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  1. Just received our refund for Maasdam Jan. 2021 cruise a week ago. It was deposited into our credit card account. We had also received our refund deposit for a Sep. 2020 cruise about four months ago, and that was through our TA. The first was through a big box travel agency, and it took longer, but we got them both eventually. Nicole
  2. Hi Ellie, and thank you so much for this review. I can't tell you how much my husband and I enjoyed reading about so many of the places that we had visited in the past, and what memories you brought back to us. We first cruised into Sydney about 20 years ago and wanted to see more of the country, so did a 5 week guided camping trip throughout the country, from top to bottom, getting to see more of Australia than most Australians! We loved every minute of it. We have also been to Singapore three times and have seen much of it as well, but your cruise took in some places that we haven't seen in the South Pacific. We had a cruise booked on HAL for Jan. 2021 to do a lot of the S.P. islands, but they sold the ship and the cruise got cancelled. Like so many others, we just have to dream of the day when we can cruise again, but you certainly helped with the wait. We also really enjoy Princess too (over 25 cruises) but sometimes we choose other lines because of the itinerary offered. Thanks again. Nicole
  3. Had 2020 and 2021 cruises cancelled, so I'm waiting to see what is happening by 2022. I sure am missing cruising though, even just planning one. Nicole
  4. We just got notified that our Maasdam cruise had been cancelled for Feb. 2021 because of her sale. We were offered double our down payment for a FCC, or we could request a refund. No other perks were offered. Nicole
  5. Holland America just cancelled our Feb. 2021 cruise, as they have sold the Maasdam, plus a couple of other ships, so we certainly won't be going on that cruise even if Covid 19 was under control by then. Nicole
  6. I agree with you. Oceania buffets are very well set up with plenty of servers to put exactly what you want on your plate, without you touching any of the food, or digging into bowls. We've been on five cruises with them and not experienced any outbreaks of illness with the passengers. I'd like to see more cruise companies follow their example. Nicole
  7. Thank you, Donaldsc; that is much more informative than what I had found. I guess we'll believe it when we actually see it! Nicole
  8. Apparently the Blue Star Line is building Titanic II, slated to be finished in 2022, although Covid 19 may stall that date. Nicole
  9. As a former Brit, I agree with you on the taste and crispness. However, with so many people worried about their cholesterol count, I can see why they are using a healthier alternative to beef fat. Nicole
  10. I'm more worried about when I do resume cruising, will my yearly travel insurance still cover me if I do get ill? Nicole
  11. Well no cruises that dock or leave from Canada this summer or fall, as our federal government has increased ban to Oct. 31st of this year.I really miss cruising!
  12. Global News Canada stated on this evening's news that both Princess and Holland America were cancelling any cruises from Canadian ports for the rest of the year. That pretty much takes out Alaskan cruises for 2020! Nicole
  13. I really beg to differ, but Australia is its own destination, and well worth the trip. We first did a cruise there, but wanted to explore more, so booked an overland camping trip for a month, going from Sydney, up the outback to the top end, and back down along the Gold coast and Great Barrier Reef. We loved every minute of it and would definitely recommend it. We've been to all 7 continents and this was one of our favourites. Nicole
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