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  1. Welcome back Marie. Hope you & your hubby are well. Are you cruising again? We are waiting till 2022 & will start again if everything is OK. Take care & again, nice to hear from you.
  2. Really enjoyed your review & all your pictures. We can't wait to get back to cruising in 2022! We also can't wait to see Taz again as we met him a few years ago on a different X ship. Happy sailing to you all.
  3. Oh, thank you so much. He was such a good server. He was at the Martini Bar when we sailed on Silhouette & we never forgot him. Hoping to sail with him again at some point. Hope you had a great cruise & thanks again for letting us know.
  4. Glad to hear your having a good cruise. Question, have you by chance seen a crew member by the name of Taz (from Turkey). Before the virus hit, he was on Edge & he's a bar server. Thanks. Hoping he's still working with Celebrity.
  5. What time is Edge leaving? I want to watch her sail out. YEA, finally !
  6. Hope everyone that is sailing on Edge will have a great time. Will be watching the port cam as you sail out tomorrow. Would like to ask a favor of someone that will be on her to see if they can find out if a crew member named "Taz" (from Turkey) is still on Edge. He was a bar server & was one of our favorite crew members, so hoping he's still working with Celebrity. Have fun everyone.
  7. Anybody know where all the ships are right now?
  8. Thanks so much for the info. Feel much better about booking soon.
  9. If you want to cancel your cruise before final payment & you have insurance (or maybe not) will they refund your deposit? REALLY want to book something for next summer, 2021, but worried about the way things will be in regards to the virus by that time. Thanks for any info.
  10. Thanks for the info, but I think we're just going to request the good old cards! LOL This would be to confusing for my DH!
  11. Do they automatically send the Madallions out or do you have to request them? I'm still so confused! LOL
  12. Does anyone know if they do a "White & Gold" party on Caribbean Princess? I thought I read somewhere in another post that there was something, but I can't find it now. We sail in Nov. so I'd like to take an outfit if they have a party. Thanks for any info.
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