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  1. I recently booked my first Celebrity cruise on the Constellation. My adult children are interested in perhaps joining us, and when looking at available cabins, I noticed a difference from when I booked. The cruise is after the “revolution” and is now showing an additional suite category; Sunset Suite. It’s showing sold out on my sailing, but I am curious if anyone knows where the location would be, and what type of suite it is.
  2. Be sure and pull up your offers on a computer and not through an app on a tablet (ipad) or phone. The app will narrow the number of items offered, so you might not think it is there but it is. I haven’t found a way to get my app to show all offers available, so will try and check at least once a month.
  3. The great thing about AMEX points is you can transfer them 1/1 miles on Delta. The miles are worth more than $150. I frequently get round trip tickets for 14500- 16000 miles which would cost $225-$240.
  4. Just one of us bought OBC, and our credit was around $550, so not nearly as large as your friends, but fits your theory. It’s the first time we haven’t used all the OBC, so I don’t know how princess determines how refund is processed. We were told on board though, that we would be refunded by check, so maybe $500 is the cutoff from check to credit card, and we just didn’t spend as much the last night on board. We also only had 1 credit card for all cabin charges for the both of us, so maybe that played a part as well.
  5. We received our unused OBC as credit card refund. It was in August on the Royal, and we were told we would be getting a check in the mail, but then saw the credit on our credit card about 3 weeks after cruise.
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