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  1. Nov/Dec 21 Pursuit B2B cancelled, applied for refunds same day. So far, nothing.
  2. Personally speaking, I am not a South America cruise fan. Love BA, love The Falklands (Volunteer Point is a must, don't settle for penguin viewing at easier-to-access beaches) but if weather is bad the Falklands may get skipped. Other SA ports are not my taste (but many people depart ship to Machu Picchu then rejoin downline) and the Caribbean is of no interest to me. The WC itinerary is really interesting. Presumably Oz and NZ will be open by 2024. But as you say, the ship is smallish (that can be a plus in some ports, a big negative in the Tasman Sea and other rough patches).
  3. Captain Cook's first command was the HMS Endeavor and he was something of an explorer himself. I think your ship will be a little more comfortable and you probably won't get scurvy. Have a great adventure, Bet and Tom!
  4. Me too! We decided to add on the Taj land tour. Especially after the past 18 months we are trying to do things today rather than tomorrow. Rebooked the flight home to depart DEL.
  5. Thanks again, Lois. My wife hits Town Center shops frequently. I go to the Costco. 😎
  6. Thank you. That helps with flight planning. We will be on Moon disembark Mumbai.
  7. My apologies if this has been discussed in another thread. Will SS perform Covid testing prior to disembarkation for those of us who will be returning to the USA via international air carriers?
  8. We were on the 8/15/21 Antigua departure on Symphony. Received our refunds in full yesterday.
  9. Miami would be a re-entry to USA, immigration-wise. I would plan on staying onboard.
  10. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/appeals-court-sides-with-cdc-norwegian-cruise-lines-over-desantis-on-vaccination-rules/ar-AAMi3BR?ocid=BingNewsSearch
  11. Mine too but they are longer than 7 nights. The last Hawaii cruise I was on was 14 nts R/T San Diego.
  12. I would bet on the provisioning purpose but since such things are normally done on TAR day this effectively reduces cruise time, a significant amount on a 7 nighter. I am also guessing that passengers will be ship-bound by ICE.
  13. Personally I wish RCCL hadn't capitulated and that NCL prevails in court because ideologically pure Guv'ner Ron is running for President (and his second Florida term) and is not going to remove the shoe from his mouth.
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