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  1. Although I used a TA it was not the one in Chorley and my T&Cs are those as stated on O's web site. My credit card payment went directly to O and the refund for the first cruise was directly from them. Not all the delays in refunds can be laid at TAs doors. It appears that O are deliberately targeting European customers for use as interest free loans. Oceania is the problem
  2. We received the full refund on 11 June for our 2 May cruise which was cancelled by O in March. Nothing yet for the follow on cruise departing 14 May. It's making me so annoyed when I read that others have been refunded much later sailings. Why is O treating it's European customers differently than those from USA? I was willing to allow them some easing from their contracted 2 week refund clause due to the present situation, but now I just feel like a second class customer and it is rapidly changing the way I feel about O.
  3. Just googled SS but not had any luck. Can you be more specific please.
  4. Our TAs can advertise the lower rate.
  5. That's right TAs here don't give perks. Instead they give a nice cash discount something, I understand, TAs in USA aren't allowed to do. I know which I'd sooner have.
  6. Katie Thank you for the link. It's so refreshing to read something other than complaining posts.
  7. I used to get this in reverse I was getting the US site when I wanted the UK one. I think it happened following a USA holiday. Clearing cookies didn't work but clearing cookies and then using someone else's internet did.
  8. We booked an Oceania cruise using a FCC. The TA deducted this amount from the cost of the cruise and then worked out our discount on the remaining amount. I guess what I'm saying is that the TA will still get the commission but you will have to pay the full cost of the cruise.( ie the price advertised on Regent's web site) For our friends across the pond our TAs are allowed to advertise a discounted cruise price. The discount comes out of their commission. I don't recall ever hearing of a TA here sending cheques after the cruise or indeed offering refundable OBC or to pay gratuities. The
  9. Can you tell us the insurers name please.
  10. OK Orv let me into your secret, how did you get three and us only one?
  11. We got a cap and bag each but had to share a bottle of wine!
  12. You could use your OBC for the excursions in the normal way and then buy yourself a bon voyage gift of OBC for the same amount. Would this work for you? Or give O a call I'm sure they'd love to take extra money off your hands😂
  13. After my Regent cruise earlier this year I did too since I saw several passengers sitting with their feet on the table. In fact one "lady", obviously classier than the others, had removed her shoes. This was on Mariner.
  14. We have our 19th cruise booked so am thinking about our free cruise. If I understand what you are saying I could book a cruise 6 months after number 19 and then ask, after we have taken number 19, that the booked number 20 is the free one? Do we get O life choice with the free one? Do we get O club benefits? eg OBS, flight deviation? I don't suppose O would let us have 2 x 7 day cruises B2B instead of a one 14 day cruise would they?
  15. LHT28 is correct. We also got the on board discount for each cruise. We chose to book it this way as cruise 2 and 3 had both been reduced but the extended voyage had not. ( there's been many disgruntled posts about this happening in the past) Cruise 2 and 3 were also sold as "Ultimate" (but not the extended cruise). I certainly know how to do maths.
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