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  1. Which terminal does the Allure and Oasis use at Port Everglades? Do you think Harmony will use the same when she comes and replaces Oasis?
  2. Congrats on the game show we were there it was great and ya'll done a great job!! It was hilarious!!
  3. We were on this same cruise and other than the passengers only had a couple of issues. But this is the way of the world now, always in a hurry running over my DD never saying excuse me or I sorry, cutting line, it's all about me, me, me. Now with that being said I can agree with the water not getting cold we had the same problem. Another thing that we noticed that in our stateroom we could never get it really cool. We had a balcony on deck 10 so I just figured it was because of the location being so high. We kept balcony door closed and curtains pulled. Always closed it behind us when we went out. Other than those two things the cruise was great, We felt like the food was good not great but we enjoyed it. We sail RC all the time and will sail it again.
  4. Does anyone have any pictures or copies of the Cruise Compass for Freedom of the Seas Western that goes to Grand Cayman, Roatan, Costa Maya and Cozumel? If so would love to see them.
  5. That is a great time to cruise. We have cruised several times at that time of year and loved it it each time. Yeah it does get a little hectic but it will be worth it. Every time we cruised then the weather was perfect and the ocean was very calm. You will love it.
  6. Yeah you do have to book early for D1 midship triple. We have friends going with us who also needed a triple and when we booked we got them close to us but the cabins were running low. Also have our daughter and her friend across the hall in an interior, They said that was all they needed because they would not be there much...lol
  7. We have a D1 booked also midship, almost booked aft but bailed out at last minute. On deck 10, a little worried about pool deck noise above but have done it before on other ships and not had much of a problem. We also love cruising out of PC it is our favorite. With that being said we have not cruised out of T-1 yet but I would guess it is just as painless as the other terminals. With the Freedom leaving that will force us to sail Oasis too, poor us lol. :D
  8. Just booked Freedom of the Seas for June 26 2016!!!!!:D Balcony cabin as always. Is it time to sail yet? Now it is just the wait that will kill me.:eek:
  9. Hahaha..thanks for the comments. No not too hard on by wallet, they were pretty kind. Yeah we might do this itinerary again also we loved Rotan and Costa Maya. Just not long enough on Costa Maya.
  10. Yeah she loved the shows. This cruise was her graduation and birthday present. Yeah she was wearing a Coastal Carolina shirt, she starting that school this year. It is a pretty good school and comes highly recommended around here.
  11. I say yes, we had purchased it and on our cruise the ship arrived in port late so they pushed back embarkation. When we got to the port. Or rather they actually let us in, the lines to check in and go through security was out in the parking lot. It took around 2 hours for those people to get on the ship. We were on in 15 minutes. Not all cruises are like that but glad we had it.
  12. Sorry for being late. No it is not just for the kids, in my crowd they(the ship crew when getting off) were the only ones wanting them. All you have to do is go in Diamonds International and tell them you are on the Carnival Ship and they will give it to you. When getting of in Cozumel they (the ship crew when getting off)should give you a brochure with it special deal on it and you just hand it to them. This Brochure explains it. Actuall in Cozumel they gave them a Bracelet along with the first charm. It was a DI charm.
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