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  1. I'm the same. I thought they would go back to my account. But mine ( 4 FCDs ) are apparently being refunded by check, whether one check or four my PCC doesn't know.
  2. Probably because his was a deposit, yours was the full cruise fare, and they are being handled by different persons/teams ?
  3. That is correct. But I don't think a "FCC coming" can be used for anything. The credit has to have been applied to your Seabourn account, presumably by the same person who processes the cash refund. Because Seabourn's online system for club members is so prehistoric, it is not possible for the member to see the FCDs and FCCs on their account, that is limited to TAs and Seabourn Cruise Counsellors. I have asked my PCC (I am a direct booker) to let me know what FCDs have reappeared and what FCCs have appeared on my account as a result of the cash refunds, if any. I will report back.
  4. Well, looks like my theory does have some validity. Refund for the March 22 voyage from Sydney appeared on my Amexes today 31st, with a processing date of May 29. Same pattern as the other one, no sign of the FCDs that were used for the original deposit, but second deposit and final balance to the correct Amex accounts. Now all I have to do is get my airfare back from Qatar.
  5. That is correct. Still nothing on the March 22. I, and I suspect some others, thought that there was maybe a pattern emerging whereby a batch of refunds was processed at the end of the week, and then appeared on CCs over the weekend or on the Monday. But so far this weekend that theory doesn't seem to have any legs. I note from today's marketing email from SB that they are offering a 10% discount on new AND EXISTING bookings for full payment by July 31. Uh-oh !!
  6. Well, I had one credited to my Amex(s) this morning, with a processing date of 21 May. But it was the second voyage from Singapore to Dubai departing April 17, rather than the March 22. I had paid for this one in three stages, 2xFCD, then a further small deposit balance, then the final balance. The latter two were on different Amex accounts, and they came back to the correct accounts. The FCD weren't included, so presumably have gone back into my Seabourn account. But it does suggest that the refunds are being processed carefully. Why it takes so long is another matter. Zero communication from Seabourn about this, if I hadn't been checking my online Amex on a daily basis, I wouldn't have had a clue.
  7. I should have added in my original post on May 10 reference my contact with SB about ten days ago: Their reply suggested that the Encore cancellations which were made separately by email on 9 March were in fact part of the general "pause" which was announced on 13 March. Therefore the 60 day ticker started on 14 March. This is of course incorrect, not least because the 9 March cancellations offered different terms to the general pause, and I told them so. But if they are lumping the pre-pause individual cancellations together with all the voyages cancelled on 13 March, this makes the admin task significantly greater, and is completely at odds with the repeated statement that all refunds would be dealt with in strict date order.
  8. Here is mine Sailings on Encore on March 22 and April 17 cancelled by Seaborn email on 9 March. Email promised full refund + 25% FCC. Nothing received up until now, BUT I advised them about ten days ago that I was intending to file Section 75 claims ( similar to a dispute) with Amex, and they replied that that would only delay matters even further, and that it was "likely" that my refunds would be made by the end of this coming week ie 5/15 or the beginning of the following week. So I am waiting to see if that happens.
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