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  1. Someone, somewhere will someday do their doctoral dissertation on the madness of the worldwide response to covid-19. Vaccinations yes! Masks and lockdowns and rules and curfews after Pandora's box has been opened? That vary dramatically amongst adjacent countries as if borders were hermetically sealed? Does prolonging the agony reduce its toll or increase it? PhDs will be granted, think tanks created, agencies strengthened or defanged, perhaps a Nobel prize or three. I certainly have no answers but many will seek them.
  2. I prefer Crystal and one of the reasons is space in public areas and venues. But I don't think most SB/RSSC/SS cruisers make their decisions on ship size. They may see a Crystal ship (which are medium size by today's standards) and subconsciously associate them with RCCL/MSC/et al, but doubt it. I think it comes down to marketing (perhaps Crystal thought word of mouth was good enough and they may have been correct). The other three do a lot of marketing. The onboard experience of the Triad vs. Crystal is night vs day. What other 6 star has Gentlemen Hosts for example? And paddle tennis courts? Big(ish) shows? Multiple lecturers? But the Triad do have deep corporate pockets, new ships with more in the pipeline, higher technology, cleaner propulsion - all forward looking. Crystal is a unique product, perhaps a niche product (like Cunard without the class system and better food). But even Cunard has a corporate war chest behind it. I will sail Crystal as long as Crystal sails.
  3. Reality sucks. Let's hope the Serenity GV injects some operating capital and that Symphony breaks even in a very competitive Caribbean market this winter. If that keeps them afloat then hopefully the ships can go somewhere people actually want to go from mid-2022. Long term though? Two old ships (which I love - ignoring for the moment the Endeavor outlier) vs. competitors that are cranking out new ships to add to much larger and more diverse fleets. When one visits other CC boards the posters are always comparing SS vs Regent vs. Seabourn. I prefer Crystal but others don't seem to consider the line in the same peer group. Not sure why not. So there are short term needs and strategic issues long term. It makes me sad sometimes.
  4. Perhaps there is hope for near term itineraries which include India after all. https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/india-may-start-issuing-tourist-visas-only-to-vaccinated-travellers-after-1-5-years-of-suspension-101631721238236.html
  5. My TA got the company line when she called. "Your cruises haven't been cancelled.". Yeah, I know but if anyone from SS is monitoring these boards you guys need to pull the plug now so we can all move on.
  6. Bet, you and Tom should join us on the Symphony holiday cruise(s). That way we will each know at least 3 other people. 😎
  7. "First, I want to say that this is my opinion and I’m not that interested in anybody flaming me for the way that I feel. I realize that some people are blood loyal to this cruise line and they want to defend it and support it at all times. That’s perfectly fine but I am giving my perspective and don’t want to get a bunch of grief about it. Thank you." I don't normally read reviews but this opening paragraph drew me in. Classic! Nice review by the way.
  8. Red herrings. No one has suggested that Crystal is a hospital ship. And everyone knows that travel of any sort at this time involves the assumption of risks. Stating the obvious in an effort to redirect this thread into unwavering support for Crystal is reminiscent of "4 legs good, 2 legs bad". What the thread is about is the fact that other cruise lines will provide ongoing support to passengers (aka customers) should they need to be disembarked in a foreign port due to a downline COVID test indicating positivity; Crystal, via their representative, is saying they won't. Odds, likelihood, complexities, risks, past practices, travel insurance, cruise quality as perceived by the speaker, loyalty and whatever justification one wants to deploy to support one's favorite cruise line do not change the subject of this thread. Crystal, and one can hope their rep spoke out of turn, says you are on your own if you are disembarked downline, period. Some of their direct competitors do not take that position.
  9. As acknowledged above. But that really isn't what this thread is about. Enjoy Serenity.
  10. He wasn't a nice guy, but he was a competitor. And Crystal has peers with new ships to fill. I know that's news to no one.
  11. He said he would stick a fire hose down his throat and open the hydrant.
  12. Also agree. Love Crystal, have 92 nights booked on Symphony and Serenity through summer 2022. But there are other 6 star lines with equally loyal cruisers (well, perhaps not as loyal as a few of our boarders). Sometimes they do things better (eg. staterooms, this policy) sometimes worse (eg. enrichment, entertainment). I hope everyone survives and acknowledge that Crystal have less bench strength and have long term strategic challenges only made worse by Covid. But I am reminded of what Bob Crandall, former CEO of American Airlines, said when asked what he would do if a competitor was drowning.
  13. Yes, as noted in the post. The purpose of the post is to note that some Crystal competitors, with sailings that are far from US shores, acknowledge that fear of being stranded in a foreign land is a disincentive to booking cruises for some and their "assurance" policy addresses that fear, Crystal does not. We for example have future bookings that have ports of call on SS in Egypt, Oman, India and mid-cruise testing. Their policy is a comfort. Travel insurance will cover costs but it is nice to know the cruise line won't just dump you on the dock. I would think that even the Crystal apologists on this board would acknowledge that. Enjoy the Bahamas trips.
  14. Disappointing. I suppose Crystal takes the position that that is what travel insurance is for. For comparison here is an excerpt from the Silversea policy: If you test positive for COVID-19 during the voyage, Silversea will: cover the cost of necessary COVID-19 related medical treatment onboard the ship; coordinate and cover the costs of any required land-based quarantine for you and members of your Travelling Party; and coordinate and cover the costs of travel arrangements to get you and members of your Travelling Party back home. We will also provide the same assistance to identified close contacts if they are required to quarantine onboard or are disembarked or denied re-boarding due to have been in close contact to a guest who tests positive for COVID-19.
  15. Before Covid, Shane was to move to Serenity permanently as one of the two CDs. He was replacing the longtime CD who retired. We were wondering if the Oz lockdown would change that.
  16. The 24 night cruise is not showing on a few of the large TA sites I follow. The 10 and 14 once did but when they disappeared nothing replaced them.
  17. Good that it worked out to your satisfaction. Curious though: why not just let SS cancel? I'm on the same cruise + Taj trip and just waiting for SS to do the inevitable.
  18. We are on Athens to Mumbai plus Taj Mahal land tour. Not really surprised if last leg is canceled. Will wait for SS to cancel and hopefully not wait too long for the sea and land refunds.
  19. They might have a grand buffet on NYD. It would fit well there so my "non-event" comment may be incorrect.
  20. If you want to call San Salvador a port, the ship will leave in the afternoon and be sailing on NYE, That is when they have the big dress up party on board so I am still putting my money on NYE, if they have any BTO nights. NYD is a non-event typically.
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