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  1. It sounds like you are not past final payment date, so you should be able to get a full refund no problem up until that day. I don't know everything that happens after that.
  2. Quick question: I have the $35 off $100 purchase at Carnival on my Chase card. I added it to one card and it is now showing up as added to both of my Chase cards. Does anybody know if I can use the offer on each card or just once, total?
  3. The gorgeous cakes on display at the buffet. Always look too good too resist....always regret it.
  4. DH and I both take our prescriptions in daily pill containers. We do take a few extra days, just in case. I also use a separate pill container to bring Tylenol, Benadryl, etc. That being said, none of our medication is life or death, or else I might feel differently about our level of preparedness. I bring all sorts of travel size and full size toiletries when I travel (I almost always check a bag so I don't have to worry about sizes) and have never been stopped for a single item, liquid or otherwise. I can't imagine they would care even a little bit about dish soap or hand sanitizer.
  5. I would just wait and change it afterwards. Much easier and it doesn't make you any less married.
  6. I was really looking forward to these but did not enjoy them. I found them to be uncomfortable and WAY too hot. Looks like I'm in the minority, lol
  7. EVERY single time we have been seated a table with other guests they have brought up politics. I just don't get it and it drives me crazy. We used to do YTD but assigned dining is better for us because DH has some food allergies. We always request a table for 2 during the maitre d' hours on day 1. We usually still end up sharing a breakfast table with other guests.
  8. Agree. I barely ate the popcorn when it was free because it's just not that good. I don't mind if they charge $3 for popcorn, it's just one of the many things I personally won't partake in. Although, if they did change it up and drench it in that delicious fake butter flavored oil that the movies theaters use...I would probably shell out 3 bucks!
  9. If you have reserved dining time, just let your wait staff know the first night. After that they will probably bring you the next night's menu in advance so they can work with you to make the right choices. This is what they do for DH who has a lot of food sensitivities. Easy peasy. For buffet type stuff, you may have to practice self control 😉 Seriously though, food restrictions are easier to deal with on a cruise than just about any other scenario or type of travel. They are so accomodating.
  10. I'd try it out! Being from WY it's expensive to get to ANY cruise port; it might actually be easier to get to the midwest. We cruise for the itinerary and that doesn't necessarily mean beach and Caribbean all the time. In fact, once you've been to a few of those places they start to all seem the same.... We just got back from a road trip around Lake Michigan to pick up a new puppy and there were tons of places I'd like to explore: MLB ballparks in multiple lake cities Tons of stuff in Chicago Sleeping Bear Dunes Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Ludington State Park Probably tons of places I don't even know about I don't think this would be a huge appeal to kids/families which would be okay with me ;-) I see this as being similar in interest as New England/Canada, Alaska or South America. Obviously not as exotic as some of those places, but possibly more affordable as a cruise 'teaser'. And a good way for people who are hesitant to try it out in a comfortable place. Honestly who knows if it would ever be feasible. I don't think there is a serious suggestion here to rebrand Carnival into something different for this itinerary, I see this thread as throwing some fun brainstorming out there while we all wait until we can cruise again. Lighten up and maybe don't take everything so seriously!
  11. I have exactly 100 shares that I bought at $18 just for the shareholder benefit. My plan was to hold onto them for the benefit, but if it goes over $36 I think I'm going to sell. The profit I will make off of those will be a lot more than the shareholder benefit I would be earning since we only cruise once every couple years or so. I'll put that chunk of change in our future cruise fund 🙂
  12. When I was a teenager I was a huge dirt track racing fan, and when I started creating user names for various Internet sites I just used no1racefan (#1 race fan) for lots of things. I had to add the 1 at the end because I didn't use CC for a couple years and couldn't figure out how to log back in, so I created a new account--but it told me no1racefan was already in use! I've since changed my username on most sites of importance for security reasons, but I still use it in a few places 🙂 And I can't remember the last time I went to a stock car race.
  13. Yes, if masks were the only concern we wouldn't have a problem wearing them. We probably won't though, because we're more concerned about getting on a ship and then not being allowed off or being able to get home due to an outbreak onboard...my job wouldn't tolerate that very well.
  14. We live in Wyoming so we spent several long weekends last summer just driving/camping in different places around the state. It's hard to travel further away with all of the restrictions. Were going to go to Puerto Vallarta next week for Valentine's Day but we decided we're not comfortable traveling internationally yet, so we're planning a 'staycation'. Some time early summer 2021 we'll be doing a road trip to Michigan to pick up a new puppy. Hoping to turn that into somewhat of a vacation experience. It would be really great if MLB games were an option! We might also road trip to Oregon/Northern California in the summer to visit some national parks. I've been itching to plan an actual vacation but after cancelling several, I'm just daydreaming about what we can do 'someday'. Good news is our vacation account continues to build up and we can hopefully do something really great in 2022!
  15. Our next cruise will probably be in May 2022 for my 40th birthday. Itinerary is undetermined--either Alaska, Southern Caribbean, or something in Europe. Edited to add: I am looking forward to amazing service, seeing all the staff and giving them big fat tips, seeing the ocean again (I'm in WY), traveling in general...
  16. Yes, I never carry a balance so my refund left both my credit cards with credits (approx $200 and $800). I am just going to continue using my cards as normal since I use them for all purchases and that will eventually use up the credit. With an amount as big as yours, I would call the credit card and ask them to send you a check. Most of them will.
  17. You can all and ask for the lower price as long as it's before final payment date.
  18. Thanks for the replies! I think I'll wait for more info on the group and what special activities will be. Definitely not interested in paying more for our cabin so the organizer can have a free room Not a charter. Probably 150-200 ppl.
  19. DH and I have cruised several times, but next year we are planning to go on a cruise with an organization that I belong to. There will be people from all over the US. Anyways, they are making the group arrangements so I don't have to do any of that. However, do I have to book under the group plan, or could I book on my own? Example: The group says rates start at $471/pp for the cruise; when I price it online with our VIFP discount rates start at $285/pp. What is included in the group rate usually? I am sure the group will send more details about how to book but I wanted to hear from somebody else that might have been in a similar situation.
  20. On our last 7-day cruise that had 3 sea days, we had 3 Sea Day brunches. I remember because Sea Day Brunch is my FAVORITE! This was on the Splendor in Feb 2018.
  21. When we had ours, it was technically two treatment rooms but there was a curtain divider that they pulled back to make it one bigger room. Maybe that is what people are referencing. Also, I didn't know this going into it but they let each of us choose our own style of massage, which was nice. I thought we'd both have to do the same thing.
  22. I'd be happy to get one, because DH and I always get massages anyways. It's a true gift towards $50 OFF a purchase in the spa. I don't think it was ever designed to just be $50 free.
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