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  1. Our next cruise will probably be in May 2022 for my 40th birthday. Itinerary is undetermined--either Alaska, Southern Caribbean, or something in Europe. Edited to add: I am looking forward to amazing service, seeing all the staff and giving them big fat tips, seeing the ocean again (I'm in WY), traveling in general...
  2. Yes, I never carry a balance so my refund left both my credit cards with credits (approx $200 and $800). I am just going to continue using my cards as normal since I use them for all purchases and that will eventually use up the credit. With an amount as big as yours, I would call the credit card and ask them to send you a check. Most of them will.
  3. You can all and ask for the lower price as long as it's before final payment date.
  4. Thanks for the replies! I think I'll wait for more info on the group and what special activities will be. Definitely not interested in paying more for our cabin so the organizer can have a free room Not a charter. Probably 150-200 ppl.
  5. DH and I have cruised several times, but next year we are planning to go on a cruise with an organization that I belong to. There will be people from all over the US. Anyways, they are making the group arrangements so I don't have to do any of that. However, do I have to book under the group plan, or could I book on my own? Example: The group says rates start at $471/pp for the cruise; when I price it online with our VIFP discount rates start at $285/pp. What is included in the group rate usually? I am sure the group will send more details about how to book but I wanted
  6. On our last 7-day cruise that had 3 sea days, we had 3 Sea Day brunches. I remember because Sea Day Brunch is my FAVORITE! This was on the Splendor in Feb 2018.
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