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  1. Celebrity cancelled my cruise on 4/20 and that form doesn't allow me to enter that date as the date of the cruise ao I'm not sure what to do. 5/17 is the first date allowed. Karl
  2. My wife needs a rollator for stability and we are interested in a river cruise in the south of France. River cruises typically include shore excursions so those are built into the cost. I would love to hear anyone's experience with rollators on river cruises and even better if specific to the Rhone river. Thanks, Karl
  3. We are considering a river cruise Lyon to Avignon down the Rhone river. My wife requires a rollator for stability walking. Can anyone share their experience with the same? Will she be able to do most included excursions? What about getting around a river cruise ship? We are looking at Viking but not cast in stone. Thanks for your thoughts. Karl
  4. Thanks for your help. Email sent. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  5. Thanks to those replying to my original query. We hit the exact number of points to become Elite after our last cruise but haven't yet traveled as Elite. I am looking forward to the perks when I can get 'em.
  6. I have been away for awhile and my email address has changed. I cannot find a way to change it within this system. I don't wish to lose my history by creating a new login. Thanks.
  7. Our last cruise brought us to Elite status but we have not yet traveled as Elite. Are the perks still in effect? I am wondering about the Elite happy hour. Last cruise there were so many Elite that many of the perks were canceled and I heard other cruisers with Elite status were unhappy. Does that happen often now? What are others' experiences with the happy hour cocktails? Thanks.
  8. What's the Eclipse looking like these days? I know it is scheduled for dry dock in Nov 2020 and I am looking at a cruise on it in April. Is it still kept up or are there signs of deferred maintenance. It's been awhile since I was on the S class but in general I love them. Thanks.
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