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  1. I asked this on the snorkel forum but got no responses, so will try here. I think more visibility on this site. We are going to Cozumel, Jamaica and Grand Cayman out of Galveston on Sunday 9/24. I've always taken my snorkel gear to the Caribbean before, but wondering what fall-out if any (bacteria and just stuff) would be a cause for concern. With so much washing out to sea from the Hurricanes, I just don't want to put myself in harms way. No one in my group is medically compromised, but still..... Thoughts?
  2. We leave on Sunday 9/24 for these 3 ports. I've snorkeled in many other Caribbean spots, but just in the first few yards, so no need for anything way 'out there'. My concern is mostly the water. With all the damage from the hurricane, I don't want to put myself in harms way with any bacteria or harmful waters. Thoughts?
  3. Beth & Rob

    Trikes Cozumel Confirmed!

    Just looked on their website and unless I missed it.......do not see pricing. Anyone know?
  4. Beth & Rob

    Which Itinerary? Help please

    Thank you SOOOO much. I'll book this today!
  5. Beth & Rob

    Which Itinerary? Help please

    I've done quite a bit of cruising, but never to any of these ports. I know everyone has personal fav's so any guidance would be appreciated. 2 of us ladies......early 60's but we like to have fun, not the sedate type. Our options are Roatan, Puerto Costa Maya, Cozumel OR Cozumel, Georgetown, GC, Falmouth, Jamaica. Thoughts?
  6. Beth & Rob

    Will be in Maui a week the end of October

    Thanks much for all the information. I appreciate steering away from the whales, no point in spending time looking for tours when there are none to see. :) Susan M - Your answers are just what I was hoping for. So appreciate!
  7. There are so many great recommendations and such knowledgeable people, I thought rather than continue to read all the posts searching, I'd try to ask several questions on one post. I do enjoy the read, but trying to keep things in order. This will be my first trip to Hawaii. I'm 61, young at heart, game to try anything. Love to snorkle, not much on hiking hills, good on the flats. We will have a car. We are staying at Sands of Kahana. So that being said... Luau recommendations Whale / turtle adventures Scooter rentals Snorkeling adventures Good beach for walk-in snorkeling Good beach for sunning Drives not to miss Funky restaurants shopping zip-lining Any and all other suggestions graciously appreciated. :o
  8. Beth & Rob

    Please recs for ATV/Snorkeling in Maui

    We are at the Sands of Kahana. Thank so much for any guidance. My first time ever in Hawaii and I'm 61. :)
  9. Beth & Rob

    Please recs for ATV/Snorkeling in Maui

    I'm sure there would be several......who did you use?
  10. Beth & Rob

    Please recs for ATV/Snorkeling in Maui

    2 maybe 3 of us for a week in Maui end of Oct. We'd like to do an ATV tour so would like recommendations. Also we'd like to go snorkeling. Did several islands in the Caribbean during a cruise last year, but just walked into the water from the beach. So if there are great areas to do this from please suggest and if there is a particular tour you would recommend we take, please share. Thanks
  11. Beth & Rob

    Grand Turk Nathans Golf Carts

    We rented 2 carts in April. One cart had a choke and it was very difficult to start. We encountered locals who all knew each other and although not affiliated with Nathan tried diligently to assist us. We did finally get it started but continued to have the problem all day. We just took a deep breath and kept trying and eventually got it going. Yes, they need to be replaced with newer carts.......but we found the people to be lovely and helpful. If you go...... just make sure when you book, ask for NO CHOKE...
  12. We did Coki Beach a few weeks back on our Princess cruise. I'd been there before so wanted to go back to snorkle. We got off the ship as quickly as possible. It's always a good idea to check to see how many ships are in each port you visit. If you don't have planned (pre-paid through the ship) excursions you can meet up with many crowds. So it's good to move fast. You can grab a taxi (try an open air one - much more fun).....the costs are mandated by the state so it's $10pp to Coki. There is a nice dive shop there and you can rent any equipment for snorkeling. A lounger is $5. If you get there early you will have a better choice of a good spot, especially if there are many ships in port. We stayed about 4 hours and then took a open taxi back and had them drop us at the shopping district. A cab from there back to the ship was about $3.. as I recall.
  13. Beth & Rob

    Swimming pool at Grand Turk

    We were there from the Ruby two weeks ago and never heard any complaints. Didn't use the pool, but rented golf carts and toured the island. Wish I had left time to lay out, it looked beautiful.
  14. Beth & Rob

    Princess Cays

    We were there recently. THere are two sides. One side has all the water activities and the other is much quieter. Depending on your needs (if you have kids) we did not. We took the first couple tenders and went to the right side of the island and grabbed loungers under a Palm Tree. We were right close to the buffet area and the restrooms. The water area in front of us was perfect for snorkeling. There are not a big abundance of fish, but this was our first stop so it made getting acclimated to snorkeling (which I hadn't done in about 5 years) very easy. I'd suggest fins always, but at minimum water shoes wherever you go.
  15. Beth & Rob

    Renting a car in SXM

    There a couple of weeks ago and rented from Hertz. The car had some transmission problems and it was difficult to get up the hills, but we managed and all was fine.