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  1. cruzkitty

    Seaside YC 3 generations - LIVE

    The photos are gone!!
  2. Great Review & Incredible pictures!! Thanks for posting! I loved the cruise, but we did feel the rocking Mucho , all of our cabins in the YC. Literallly thought we were going to be rolled out of beds two nights. Everything else was simply wonderful!
  3. cruzkitty

    Live from Seaside September 15

    This is GREAT!! Can't wait to read more-thanks for posting!!
  4. cruzkitty

    MSC Seaview Yacht Club, The Video

    That was great!! Thanks for posting!
  5. cruzkitty

    Review: Seaside Yacht Club August 25-September 1

    Thank you SO Much for your excellent review! We are sailing in the YC in just 4 more weeks! It sounds so nice and relaxing! We have sailed in suites on RCCL also, and agree that they have just become too pricy, thus the reason we are trying MSC for our next cruise.
  6. cruzkitty

    Carnival Vista Tour Video

    Enjoyed your Video-thanks for posting! We'll be on the Vista next year
  7. Great Review-thanks for posting! We're sailing on the Seaside in just a few weeks-can't wait! :)
  8. cruzkitty

    Carnival Vista Observations and Videos

    Thanks for posting your review! We will be sailing the Vista next year. Looking forward to watching your videos!
  9. cruzkitty

    MSC Seaview Yacht Club Videos

    Thank You for posting your videos. We will be sailing in just a few more weeks!
  10. cruzkitty

    MSC Seaside Yacht Club Review July 14th Western 7day

    Thanks for posting your review! We'll be in the YC in just a few more weeks! :)
  11. I'm Definitely following! We will be on the Seaside in just a few weeks, also booked in the YC. Looking forward to more and your pictures. Thank you for posting your review and pics!! :)
  12. cruzkitty

    Vista July 14 cruise review.

    Your review is great-thanks for taking the time to post. I am loving your pictures! We will be cruising on the Vista next year.
  13. cruzkitty

    Prime rib on seaside

    Glad to hear the Prime Rib was excellent-I do love Prime Rib!
  14. cruzkitty

    Room Service

    Thanks for posting the Menu! :)
  15. I am following your great review! Enjoying your pictures! We are sailing on the Vista next year from Galveston.