interesting .... We cruised in December and did not have this problem. Several people in our party had the premium package and were able to surf with no problem.
  10. cruiser_family

    Wine in San Juan

    It's been a couple of years since we sailed from San Juan, but we boarded ... went to our room ... waited for the rest of our party (approximately 12 people) ... left the ship and purchased wine ... and then returned with no problem.
  11. cruiser_family

    Carnival Hub App

    We used it on our December cruise and loved it. I had a problem with the chat feature. It never worked for me. But the rest of it was great.
  12. It's all based on your perspective. I agree with others who say they are minor/petty cutbacks. I took my 1st cruise in the late '80s. Have things change? Absolutely. Is it enough to stop me from cruising? No way!!! I miss certain things from "the good old day", but every time I cruise with a new bunch of family and friends, I get a thrill. Enjoy your cruise and plan to keep on sailing .....
  13. cruiser_family

    Christmas Cruises

    The fun part is the balloon drop and the snow in the atrium. The 6 kids in our party know that they would lose a limb if they are running around in a public place. ;)
  14. cruiser_family

    Christmas Cruises

    Thanks for responding!!! This sounds like a blast. I'll warn our senior family members to be careful as I wouldn't want them to run over small ones with walkers and wheelchairs. Enjoy your 2018 Christmas cruise as well.
  15. cruiser_family

    Christmas Cruises

    We are scheduled to sail for Christmas this year. We board the Horizon on December 23rd. What can we expect on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? Are there special activities and menus? We have 6 small children cruising with us (nope, not mine ;)) and I am trying to figure out how to keep the "magic" of Christmas alive.