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  1. 🙂 Thank you Bo1953 always for your gracious feedback. I am not a newbie on here cannot use it as an excuse for my rant. I was negligent in elaborating what really ticked me off about Celebrity promo emails. They fell short on my expectations of what they were offering. I checked again today for my same 2021 sailing ...this is what is being offered....an inside cabin is $2546CAD pp. I paid for (2020 sailing) AC and 4 perks $2692pp. I would gladly pay extra to subsidize the loss of monies due to C-19 but not at this price. That is all....I have moved on.
  2. I know Covepointcruiser ...it is a non issue. I apologize for posting! Thank you for caring.
  3. Thank you for those of you who took the time to respond with added helpful info. I would be happy to remove my topic and I would really appreciate you letting me know what steps I can take to do so.
  4. I took the 100% refund due to the unknown and I was not willing to take a chance on losing my approx $7000. I am an avid researcher and prior to making the decision I searched Celebrity website for the going rate of the 21/22 cruise that was cancelled. The cost had increased to $1500.00 each for double occupancy. The 125% future cruise was a non issue for me at that point compared to what I had paid originally. Celebrity added the Lift & Shift too late in my case.
  5. I am Elite and..... no the emails are not spam. I have also looked at CC loyalty promo info and the "Lift and Shift" and from my research it did not apply to my March 2020 cruise. If anyone can confirm that it does I would be ecstatic to rebook on my original deal! re opting out emails yes I can.
  6. I would have been happy for you to keep my money, for my 11 day Caribbean cruise that was cancelled March 2020, if you were giving me the same cruise/stateroom tier and perks in 2021/22 at the same price I had paid to begin with. All your so called promos and perks that I receive daily in my emails does not entice me one bit! The difference in price is outrageous ...not interested! Thank you for the opportunity CC to rant :)!
  7. Received my full refund today March 23rd departure cancelled on March 14th.
  8. Absolutely agree! To share our concerns, get different perspectives and to read about the concerns of others was comforting in this time of uncertainty. Thank you Bill, to Cruise Critic and our CC community. To our next cruise! Cheers to that!
  9. Rather short notice for some of us leaving for a cruise on the 23rd! Good luck to me trying to get in to see my Doc! As if we are not already stressed not knowing what to expect once we board whether we will be turned away from most ports in the Caribbean, whether we or someone else is a host of the virus. Not impressed with Celebrity inaction!
  10. This is was I was told by Allianz Canada related to Susie V's comment. Travel advisory does not include "mode of transportation" but does regarding region, country etc.
  11. What about the close quarters on flights? Nothing said about that!
  12. No RickT They cancel otherwise I would have to pay double as a solo traveller.
  13. Update: I spoke to a Celebrity rep and the reservation is cancelled with 100% FCC.
  14. I am on hold with Celebrity only 20 minute wait. I will follow-up once I have the information from Celebrity. Thank you.
  15. Luckyinpa: No she will notify them with the Cruise with Confidence FCC! Thank you
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