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  1. If you're in your room, you aren't spending money on the ship is probably the biggest point. They figure if you're watching movies for hours on end, it's lost revenue for them.
  2. Damn :(:loudcry::(:(ahh well, guess I'll have to drink more on the ship and stumble about while my wife wins at trivia :D Thank you for the reply as well.
  3. I wonder if the below method would work. Just unhook the input HDMI for their system and plug in my system. I guess I could try it, these mini consoles weigh a total of about 1 pound and take up very little room in a suitcase.
  4. The only information I have found is from pre-upgrade to the Victory. Are the HDMI ports on the TV's working or are they disabled? Would love to bring my SNES mini along for when I'm a little lit at night and want to relax with some Mario Kart.
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