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  1. Underway PK to Batam today
  2. Wonder what "compensation and rebooking offers" were provided?
  3. Whoops, I see Symphony Africa will be canceled soon. Looks like a possible restart in the Med no earlier than April.
  4. Wonder if the plan is to put Serenity on hold until the scheduled Singapore-Dubai cruise in April 2021? If so, wonder what the thinking is for Symphony, scheduled to depart Singapore for Africa in February 2021?
  5. Thanks, Phil. The inability to leave the ship unless via a cruise line managed excursion will stop us from cruising Azamara. Another favored line, Crystal, with much more to do onboard, has published their specific protocols and we won't be sailing with them either. The hospital ship atmosphere is bad enough but the inability to escape on a port intensive line like Azamara makes cruising untenable. Maybe 2022....
  6. I really want to cruise, but the 3.0 protocols, which are pretty comprehensive, make me question why I would ever pay to do so. One of the big negatives, logical though it may be, is the requirement that one can only leave ship in port via a Crystal shore excursion (always pricey). That means no strolling about, no dropping in to a promising shop or bistro, no independent excursions, etc. The Bistro loses its charm and utility, breakfast in Marketplace becomes a chore, and so on. I once thought the masks policy was enough to keep me from sailing. But the reality of
  7. Warm. Both ships periodically leave their moorings and make short runs. Serenity from Port Klang, Symphony from Sembawang. Skeleton crewed presumably.
  8. TPG, Blackstone, Bain: good list. There was a time when Berkshire Hathaway might have been in the mix. Tons of cash, like to buy their straw hats in December. But Buffett doesn't like bad businesses (got burned on airlines) or things he doesn't understand. Cash free mergers or all stock acquisitions might be doable but growth at times like these probably doesn't occupy much of the boards' agendas. All lines need working capital not more cash burners. Show me the money. Vulture capital at loan shark terms remains my guess.
  9. Perhaps a vulture capital firm. Can't see another cruise line stepping up.
  10. https://thebarentsobserver.com/en/travel/2020/07/hurtigruten-cancels-svalbard-cruise-crew-members-have-been-diagnosed-covid-19
  11. 10/29 and 11/05 canceled. Received notice from Crystal tonight.
  12. Speculation or from the horse's mouth?
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