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  1. 1) NCL Dawn 2) October 03 3) 10, then 4 4) Original price $400 more pp, final price $200 pp more 5) BD to AC 6) YES 7) YES YES YES I know you didn't want upgrades, but in June 06 we had booked our usual EE obstructed view on the Majesty and noticed the prices had dropped dramatically on the owner's suites -- had to be a mistake, since the price for the OS was $400 pp LESS than the AB's -- called NCL and after a little bit of a run-around we ended up with 903 for I believe (though I could be wrong) $200 more -- SO worth it! Unfortunately since that one upsell call in 03, we have not been visited by the upsell fairy...:(
  2. \\ Rita: very well thought out post, and I have to agree with many of your points. I do, also, understand that the "solo" cruiser wishes to dine with other passengers (the same ones very night) to make new friends on their cruise. It's a tough call. Hopefully HAL will be able to blend the two and make everyone happy. As for us, we're very happy that HAL is going to "as you wish" dining, because that's one of our favorite features of NCL -- and we hope it works as seamlessly on HAL as it does on NCL.
  3. And this is why I've asked why there isn't a FAQ thread for HAL -- and it's still not there...:rolleyes:
  4. We ordered a bar setup and romance package for our upcoming cruise. We were told that we would not be billed for the bar setup until 2/3 days prior to the cruise. Checked our credit card statement on line and we've already been billed for both! :D Absolutely NO WORRIES -- it will be in our room when we board!
  5. Ahh, they changed the area code! THANKS SHOREGUY!! I still have to wait until tomorrow now to call...
  6. I tried calling the "usual" passenger courtesy number a few days ago (Monday??) to order our bar setup for our upcoming Dawn cruise, and I got the "automated" operator telling me the number is out of service. Has anyone called this number in the last few days -- 800-625-1159?? That's the number I have for passenger courtesy :( So then I called the regular NCL # and went through all the phone prompts -- of course by the time I got through they were closed (they close at 6:30)!
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