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  1. It's after final payment and our traveling companions are considering cancelling. I know we will each be charged $100.00 and the remaining money must be put toward a cruise within 1 year. We were fortunate enough to get in on the" beverage-gate" low low price drink package mistake. Will that transfer to the new sailing or will we have to pay the prevailing price?
  2. Thank you for that analogy! I was beginning to question my logic!!!! To clarify my position...I'm not upset or unhappy with the company; just surprised. I will still be able to use it so it's all good. I learned from it and I count learning experiences as blessings!
  3. Joseph, I don't think it's the same thing. To me the difference is that the health insurance would have been in effect even though I might not have needed the coverage just like our auto insurance that we've had for 50 years and never had a claim. Trip insurance is not in effect until the start date of the insurance so since it had not started yet I thought it could be cancelled. It's not a problem since we have a land based trip through Italy and I will transfer the policy.
  4. Today I cancelled a cruise out of Asia. I had a refundable deposit so no problem there. When I called the insurance company (not booked through RCL) to cancel the insurance I learned that you only have a limited time after you take out the insurance to cancel it. I don't remember if it was a few weeks or a month but it was a short time. The catch is that if you don't take out the insurance within a week or so of making the deposit on the trip you won't be covered for preexisting conditions so I always take it out immediately. Because I took out the insurance almost a year ago they will on
  5. Thanks so much for all the detail!!! Happy cruising!!
  6. Thanks for telling me about the photo and the passport. I didn't know about that. So my phone can scan my passport?
  7. It's time to check in for my cruise and I am considering trying the app; however, I'm not real savvy with this sort of thing. I still print out my airline boarding passes and cruise documents the old fashioned way. For anyone who isn't a whiz at computers, did this make boarding amazingly easier and faster? Was doing it terribly confusing or is it set up for dummies like me? If you would, could you please share the ease of using the app and your boarding experience. Thanks!
  8. For ships with shower curtains I buy a cheap plastic shower curtain from a dollar store and hang it behind the existing shower curtain and bring clips to clip the sides of the two together. Who knows when, if ever, that existing curtain was washed and how many bodies it has blown in to. I take it down and throw it away after our final shower or wrap damp suits in for the trip home..
  9. That's hilarious! Thanks for starting my day off with a good belly laugh!😁
  10. Last TA I ended up with bruises on my hips the mattress was so hard. Got those the first 2 nights even with extra comforters under the mattress. For the next 14 nights I took the cushions off the sofa every night and put them on top of the mattress and under the sheet. Still slept horribly. Some nights I just slept (fitfully) on the sofa. Thank goodness we had the drink package to help take the edge off my misery! We've got a TA and a TP coming up as well as a short trip and have purchased Klymits to take. They are easy to blow up (maybe 10 puffs is all). Granted they're individual siz
  11. MalteseMama said "I’ve come to enjoy that precruise day. We get to relax a bit before heading to the ship, we eat dinner at restaurants that are unique to the area and we get to the ship early on embarkation day." That's exactly how we feel. We always fly in a day or two early but even if the port is only a 4-6 hour drive for us we still go the day before. Accidents or car troubles can certainly happen so we make sure we'll have time to fix any problems that may arise. Then we can enjoy the city and be rested, refreshed and ready for embarkation the next day.
  12. Even champagne cocktails (sugar cube with bitters) made with prosecco hasn't made it go over the limit. Maybe I'd have fewer if it did!!!
  13. We're good! No NRDs in any of the areas you mentioned. Thanks a lot!
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