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  1. We are just off 26 days on the Sojourn. Vancouver to Seward and back. Despite the cold and occasional rain we used the Pool deck extensively, had lunch there most days and at no time was the pool deck a problem as it is confined to two areas either side of the Pool both of which are covered by Potted Fern Trees. Many functions were held there such as sail away parties and even a singing and dance party one evening. None of this was affected by the two areas of teak boards which are bulging slightly so frankly to all those concerned CC`s stop worrying about it! In fact we had very Sunny and even hot days ( 85F ) which we were told is very rare for Alaska. All in all we had a wonderful trip.




    Thanks, that is most helpful and we are pleased to know it won’t really affect our cruise





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  2. Have seen reports about Pool Deck floor lifting.


    Is anyone on Sojourn at the moment who can say whether there is a problem? We are due to travel in December and would like to know if it might affect sitting out on Pool Deck.



  3. I just hope the Sojourn is still sailing this holiday season. We are due to board in Singapore in January for 48 nights but I can't get enthusiastic about booking excursions, as I keep expecting to hear it has been taken out of service for deck repairs. We were aboard during the most recent attempt to rectify the patio deck. After the repairs were halted the deck was immediately deteriorating again. So everybody keep your fingers crossed.




    Has anyone tried to contact Seabourn on this matter?

  4. We are on Marina at the moment and I wrote on my half cruise comments sheet that I was disappointed that hardly anyone uses hand sanitizers,public areas or wipes (in the gym).On all the other cruise lines that we have been on,there is always a member of staff prompting people to do so.I was told that this company treats adults like adults and expects them to do it themselves.Well clearly they are not.Now what?? No salt and pepper pots,paper menus etc etc..and people still not taking any precautions that may have some effect.




    Just come off Sirena and there were continual announcements re hand hygiene and most people sanitised before eating. Oceania pays huge attention to hygiene. Every table was cleaned and mats replaced before next people sat down amongst many other precautions.



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  5. We are currently on the Sirena and for the past week, we have been under an elevated cleaning regime. There are a number of crew and passengers that have been diagnosed with influenza.


    Only 2 days left for us as we disembark in Lima Peru.


    Everything seems to be under control. You can't do anything without someone cleaning after you.


    The CDC has been informed of the ships medical status.


    Great Cruise, hopefully no more cases develop.


    Happy Cruising




    Sorry to hear about the flu on board. Hope it’s gone by 16th Dec when we get on board!


    Can you tell me who the main officers are and who is Captain? They may not be on board by then! How was Sirena? We have been on all the other ships but not Sirena and looking forward to being on her soon.




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  6. Thank you ORV. Looking at PH 10023 which is right at the laundry. If I understand your explanation the door to this laundry will be on the other side hallway and should not be an issue for 10023. :)




    We were in 10027 a few weeks ago on Riviera with the same question. It definitely opened on the other side, so you will have no problem!



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  7. We have just been on Riviera in the Med and had a wonderful cruise. Food was great. Service was great. We have done 13 Oceania cruises and find their attention to hygiene is very very high. Even tissues in public toilets to use to open the exit door! No one allowed to serve themselves at the buffets. Sounds like a different ship that your friends were on. If you have a grievance on board, they will rectify it immediately if at all possible. No good wingeing afterwards. We have been on most of the top lines and keep returning to Oceania. Their only difference is it is not all inclusive but packages can be bought. Be interested to hear other comments.




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  8. Have just come off Oceania Riviera and can say that service food and staff were far superior to seabourn Sojourn. We went on 33 day Christmas cruise and probably never return. Standards have drastically fallen since we sailed 7 years ago. Such a shame as the ships are lovely.



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  9. I could see booking a V2 guarantee to avoid getting the metal balcony railings, if that's an issue. It still means you'll get at least a V2. Doesn't preclude an upgrade to a higher category. Out TA suggests if you don't book a specific cabin you should book the lowest category you'd be happy with. She's also implied that a V6 guarantee might generate a better chance of an upgrade to the next tier (e.g., penthouse) than a V2 guarantee would. But overall I don't see how a V1 guarantee differs from an OB.



    Hope you will be luckier than we were! We ended up in an interconnected room and there are only 4 of these, having requested anything except interconnecting. They really don't care and won't change any thing



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  10. Can anyone tell me if it is easy to get to the train station in Civitavecchia to catch Rome train? I believe there is a shuttle from the ship to the Port gates but is there any shuttle to the station and do they run frequently? Is it walkable? How easy is it to get trains back from Rome? We just don't feel like sitting on a coach for hours.



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  11. We sailed very close to the shore along the Amazon River.








    This photo shows how close we were. (I've never attached photos before, so I don't know how this will turn out.) Most of our sailing was along beautiful jungles like this. The weather was good, very hot at times, and only one short bit of rain in Manaus. There were no bugs, no mosquitoes. The Boi Bumba carnival-type show in Parintins was fantastic. Not to be missed. The children at Boca da Valeria were delightful.






    Here is a photo of my husband with several of the girls who walked with him to the village. The ship donated goods and clothes. I took school supplies, which the children loved! It was probably the best port experience I've ever had. I love Oceania and I loved this cruise. As I said before, I highly recommend it.



    What time of year did you go to the Amazon?



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  12. Suite Travels, we are also making the big leap. Leaving today for the Sojourn. So excited to try something new. I will report back on my comparison between Seabourn and Crystal.




    I have to say that precruise help , the advantage is Seabourn.




    The shore excursion desk is fabulous. I know them all by first name, and they've been wonderful arranging tours. And the phone is answered immediately.




    The docs are amazing. Fabulous precruise info a few months before. And I love the leather doc case and baggage tags.




    So wish us luck. Flying Emirates first class on points. Don't know if I'm more excited about that or the cruise.







    We are also leaving today through London. Flying to Dubai tomorrow.where are you staying? So looking forward to meeting everyone. Here's to a great cruise!!!! Elise



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  13. Julise67,


    A couple of thoughts spring immediately to mind:


    1- if you have not sailed on Seabourn in a few years you may not know the Ody class ships. My view is that the "new" ships are a big improvement due basically to the space per passenger, balconies, larger bathrooms, ease of access generally and on tenders, and Seabourn Square. But everything is where you remember it as the designs are very similar. Just bigger.


    2- there are many passengers who joined weeks ago and will stay through and beyond Singapore - so that they will commingle with Encore passengers and crew there at Encore's christening celebration. Why not seek them out around the ship and get to know them. A great group whom I will hope to see at the joint ships' celebration?!?






    Thanks for the info. Really looking forward to sailing on Sojourn next week. Shame you won't be there! Elise


    BTW, my assessment of Encore is that is another generation of a big and bigger sister, although possibly more glitzy - this from the few photos Capt Dexter has posted and what the official website show. It's got everything where the earlier ships did except that there is a new 8 deck with the large Thomas Keller restaurant. It's this deck, by my reckoning, that houses about 120 of the additional 150 or so additional passengers relative to the Ody class ships. (As covered elsewhere, of course the Encore is also a larger ship.)


    Please ask me anything you like - and be as specific as you want - about the beautiful Sojourn and I will revert. We are here for another 9 days.


    Happy and healthy sailing!






    Thanks for the info. Really looking forward to sailing on Sojourn next week. Shame you won't be there! Elise

  14. Whoops, I see I neglected to say that we are on Seabourn Sojourn now en route to Dubai. Just terrific food and beverage service and ambience. I cannot crow enough about Captain Tim Roberts and Hotel Director Jason Gelineau. And about crowing and/or gobbling, we all downed 18 turkeys yesterday at our Thanksgiving dinners served in the MDR and Colonnade!




    Happy and healthy cruising!



    It is great to hear from you. We join the ship in Dubai and haven't sailed on Seabourn for a number of years, so looking forward to it. Any tips? Elise





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