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  1. Isla Verde beach is not too far and at least ok for kids I would think, depending on how much time they've spent in the water.
  2. If you're just looking for a room for the night try the CIQALA Luxury Suites. It is one of the Hotwire Hot Rate hotels. Very nice and inexpensive but absolutely nothing to do in the immediate area. However, no free rides.
  3. We chose Boatyard again last week. Same deal although we didn't do the snorkel part (but we still had to pay for it). One thing I noticed is that, except for Lobster Alive, Boatyard had the least packed together loungers. On this day, at both Copacabana and Harbor Lights, the chairs were so close that the unbrellas were touching. You couldn't walk between the umbrellas except every 10 chairs or so they left an aisle. Chairs and umbrellas were much further apart at the Boatyard. That was nice.
  4. We've spent an afternoon on this beach and enjoyed it very much. We started off on the South? end of the beach where there was a bar/cafe. We rented a couple chairs from them and they had bathrooms there. Dickenson is a populated beach with a Sandals and various other establishments. You won't feel deserted.
  5. There will be people on the beach trying to sell you a ride out to the turtles. Don't know if they are affiliated with the other beach bars or not. You can also swim out to the turtles. Just walk South on the beach till the chair rentals stop and that's about where you can swim out from.
  6. sft429

    Rum choices

    Which one might be better if you were drinking it straight?
  7. Which cruises/ships port in Ponce? Sorry for the hijack...
  8. Attacked? Condemnation? Exaggerate much?
  9. To each their own... except for the op evidently.
  10. I've driven without using my seatbelt a few times. I've never been given a ticket or been in an accident so you'll be fine 😀😀 Have a great cruise!!
  11. My weight loss experience ignored calories and exercise. I'm fairly active anyway but have never "exercised". I'm male, 66 years old, 6'2" and started the first time at 245 pounds two years(?) ago. Got down to 185 in about 3 months; that was too thin... Stopping the sugar and flour made the weight seem to just fall off. Love eggs and meat and butter so the only hardship was losing the bread, potatoes, and dessert. Lettuce and carrots with ranch dressing are my vegetables and blueberries in a keto mug muffin recipe are pretty darn good. A friend of mine tried the same thing but couldn't get the same results. I'd crept back to about 230 while doing a bit of indulging thinking I could eat some of the carbs in moderation but it didn't work. As far as alcohol goes, I just stopped drinking the hi carb beer and stopped mixing my booze with coke. Straight rum and whiskey aren't so bad after a while and most have zero carbs. Cruising in two weeks and am down to about 215 hoping to make it to 200 by cruise time.
  12. Every time I read this story I think the other side of it might be quite interesting.
  13. For a little adventure and low cost you could spend two bucks apiece (unless the price has gone up) and walk a ways South towards Carlisle and as soon as you get out of town and are on the road that hugs the water hop on a ZR van. There are some bus stops but if you are walking and hear a goofy horn honking behind you flag the van down and hop on. Tell the drive you want to go to Oistens and give him or the collector $1 US or $2 BBD. The van may be really crowded and the ride a bit on the exciting side. Could be harder getting back to the ship the same way but you could always get a taxi too.
  14. Well, you ARE from Wisconsin 🙂
  15. They can all be checked out in less than 1/2 hour. Just walk or taxi to the area and walk the beach and then make up your mind. Some days Pirate's Cove is virtually empty. Lobster Alive has fewer beds farther apart than Boatyard. Harbor Lights is set up pretty much like the Boatyard and maybe as big. Copacabana is also right there and I think there is one more beach bar to the North of Pirates Cove. I drew myself a map listing all the beach bars on Carlisle and now I can't find it 😞 I always check the Boatyard first.
  16. Maybe. And that is the best answer you'll get because no one can tell you for certain. It's a fine question though 🙂
  17. I've seen beach massage tables set up on Isla Verde beach. Not sure if it fits in your "near the port" requirement.
  18. I'm guessing that would be ok. You may run the risk of them being at full when you get there.
  19. You sure you're not getting a cut? 😎 (we're booked there too in Feb)
  20. Once in ketosis I lose weight rapidly, maybe 5 pounds a week or more. Getting to ketosis is the tricky part. It can take me a month because every time I cheat it sets me back. Once in ketosis I can cheat once a week or so. And one thing I've heard about exercise...? it just makes you hungrier and you eat more. 😀
  21. I get it. You had a bad experience. I'd still like to hear the other side to the story. Boatyard is the most popular club on the beach. There must be a reason.
  22. It will go down except when it doesn't... My cruises booked for this Feb have more than doubled in cost since I booked well over a year ago.
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