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  1. Self-assist disembarkation a breeze this morning, from our cabin to our Uber, 45 minutes
  2. You have to pay California sales tax on all beverages while at Port. We left late last week and paid a few bucks in taxes ourselves
  3. Just got off the Joy this morning, ship was spotless the entire cruise, staff constantly spraying and wiping, guests cooperating with hand washing, sanitizer etc., No guests or staff wearing masks. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again
  4. 45 minutes to get off the Joy self assist, piece of cake
  5. Painfully slow, long lines, boarding started at noon, people still trying to board at 3pm
  6. Currently on the Joy, no one wearing masks, ship is spotless, lots of hand sanitizer, everyone using it for a change. Arrive LA tomorrow morning, hoping all goes smooth, understandably embarkation was a nightmare
  7. Currently wrapping up the Joy 3/1 sailing and the ship was at or near capacity. Wonderful cruise, great crew, spotless vessel. Just hope there is no hiccups tomorrow when we return to LA.
  8. Seadowns is a nice quaint, family owned property on the broadwalk with a pool https://www.seadowns.com/
  9. Outstanding review, looking forward to our March 1st sailing!
  10. Fishermans platter, that's a joke. I'll hold out for fresh seafood in Mazatlan
  11. No issues with mine except the missing bar code. Reprinted from a different computer and the bar code printed.
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