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    Navigator Menu's

    There is another thread on here called: [url="http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=100419&highlight=navigator+menu"]New Menus[/url] ( [img]http://boards.cruisecritic.com/images/misc/multipage.gif[/img] [url="http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=100419&page=1&highlight=navigator+menu"]1[/url] [url="http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=100419&page=2&highlight=navigator+menu"]2[/url] [url="http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=100419&page=3&highlight=navigator+menu"]3[/url] ) joeyancho Someone on there who was on the ship experiencing the new menus had posted several of the dinner menus. The choices looked great and I have been hearing rave reviews about everything. I always thought the food was great...but then again I have not been on RCI in 5 years, so maybe had gone downhill...I can't judge. Whatever they're doing [i]now[/i] is working though cause I've heard good things. :D
  2. tlbesser

    What are you thankful for??

    [quote name='rangerdog']As I sit at my parents house in Gulf Shores, Alabama, we drove down to the beach today to see the devastation that Hurricane Ivan caused. After seeing the horrible destruction, I'm thankful that no one was killed. It's really sad to see people's homes and livelihood destroyed by mother nature. We all take our homes and material possesions for granted, and seeing something like I did today makes me appreciate all I have even more!![/QUOTE] I am thankful to God for all that I have. I am thankful for a good home and a wonderful family. The means to travel. The food I eat everyday. I can't help to think that with all I have, there are people out there, still thankful to God...that have nothing but the hope to eat dinner that night...but still their faith does not shake. God is amazing. Even people who don't have a computer to interact on these boards or a warm home to come home to every night...can have God in their lives and have comfort in their faith that he is in control and will take care. I think tonight of people who don't have "things of the world" but still have God...and I am thankful for them that they do. I ask every believer tonight to say a prayer for all people who do not have God in their lives...that they may come to know him.
  3. tlbesser

    New Menus

    Does the test menu feature a different daily lunch menu instead of the same one they offer everyday now?
  4. tlbesser

    New Menus

    From what I have seen, including my father's recent cruise lunch menu, which he brought back...the new menus have become a little less imaginative. I'll wait to judge after my cruise next year.
  5. tlbesser

    What to do when you get bad news

    Hello, Your brother in law will be in my prayers.
  6. tlbesser

    Spa Smell

    Go to a health food store and buy some essential oils. Lavendar for relaxing...Eucaliptus for energy...and get an oil burner. It has a little dish for the oil and you put a tea candle underneath. This makes the oil permeate the room. It's a great thing.
  7. This gives me hope. Do they still offer Beef Wellington? I love that. I wonder if you request it at the beginning of the cruise if they can accomadate it at some point on the cruise even if it's not on the menu. Also thanks to the rest of the posters for your encouraging and honest comments on the food. :)
  8. Thanks for all your opinions!!!! You all have eased my worries. Like I said...I have always been VERY happy in the past with the food. just all the complaints I read on here make my worry. I should add that my father...though very honest is also very picky with food. Maybe I should not read the reviews anymore that have a YUCK or something similar in the subject title! LOL All I know is I'm looking forward to some of my old favorites, like the great soups, beef wellington...god I hope they still serve that...and escargot. Oh....and of course Eggs Benedict for breakfast. My father said the yolks were hard...but if he had to do it again he would poke them the minute they came to the table to see...and send them back. If something is done wrong...they always fix it. I know that for sure. To be honest though...I've never had to send anything back.
  9. Could people please give me some honest opinion about the recent food experiences on RCI ships? I have always raved about the food on their ships but the last time I was on an RCI ship was 4 years ago. I keep reading reviews that speak of the food being poor. Ordinarily I would take all of those with a grain of salt, but now my father has just come back from the voyager and said the food was decent...but has gone downhill in the past few years. I belive his is being honest...cause well...he's my dad. Although he did compare it to food at an upscale wedding...and I've had some decent wedding food in the past so how can I judge. So I guess my concern is this...I am booked on Grandeur for next May. If I change my mind and book with another line, will I get all my deposit back because it is still early in the game? I have looked at the menus on some of the other ships and they look closer to what the older menus on RCI were. I appreciate any honest advice or input. :confused:
  10. Thank you for that very informative post. Do you know if Granduer is going to receive the same strech and features when she goes into dry dock this year? I know she was getting refurbished...but I didn't hear any details about it. Have fun on Enchantment!
  11. tlbesser

    Cruise Food Sucks.

    Wow....I'm really impressed!!!!!!!!! I didn't realize that airlines were serving the same quality food as RCI! Escargot, Vichyssoise, Beef Wellington, and crème brulee on an airplane??? Please let me know which airline you are flying on that serves food of that caliber, as I can only recall getting a bag of pretzels on any of my flights in the last decade. Cheers! :rolleyes: