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  1. peety3

    Disembarking Island Princess in Whittier

    Reasonable. If nothing else, just get in line for the tunnel. It may be northbound 9:00-9:15, but that's split into a sequence. I think it's cars first, then buses, then trucks; the spacing between is adjusted based on the rescue capabilities. My point here is to say that you want to be queued up in time for the tunnel opening.
  2. peety3

    Camera Bags

    Two bags cover me for 97% of my work: a traditional backpack serves as my transport mechanism to and from almost everything, and a "Shootsac" serves as my typical lens carrier while shooting. The backpack ends up so much emptier once I get everything out to shoot, and it's tedious to take off, open up, change lenses, close up, and put on; the Shootsac has changed how I shoot as it makes the lens changes so much more convenient. Two other "bags" handle the other 3%: a Pelican 1610 handles the overflow transport, air travel, and anytime that I want to know that my stuff is in a hard case. I also have a "photographer vest" setup that I use for Alaska cruises and event shooting. I look like I'm shooting for NatGeo or BBC, but it keeps the weight manageable for a day/week. I have a BlackRapid double strap "integrated" into the vest, and a variety of cases are velcroed into the belt that's part of the vest. Key is the LowePro "LensExchange 200AW" case, which carries one lens but opens up to temporarily hold two lenses, making lens changes safe and fast (even faster than the Shootsac).
  3. peety3

    Something new in the MDR

    We were told that they use it to track if someone gets sick - if you show up at the infirmary with vomiting, they cross-reference what and where you ate, whoever else ate the same dish from the same galley, etc.
  4. peety3

    Regal Medallion Net is Slow

    At 400ms latency, it's going to be relatively hard for a speedtest to get a full picture of capacity. I also wouldn't be surprised if Princess uses some specific technologies to ensure that bandwidth is shared among _users_ rather than individual _flows_, and the only way for a speedtest to measure full bandwidth of the link at 400ms latency is a lot of parallel flows. Geekery aside, I would simply assume that you're not going to be able to measure the ship's internet feed for them, and move on. Most websites are highly optimized for lower-bandwidth connections, so the bigger factor (and one that's unavoidable with present satellite constellations) is the latency, which will slow down a lot of web things, particularly given that some browsers are driving people to think that every single web page needs to be secured (it doesn't).
  5. It's the "double day" in Alaska: Tracy Arm Fjord, and if you take the small-boat excursion there's a lot to see and photograph. Then in Juneau the same day, "Photo Safari" whale watch and glacier "hike". And with the Canon 5DsR, a RAW image file is 55-70MB per file, so it's probably more in the 4-5k shots range if I remember. My wife has a habit of going a little nuts with the "motor drive" when there are whales, and that happened to be a REALLY good trip for whale sightings. That day is the reason I prefer Princess' Glacier Bay itinerary over their Tracy Arm itinerary; GB calendar is a little more relaxed while the TAF calendar is more wait/hurry up/wait/hurry up/cruise is over (36 hours of relaxation to KTN, then four things in three days, then 49 hours of relaxation to Victoria, then a short sleep and time to go).
  6. Sometimes, the right tool for the job is right there in front of you, and the wrong tool will end up costing you a whole lot more. Give us more info about how YOU shoot. Are you JPEG, RAW, or both? One camera or several? One photographer in the family group or several? Etc. For us, both my wife and I shoot in RAW, with usually a total of five cameras. We've been known to shoot 157GB in a day and 350GB in a week-long Alaska cruise. A 128GB iPad is therefore an absolute no-go. Our solution leverages a laptop and several external/portable HDDs. Within an hour (worst case) of downloading our cards (157GB takes time to read no matter how you slice it) and four hours of unattended time, I have the images AND VALIDATED in three places. On our next visit to the cabin, one drive rotates into the cabin safe and another drive comes out, so it'd take the master key for the cabin safe to steal the last copy of our images. When it's time to leave the ship (boo!), the drives travel in different bags with different people so there's a safety net no matter what. And yes, it took a laptop to get that level of safety. However, you may consider one of the purpose-built gadgets that holds a hard drive and can read memory cards, copying them to the gadget's HD. That avoids a laptop but does still require a thingy. I'm not a big fan of something that probably can't read RAW image files and confirm to you that they were successfully transferred.
  7. peety3

    Ruby Princess Internet

    Remember that until new services with a new satellite constellation are fully operational, the latency of ship internet will remain high, and hence interactive services will remain "laggy" and sluggish no matter how much bandwidth they throw at the problem.
  8. peety3

    Am thinking about traditional dining

    "Everyone" wants to eat at 6:15. The MDRs aren't big enough to handle that, no matter how they slice/dice it. As I see it, you have six options: 1) TD early seating. 2) TD late seating. 3) ATD prior to when ATD capacity fills up. 4) ATD at/after the point when ATD capacity begins recovering. 5) ATD during the time when capacity is full (this results in a waiting period until capacity recovers). 6) Other venues as desired. They've had enough request for early TD that they commit about 2/3 of their capacity to this. However, if you ask me, Club Class Dining was an excellent way to slice up the third MDR in a way that decreases their TD capacity and augments their ATD capacity, even if it is at a lesser saturation rate than regular MDR ATD. Nonetheless, this is why reservations aren't available, and I understand it and respect them for doing it as it improves the ways in which they can turn the tables more effectively. They don't do reservations in ATD after doors open until the point when capacity begins recovering, because those reservations require holding a table open.
  9. That is all they need to come back by plane, assuming they return before the passport expires. If they should fall ill and require hospitalization in a foreign country, the passport could expire before they're ready for travel back to their home country. Never say never...it could happen, especially if the OP is pushing it down to the mark.
  10. peety3

    Muster drill timing

    At least for US cruises, they have to send the "final" passenger list to "the government" 60 minutes before departure so they can decide if anyone needs to be tarred and feathered. That's the window where the muster drill fits.
  11. peety3

    Shower size

    First thought: 0.0001 square feet. I'm doing that from memory though... ;)
  12. peety3

    Helicopter tours on glaciers

    I suspect there's a steady stream of helicopters being ferried to other locations as the season wraps up. The helicopter companies are smart and they know where they can earn their money.
  13. peety3

    GoPro Cameras

    Are you a video fanatic, set up to edit copious amounts of footage down to something enriching and captivating? If not, you're looking behind the wrong door.
  14. Read the reviews on how much the lens flares, with and without the sun in the frame. If the sun was in the frame, a lens hood probably won't help.
  15. peety3

    Club class dining and full suite

    If you're in a suite, you can go to the specialty suite breakfast if you wish. You can't take anyone in with you unless they're also in a suite. If you're in a suite, you can go to CC breakfast if you wish. You can't take anyone in with you unless they're also in a suite or in a CC-eligible mini-suite. If you're in a suite, I believe you can get anything from the MDR (aka "regular") breakfast delivered via room service.If you're on the ship, you can go to "regular" breakfast if you wish. You can sit with anyone you wish. If you're on the ship, you can go to the buffet if you wish. You can sit with anyone you wish. If you're on the ship, you can go to the International Cafe if you wish. Where you sit after that is up to you. If you wish to book it (or if it's included with your booking), you can do a "deluxe" balcony breakfast. I've never done it, but from what I've heard, it's not all that deluxe (it doesn't come close to the magic of the ultimate balcony dinner). If you wish, you can do any combination of the above on any given day - the ship doesn't track where you go and make you check in (or "forfeit" your ability to go anywhere else).