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  1. Betsy and Bob: All the best to two wonderful people! Susan and Dick
  2. Can not tell you why a credit card "rebate" is generally treated by the IRS as a "discount" for tax purposes rather then a dividend or interest. You will have to ask them. That interpretation seems the most logical to me.
  3. Hawaiidan; Who told you the rebates are taxable income? In general, the IRS considers credit card rebates as discounts, not income. Anyway, "pure mile" rebates and cash rebates would be treated the same.
  4. To Betsy and Bob Congratulations to two wonderful people!!! ❤️❤️ Dick and Susan
  5. Bob, I know you will be reading this thread soon, so “get well fast my friend !” We met you as we did the Sydney to Singapore segments and really enjoyed our time together. You take care and hope to see you posting soon and rejoining the ship. Dick and Susan
  6. Eating Turkish Gozleme from “the rocks” open air market watching our ship come in. I was the idiot waving like crazy. See you all tomorrow. Enjoy your time in Sydney.
  7. Lisa, just did the Opera tour this morning (as we are here to board Insignia on Monday) and it was great. It takes one hour. We did the first tour which was at 9am and it was not crowded but was getting crowded by the time we finished. We are doing HOHO bus tomorrow. It is suppose to be 90 minutes for the red line and 90 minutes for the blue line. The blue line goes to Bondi beach. We are staying at “the rocks” which is enjoyable and historical. There was a major outdoor market today but it will not be going on on Monday. You are trying to pack a lot into your stay. I wish you luck and hope you and Connie can do it all. Weather is great with mostly sunny and temps around 80. See you all on Monday and hope you all enjoy one of our favorite cities (Sydney).
  8. A Wonderful but cool day in Hobart, Tasmania after arriving yesterday from Wisconsin were in the last four weeks we had 40 inches of snow, an Arctic Vortex with record breaking cold temps and 2 ice storms thrown in for “fun.” Will be in Tasmania until the first of March when we return to Sydney and join the Insignia on the fourth. “What’s In Port” says there will be three ships in port that day. The Queen Elizabeth at the Overseas Passenger Terminal and the Insignia and the Pacific Explorer at White Bay. The latest forecast for the fourth which seems to change daily is mostly sunny with a high of 82. Enjoy the beautiful and wonderful country of New Zealand and we will see you all soon. Dick and Susan
  9. If you two think so much alike, it would like talking to yourself! Might be boring🙂
  10. You better tell the ATW 19 worldies that they are not going to the South Pacific because they think they will sailing there next month.
  11. Agree! We did two segments of last year’s ATW and feel the same way although we did mostly know who was traveling ATW and who was doing segments as this fact usually came up during conversations or in other ways but it never made a difference. The few that we chose not to associate with were jerks that may or may not have been worldies. We are doing two more segments this year (Sydney to Singapore) and expect the same. By the way, this will complete our ATW. The only difference is we will have done it in segments. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Also, my wife and I are looking for a trivia team to join. My expertise is I know the answer to every question NOT asked.
  12. If you play trivia with Leslie Jon, most disputes are settled with “player consensus “ and I don’t know how much influence Johnny Tokyo has with the masses.
  13. I would never "drop a name" on someone unless I knew who I was "dropping." You have peaked my interest.
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