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  1. I thought the word 'disgruntled" would send someone for a loop. It's what I said... but I struggled at the moment to come up with a better word. How is your assertions any different than working in the USA ? Your argument that folks can make "Much" more money working for cruise lines than they would back home is not any different than here in the great USA. We all look for that edge to make "Much" more money than the next guy. I certainly hope you are not insinuating that folks working on a cruise ship work harder or longer hours than you or I that can afford these cruises ! Or that our standard of living is any better than their living of standard in their home country.
  2. Why would a overworked, disgruntled Carnival Employee stay with Carnival as a contractor ?
  3. If you go to Indeed, you will see that these Carnival contractors use to be Carnival employees. I think that speaks for itself.
  4. I heard their house wine is Santa Helena: Merlot, chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Or you can get 50% off a bottle of your choice.
  5. Yeah... I just Google" 'carnival fun shop'... much easier to find for me.
  6. Wow! BillyBob simply said he thought it was barely worth $49 bucks back when that was the cost. Where did he ever say or imply that FTTF is not worth it to others ? Is this one of those intuition things where you know better than the actual poster what the poster really means or is really saying ? Perhaps you also have the ability to judge how the entire crew feels simply by looking at them.
  7. Processing times are shorter from September through December. Check out the State Dept. site: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/News/passports/apply-early.html
  8. This would not be a big decision for me... I would just renew if I was coming up on the 6 months remaining mark. Then I don't have to think about, or discuss in great length, my passport for another 10 years. But there are many others here that love debating the fine points of 6 months remaining on a passport.
  9. Most of the posts I've seen on this board just bring pill boxes. I suppose if you had Vicodin or the like, that you might want the original prescription bottle... but if it's maintenance pills like for high blood pressure, you should be good. You are going to get some very black & white responses... going to the brig... put in a Mexican jail for life... 😂
  10. I read that a pack costs $14 in NY. That's 70 cents a smoke... 🤣
  11. In 1974, the average price per pack was 45 cents... with 20 cents of that amound being taxes. On average, states charge $1.73 of taxes per pack of 20 cigarettes. So that would be an extra $17.30 per carton... but still is not 5-fold. The cigarette companies are making Bank. However, the following adds an extra $40 to each carton... but still not 5-fold. New York: $4.35 a pack Connecticut: $4.35 a pack Rhode Island: $4.25 a pack Massachusetts: $3.51 a pack Hawaii: $3.20 a pack
  12. Yikes...! I just looked up the price of cigarettes -- $80 for a carton Marlboro Box from Costco's Business center? I recall when a pack was 45 cents (1974)... adjusted for inflation, that's $1.59 a pack... or $15.90 for a carton. The current price is 5-fold of that... or even more. So now the price of one cigarette is the price that a pack was back in 1974. I guess people have to think twice when someone asks if they can bum a cigarette... 😂
  13. FTTF is priced based on Port and on Ship. Carnival Horizon and Carnival Panorama cost more than the other ships. Faster to the Fun is not offered on Carnival Journeys departures, cruises in Europe, nor on cruises from the following home ports: Honolulu, Norfolk, Vancouver, San Diego and San Francisco. https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1374
  14. I cruise because... I exist. I exist because... I cruise.
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