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  1. March 4, 2017 Volendam departing from The Bund in Shanghai, China
  2. From Wusongkou Cruise Terminal in Baoshan, there is usually a shuttle bus running to the nearest subway station which is Baoyang Road on Line 3. Or, there are usually plenty of taxis at the port to take you to the subway (a couple of miles) or directly to Disneyland. If traveling by taxi in Shanghai be sure to show your destination to the driver in Chinese characters or have it marked clearly on a map. From Wusongkou Cruise Terminal to Disneyland, depending on the route, is 46 to 54 km. Travel time without traffic about an hour. But of course there will be traffic. Fare around 155 rmb depending on route and traffic. By subway, the most direct route to Disneyland would be: Line 3 from Baoyang Road in the direction of Shanghai South Railway Station. Go 10 stops. Transfer to Line 8 at Hongkou Football Stadium. Take Line 8 for 13 stops in the direction of Shendu Highway. Transfer to Line 11 at Oriental Sports Center Take Line 11 for 8 stops toward Disney Resort which is the end of Line 11 Travel time about 101 minutes. Navigation through the subway system is easy, just follow the signs and arrows. Ticket machines in the stations have an English option. Fare I'm guessing would be about 9 rmb for this distance. Reverse direction (returning to the cruise port) The Shanghai Metro System shuts early. Be aware. Last train departing Disney Resort Line 11(direction: North Jiading) at 22:30 Travel time from Disney to Oriental Sports Center is 34 minutes. Last train departing Oriental Sports Center Line 8 (direction: Shiguang Road) at 22:47 Travel time from Oriental Sports Center to Hongkou Football Stadium is 27 minutes. Last train departing Hongkou Football Stadium Line 3 (direction: North Jiangyang Rd) 23:06 So, travel in the reverse direction returning to the cruise port be sure to not wait for the last train as you will not make the connections in time. Taxi returning to the cruise port from the subway station may be difficult to get. There probably won't be a shuttle bus.
  3. I would opt for Option 2. Fewer people is always a plus. Plus, You will drive into the city and stay in the city for the rest of the day, rather than drive in to the city for lunch and then drive out of the city which seems like a waste of time and needlessly tiring to me. Option 1 sounds like you'll spend too much time sitting in a car/van rather than enjoying the sites. Beijing traffic can be horrific, so why subject yourself to it more than is necessary.
  4. A couple of photos at the Wusongkou Cruise terminal in Baoshan. Your experience may be different, but this scene was in March of this year.
  5. I haven't embarked, but I've gone out there to see people off for a Costa cruise. Yes, there was quite a crush at the terminal. Sorry, I can't offer more than that. ;) I have a couple of photos I can upload later if you wish.
  6. stowaway2k

    Shanghai hotel

    Yes. Fine hotel, convenient location on East Nanjing Road pedestrian shopping street clost to the subway, walk to The Bund and walk to People's Square.
  7. stowaway2k

    Shanghai hotels

    I'm not sure about rates you have been quoted, or how focused you are on budget which may help you decide. Sofitel Hyland is my choice for family members and friends visiting Shanghai as they have agreed that the rates are very fair for such a good hotel in a good location. As you don't mind walking, Sofitel Hyland is close enough to People's Square and all the attractions in that area so as to not be an inconvenience at all in that respect. As for stepping out the door and having more to see and do close by, that would be the Radisson Blu, though Sofital Hyland is directly on the lively East Nanjing Road pedestrian street about midway between People's Square and The Bund. You may get better city views from your room at the Radisson Blu, which is also a larger and taller hotel, and with the landmark "Blu" glass-domed lounge on the roof providing spectacular city views. It's a close call.
  8. stowaway2k

    Shanghai hotels

    New World is a very nice hotel but, in my opinion, in kind of a dull neighborhood. The plusses are it's across from a large park, next to a mall (what in Shanghai isn't next to a mall) and convenient to Line 2 subway. Radisson Blu is adjacent to People's Square and at the foot of the famous East Nanjing Road shopping street. Very nice hotel. There is lots to do and see around here. The Bund is about a 20 minute walk or take nearby Line 2 one stop and walk from there. Also close to subway lines 1 and 8 People's Square stop. Sofitel Hyland, also very nice, is right on the lively East Nanjing Road shopping street, about midway between People's Square and The Bund, 10 minute walk to them both in opposite directions. Close to subway Line 2 and 10 They're each really nice places. What do you want in a hotel location? Plenty to do withing walking distance? Then New World doesn't fit the bill. Radisson Blu being adjacent to People's Square is a big plus, and Hyland Sofitel being a 10 minute walk to the Bund is a big plus. You're sure to enjoy Shanghai at any of the three.
  9. For those concerned about air pollution in China, I recommend the "Air Quality China" app for your smartphone. You can received hour-by-hour Air Quality Index (AQI) readings for cities throughout China. You can then make a sensible judgement on whether or not to wear a mask. For example, at this moment in Shanghai the reading is, amazingly, "46", or "Healthy" which we don't see all that often here. I think I'll step outside and take a nice deep breath.
  10. Hello Sansterre Yes, Volendam does dock in the city center at the Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal. Attached is a photo I took of her on a previous Shanghai call.
  11. The Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal, located at what is known as the "North Bund" (500 Dongdaming Rd, Hongkou district) cannot take vessels much over 70 thousand tons. The Hop-on Hop-off bus does not go to this location. If you dock here, it is about a 20 minute walk to the north end of The Bund and a little further to where you can catch the Hop-on Hop-off across from the Peace Hotel. Otherwise, you will dock at the Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal in Baoshan District, about a 40 minute drive to The Bund or People's Square depending on traffic.
  12. stowaway2k

    Shanghai hotel

    The Marriott at Tomorrow Square, adjacent to People's Square, is a great location. You can walk to the Bund from here via the famous East Nanjing Road shopping street, and quick access to a few different subway lines. Plus this futuristic high-rise will give you amazing views over the city. As for Hop on Hop off, there are two companies, City Sightseeing which begins its route at People's Square and the Big Bus, which also stops at People's Square. I can't tell you which one is better, maybe your concierge can make a recommendation.
  13. Cool! I'm planning this for June. Any tips/recommendations? Plus, please tell us about HCMC when you can find the time, and how you found the bus experience. I was advised to fly from Phu Quoc to HCMC.
  14. As it would any port, but I don't see reason why to single out Shanghai. Shanghai isn't prone to thick fog to such an extent that one need worry about a call being cancelled.
  15. QM2's berth at Wusongkou is a big-ship deep-water port in the Yangtze estuary, not far from the massive container port. It would take quite a typhoon to close the port to big-ship traffic. Anyway, it is far enough from the city center that it's practically unthinkable that there would be no shuttles provided, leaving passengers with no option to ship tours but taxis.
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