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  1. Don't mean anything about it. Pre-covid, masks in public were virtually non-existent in western countries, but common in Japan. Different cultures. So not surprised Japanese would wear them on or off a Japanese ship.
  2. FWIW, Azamara just laid up 3 ships in Glasgow. One came from Singapore and bunkered at Salalah and Gibraltar en route. Serenity can do the same assuming that she will head west and transit Suez for Miami. Manning logistics are probably the trickiest part. We are driving 300 miles to board her 10/29, hurricanes permitting.
  3. They walk around Tokyo that way.
  4. Journey was scheduled for drydock prior to her scheduled November 10 Lisbon to Capetown cruise. I assume the cruise won't happen as planned but wondering about the drydock?
  5. Keith, yes, some details missing. Except for masks for staff (deal killer), laundry rooms (provide free or reduced rate central laundry), and elevators (perhaps provide an operator for each one - we seldom use them but know many require them) could be managed on a reduced capacity ship, ditto tender loading. Not sure if Regent could be profitable without significantly raising fares though. The ship fogging thing was news to me but sounds good on the surface (helps with noro as well presumably). Regardless, Crystal is pushing sales heavily (I receive emails daily) but we won't book if the experience to be received is unknown.
  6. https://www.traveloffpath.com/cruise-lines-reopening-dates-of-sailings-and-what-you-need-to-know/?fbclid=IwAR3KFyiMMq86rUUVkCDQHTVIMBhs7LRrPDp_UHaGo-juCT89oCcNBfyyOlY Regent in particular seems to have decided their onboard experience measures upon restart (click on sub links within article). They seem manageable and even positive (reducing passenger capacity, dining separation, no mention of masking, etc). Silversea implies that nothing much will change from the past, enhancing physical separation. Crystal still in progress. We won't book if we don't know what to expect.
  7. Just checking back in and the great luggage sanitization debate is still on. Can we switch to masks in the hallways or touch free dining or something else?
  8. Bet, my TA gets the same. It's not a fast process, but your CC may be your friend.
  9. If this is the future of cruising, then my cruising days are now part of history. Why would anyone pay to do this?
  10. Symphony will probably restart 7 December, or possibly a little earlier with a few short Asia itineraries added ala' Serenity in the Caribbean, typhoon season permitting.
  11. Do you think he will take his "little brother" with him?
  12. http://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ships/shipid:301248/mmsi:106/vessel:AZAMARA QUEST
  13. MT now says Quest next call will be Southampton. Is it possible Quest could lay up there pending it's scheduled Southampton to Barcelona sailing in September?
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