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  1. I purchased my cruise on 12/24/09... before 01/31/10. The certs were sitting on my desk for a while but when I read their FAQ and spoke to them in December before booking I was told that as long as I book before 1/31 i am fine.. nothing about redeeming certs by then. My final payment is not due until June 1st and of course I thought I had until then to apply certs. I may be out of luck. I will most likely cancel my cruise as they will not bend the rules here.... but my attorney feels their website is indeed misleading and will send them a letter. What else can I do? Thing is.. I don't have to pay attorney fees so not worried about going this route. If they won't redeem the certs I won't cruise NCL again.
  2. They are not honoring the certs. This is what I am being told "Unfortunately the deadline for booking your cruise and the application of these certificates was 1/31/2010." However.. this is what it says on their website: What happens to the Compass Reward points that I have already earned? You will receive Compass Reward Certificates by February, 2009, based on your Compass Rewards point balance on December 31, 2008. You may redeem these certificates for either a cruise discount or stateroom upgrade as you have done in the past. Simply book your cruise before the certificates expire; your travel date may occur after the expiration date but before January 31, 2011. What to do? ' Anyone have any advice? Thanks
  3. I was under the impression that I had to book before January 31, 2010 but could redeem before final payment was due. I just picked up my certs... $1000 worth and they are expired. I may have to cancel our NCL Jade Cruise out of Barcelona this summer as I don't think I can afford it without the $1000. Can someone suggest a cheaper line? Any advice? Thanks,
  4. Hi, Can someone tell me what the envelope looks like that the NCL certificate comes in? I get so much junk mail. I don't want to throw it out by accident. Does it come directly from Bank of America? Thanks,
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