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  1. I have a bright yellow Fuji XP, good to 33 ft. waterproof, and 5 ft. shock proof, also dust proof and freeze proof to 14F. It takes very good pictures indoors and out with a 5X wide optical zoom. It was under $100 and comes with a great little case. The only con I have, if you drop it in the water, it will sink, so I'm getting a floating strap for it. Hope your son has fun picture taking!
  2. Thank you to everyone for the advice and information. Nicole
  3. What is the best way to get from the International Airport at Venice to the ship? Thank you
  4. Contigo insulated cups for hot or cold drinks, with lids, and under $20.00 for a pair at Costco. Nicole
  5. We loved the buffets on the smaller ships on Oceania, both breakfast and lunch. However, we haven't tried their larger ships yet, but I've heard the food is equally good! Nicole
  6. Lip balm as I tend to get dry lips, especially when forced air is on. Ear plugs are good for the plane and if you have a noisy room. We also bring lidded travel mugs to keep our coffee hot when we are attending long lectures or sitting out on deck. Also good for keeping cold drinks cold longer. I also bring a small night light to clip onto my book for reading at night. Nicole
  7. Yes, it's well within the Arctic circle and you can take trips even more into the Arctic if you wish. We have seen and heard the northern lights when we lived in northern Canada, but its always a treat to see them. Nicole
  8. Princess is offering a late October 2019 cruise to northern Norway, 375km. north of the Arctic Circle, and I believe its the first time for this line that late in the year. It is "Search for the Northern Lights". Nicole
  9. The furthest north we go is to Alta, which is 375 km. north of the Arctic Circle. We are there overnight and hoping to see the Northern Lights. The other ports we visit are Tromso , Alesund, and Stavanger. It is in late October on Princess lines. We were previously just on the edge of the Arctic Circle when we cruised northern Iceland a few years ago.Nicole
  10. We found that US$ were readily acceptable in all Asian countries we visited, but many require them relatively new and undamaged. Take small denominations as your change may be in the country's currency. Nicole
  11. I had a visit to all the continents on my bucket list, and will complete that goal this year with a trip to Northern Norway to the Arctic. I wanted to do it on a cruise ship, not a dog sled. Nicole
  12. Leenieweenie, what time of year did you do your river cruise in China, and how was the weather? Thanks, Nicole
  13. Thanks for all the info. I appreciate it. Nicole
  14. I guess I'll have to check out the koningsdam's cruise review if one is done. Thanks
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