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  1. I believe it comes into the fleet in November, assuming this one is on time, so perhaps that is why they said after 2022. You could be right about that, but I still doubt it would be anything larger than a Fantasy or perhaps Spirit class ship. The ticket prices just don't justify increased capacity and with that port intensive of a schedule I can't imagine on board spending is any more impressive.
  2. It's in the statement that Carnival released today. The one at the top of the thread. It says Carnival is evaluating options to return to San Juan after 2022. So if Fascination is moving to Mobile in January 2022, and Carnival is evaluating options after 2022, that means that at least for a year that won't be happening. And I seriously doubt it will be happening after that with any more capacity.
  3. Have you looked at the prices Carnival is getting for the 7 day trips out of PR? The cheapest 7 day cruises in the fleet most weeks. I would be shocked to see much of a capacity upgrade. The press release sounds like Carnival has no current plans to put any ship there.
  4. Sailed on the Sunrise last month and had a great time. Ship was beautiful, crew was great, entertainment was great. The playlist shows were wonderful, especially Soul Bound, make sure you catch it. There are a few tight areas getting past Guys burgers and Blue Iguana Cantina, the best way to avoid that is to walk between the tables through there instead of by the drink machine. Don't miss Guys BBQ up a deck from Lido. It's a little out of the way so you need to hunt out on embarkation day or a sea day! You will have a great cruise!
  5. Was on the Magic in September. Other than the rust on the hull and the worn carpeting (which didn't affect my cruise at all) I had two minor complaints. 1- something with the stage was broke so 88 Keys was performed just with singing. Not a big deal but disappointing because it was the only show on the ship I hadn't saw on another Carnival ship. But stuff breaks, no big deal, I moved on. 2- the other issue was a continuing complaint. For some reason the exhaust at Guys burgers did not seem to be working well. It caused lots of smoke on that side of Lido deck and filtered into that side of the Lido Marketplace seating. I learned not to sit on that side but still annoying. Having thrown those two small issues out, I had an incredible cruise. Magic is a beautiful ship with a great crew. Enjoy your cruise!
  6. A few weeks back on the Magic we were frustrated by the same buttons. I am quite sure they are not original since they are not placed in logical spots and some doors use them and some are actually automatic. The worst was the door from the aft elevators to the outside on deck 11 (think outside Cucina). To get in them you have to hit a button that is four or five feet down the wall.
  7. I know a few others have mentioned Magic out of Ft Lauderdale but I just want to add that I was on Magic a couple of weeks ago and had a fantastic time. I would really look at an Eastern on Magic or a Southern on Horizon out of Miami!
  8. You paid an extra $1800 for a Havana room over a regular balcony? Surely I read that wrong?!? I didn't pay that much for my entire Mardi Gras cruise for me and my Mom combined!
  9. I have had YTD on all 5 of my cruises and never had to wait. We usually go around 6.
  10. Thanks for the review! Perfect timing since I will be on Magic in 10 days! Was wondering what time you got to the port on embarkation day since you noted it was a mess. I have a noon time slot and was thinking just to go on early and get in line since hotel checkout is at 11.
  11. Dream right now but excited to try the Magic in less than 6 weeks!
  12. This has been my experience as well. I have did 3 nighters (both in Nov) from both Canaveral and Miami. Both had bars that were busy and nightclubs that were hopping but nothing I could even begin to describe as rowdy. The worse behavior I have experienced on a cruise was a 7 nighter from New Orleans.
  13. I would agree with this and also add that Costa has a fairly strong Asia presence already.
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