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  1. My family had cabins 9045 and 9047 on the Millennium, a few years ago, which are on the port side instead of starboard, but in the same place below the Solarium as 2 of your cabins. I know you asked about the Summit, but since it is a sister ship I hope my answer will be relevant to you. In cabin 9047 we occasionally heard a humming noise which we believed was associated with running the jets of the Solarium hot tub. It wasn't a problem for us as it didn't occur at night when we were sleeping. Other than that, we didn't hear noise from above and enjoyed the cabin. Cabin 9045 had a metal platform attached to the balcony in between 9045 and 9043 which classified the cabin as an "obstructed view", which contributed to us getting a very good price for it. My Mother had that cabin and she said it didn't bother her as she did not tend to look out towards the front of the ship where the platform was located due to the flare out of the balcony on 9043 - she didn't want to be staring at those guests on their balcony. Looking straight out from the balcony and to the rear of the ship, that platform did not interfere with her view. That platform may or may not be on the starboard side, and it has been a few years since we sailed so the platform may have been reconfigured or removed and it might not be an issue but wanted to mention it. She found her cabin to be quiet and was not bothered by any noise from the Solarium area above.
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