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  1. I would pay the $250, especially if the agency lets you pick the location of the balcony cabin. It's my understanding with RoyalUp, even if you win a bid, you could get a cabin in a location you don't really like.
  2. We just got off Adventure on Saturday & we both thought the beds were fine - slept great. Luck of the draw on mattresses or personal preference hard vs. soft maybe. (We had balcony cabin on Deck 8).
  3. Can you tell me what price for parking in the lot next to ship - & is it a private lot or RCCL's? Thanks
  4. We'll be on the ship with you - Starting to get excited!!
  5. I originally purchased at $52/day, kept watching and the week of Labor Day cancelled and re-purchased at $48/day for our November cruise.
  6. Thank you for asking this question Handbellplayer - same thing happened to me. I used the app to check in my husband & myself for our cruise in November -- Did them both the exact same way & mine came out expedited & his did not. From the helpful responses sounds like we can both go through the expedited line. Have a good cruise!
  7. I've been on over 15 annual cruises with 2 of my girlfriends, several different ships, and the bed has always been fully made up each evening without asking.
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