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  1. We have just booked the Sun for an unbelievable inside GTY 5 night cruise for $129 and that INCLUDES the Ultimate Adult Beverage Package promo code BEVPK1. Last month it was $129 but without the drink package so that was a recent addition. We do not know what that includes since after 9/23 the beverage package changed for the Star and the Sun. (Anybody know what the change is? I assume they just dropped the amount from $15 allowed drink price to something lower.) Tips are $99 person extra and taxes are around $150. So the total is $758 for two. In terms of pricing if you are fixed on you
  2. Thanks Level Six, at least someone agrees with us. Older than what? This thread is comparing NCL to Princess. So by older crowd we meant in general Princess has an older crowd than NCL. Interestingly NCL must be trying to get an older crowd as they removed the kids play area on the NCL Star while Princess must be trying to get a younger crowd as they added a kids splash area on the Caribbean Princess. We agree that one should not come to a conclusion about Princess based on one cruise or one ship. However we were warned prior to booking the cruise that it will be full of senior seniors a
  3. We just got off our first and last Princess cruise (have not updated our signature). The comments are what we experienced and what was told to us aboard the ship. It was a much older crowd, since it was 16 days long and after labor day so only about 15 kids on board (they skipped the beginning of school). And many poorly ambulatory guests with wheelchairs, canes and scooters making it difficult to get into venues, getting on and off the ship etc. And there was close to 2000 Elite and Platinum members so they have a big following. You can read about the Elite snobs on cruise critic reviews
  4. Like comparing apples and oranges. NCL has a younger crowd. It competes with Carnival and RCCL. Princes is a MUCH older crowd. Its competition is Holland American. On an NCL ship you will have to get up early and place a towel to get a chaise lounge. On Princess you can always get a lounge and no need to reserve one. On NCL there will be entertainment of some sort around the pool deck. On Princess it will be deadly silent (but they do have live music and a DJ some of the time depending on the ship and whether there is a younger crowd (e.g. during school breaks). On NCl you can just go
  5. We are not over reacting and merely stating facts not opinions about the medallion system as it was on our cruise. While it could get better the medallion system was soley responsible for 1. A line the entire length of the gangway due to the slowness of the system to board the ship. This is not the line to get your boarding materials. We stated that since we had the medallions prior to the cruise it was faster for us but others stated the medallion line was longer than the old fashioned check in line. This was repeated getting on and off the ship at each port. If someones medallion did not
  6. We were on the CB for the Aug 19 cruise. The Medallion system offers NO advantage to the passenger other than opening your door, It has many disadvantages. Embarkation -we had the medallions in advance and there was no line but there was a line for people without them. However it still took time as one of ours did not register and it took several minutes to get it to work. Then we had to wait on the gangway. It seems the system was slow and so there was a big line to board. Never had that with the old fashioned cards. When we went into a ship store one of the tablets was facing us and
  7. After we got back from the Greenland cruise we did search CB and found out crowding is a common problem even in the warm climate cruises. Although most complaints were about having to arrive at the theater 30 minutes before a show, this cruise was 45-60 minutes, so it may have been a little worse for this cruise. There were complaints for long tender lines but again this was worse for this cruise with reports of waiting three hours. In Nanortalik, we waited 90 minutes but then had to wait 30 minutes more as only one lifeboat could dock at a time. But we still had plenty of time to hike and
  8. Add us to the list of never again on CB and even never again on Princess. Greenland was on our bucket list and even though we were able to avoid taking Princess after 25 cruises we had to give in and book it. Our major issue is the clientele. It has the oldest cruisers hands down than any other cruiseline. It has also the most loyal cruisers (almost 2000 Elite and Platinum), many of whom feel entitled. We can add one more "Elite snob" story. There was a lecturer who did not start on time. Turned out one of the Elites came up to the front and complained about no seat. So he made an ann
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