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  1. I don't know why you think you won't be able to recoup most of your gift card. I just booked a cruise for March 2021. Everyone has to do what's best for them and if that means not cruising for you I respect that. But I don't think cruising is going away. You will be able to get a lot of that money back.
  2. Thank you! We aren't sailing until March 2021 so I'm looking forward to when there are actual reviews from passengers.
  3. Wouldn't the front balconies be too windy? I was afraid that being on the 16th or 17th deck with front facing balcony would be like getting strapped to the front of an airplane. My other question is if we will be able to open the balconies to the one next door if you have adjacent but not adjoining staterooms. Does anyone know the answer to that for Mardi Gras? I'm assuming this is an option since they use those doors for maintenance staff to be able to walk down a whole row of balconies.
  4. I would totally agree with everything you just said and I'm a huge diet coke/rum and diet coke drinker. Now that they have switched to Pepsi would you change your strategy?
  5. I think all the people who are bringing their own disposable straws are missing the point. They are trying to keep the straws from being thrown out and they are not recyclable. I was in Mexico in the spring and had trouble getting them at the bar at our resort also. Why not just try to do without them? I am a huge soda drinker and am very dependent on straws but I can make an effort.
  6. So how many points do you need to purchase the gift cards?
  7. The Allure didn't even have a waterslide which surprised us. We sort of assumed. They are getting that mega slide on the Boardwalk when they go into dry dock but it's not a waterslide - more of a coaster slide. But definitely a great ship!
  8. That is what I thought. I believe it specifies you can't have the self-pour wine for sure and the draft(craft) beers cost more so why would they want you to have those instead? I appreciate your quick response.
  9. Not to change lanes but how do you get the Carnival gift cards at a discount? I want to plan ahead. TIA!
  10. I've been on about 6 Carnival cruises and just went on Allure of the Seas June 2. I loved it! But now I'm going on an other Carnival. The only thing I thought Carnival did better than Allure was the choices for casual dining - but that is huge. We really missed Guys Burgers, Blue Iguana, and the Deli for grilled sandwiches. They did a great job of crowd control at port stops also. I was afraid with that many people it would be a nightmare getting on and off but they open up 3 different gangways and they really move you well. We didn't wait once to disembark in 3 port stops. And it's a gorgeous
  11. Ok we had a confusing conversation with a customer service rep earlier today so I'm hoping someone here can clear it up. My brother is thinking about getting the Cheers package this time (has always just done the buckets of bottled beer) and the rep made it sound like he would only have access to "self serve draft beer". I told him that is just wrong but I wanted to clear it up. It's all bottles except for the craft/IPA beers correct? And people on the Cheers program can drink whichever they prefer?
  12. So if sailing on the Horizon with a large extended family (5 staterooms) should we link all our reservations for the times that we all want to dine together? How would it work on the nights that its a partial group, do you know? On the app does it ask how many are coming when you check in? TIA
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