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  1. ejsilver2001

    Spa Charges

    Does anyone know what the spa charges are? A link to them would be great. We are sailing on Liberty 4/12 to Eastern Caribbean
  2. In the policy regarding dining area dress code it states that "shorts are not allowed during dinner." Would this apply to dressy bermuda shorts - they are nearly knee length and not sloppy by any imagination.
  3. ejsilver2001

    bermuda shorts in the dining room?

    Just spoke to Clarence at Royal and he assured me that dressy shorts would not result in my being escorted out of the dining room - can't say the same about the thong!!!!
  4. ejsilver2001

    We're Hungry!!

    El Jibarito sounds like an excellent choice. Is it a far walk from the pier or is it better to take transport?
  5. ejsilver2001

    Spa Charges

    Thanks for responding. This helps me budget!!!!
  6. ejsilver2001

    Spa Charges

    Just wanted to move this back up on the list in case anyone has any info.