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  1. Katgoesonholiday

    Review: Seaside Yacht Club August 25-September 1

    Loved the review and we are very much looking forward to our YC cruise in April 2019. Just one question, what was the dress code at dinner like? Was there any nights that followed formal code? We very much enjoy dressing up for dinner - my husband and sons in their suits and I in my long gowns - however I have the impression from other posts that this will be a little over the top and smart attire is the way to go rather than formal. This doesn't bother us one way or another but it would be good to know what clothes to bring as we are going to be trying to do this with carry on only this time.
  2. Katgoesonholiday

    Family cruising - advise please.

    Good point about the movies - one of my kids favorite activities is to order room service and have a family movie night in our cabin. They also enjoy grabbing pizza and watching a movie on the big screen by the pool.
  3. Katgoesonholiday

    Family cruising - advise please.

    We cruise with our three sons who are completely uninterested in going to the kids club. The good news is that it isn’t compulsory! Instead plan on hanging out together in the pool, making up a family team for trivia, have relaxed time with books in a nice lounge, check out the board games available, enjoy meals and shows together, and plan some great excursions together. We’ve taken the boys on five different cruise lines, including Disney, and had a great time every time without using the kids clubs.
  4. Katgoesonholiday

    So,e questions about tickets and embarkation

    I recently found out that your membership expires if you don’t cruise in a certain timeframe - but that doesn’t seem applicable here. From the website: “MSC Voyagers Club membership is valid for three years and subject to a minimum of one cruise every three years. If the last cruise disembarkation date is over 3 years or no cruise has been completed in 3 years after the enrollment date, membership will expire. For example: if the last disembarkation date is January 1, 2015 and no cruises are completed by January 1, 2018, the membership will expire. If the registration date is January 1, 2015 and no cruises are completed by January 1, 2018, the membership will expire. Should your membership expire, you must subscribe to the MSC Voyagers Club again. A new Club identification number will be assigned. Check out now your membership expiry date in the MSC Voyagers Club online private area!”
  5. Katgoesonholiday

    MSC Seaside YC perks.

    Another question...does the YC have its own library on Seaside? I enjoyed the library in YC on the Preziosia and since we will be on for two weeks, I’ll be reading quite a few books! PS 14 nights was $4,000 pp in NZ dollars - which is $2,800 in US dollars. This will be our second time in Yacht Club. The first was for our first cruise. Since then we’ve sailed in interior cabins (x2), ocean view, mini suite and family suite. It’s never been a financial or elitist decision - we just book what suits us best at the time.
  6. Katgoesonholiday

    yacht club dining room menu

    I’ve enjoyed the photos and menus posted! It’s still nearly a year till our cruise but I love reading about the Seaside and it’s Yacht Club.
  7. Katgoesonholiday

    Incident on Pacific Dawn

    Today it’s the first anniversary of the death of my sister’s husband by suicide. It was completely unexpected - like a bolt from the blue. He had had issues with depression, had bipolar tendencies (undiagnosed) and had attempted suicide after his mother died many years prior, but everything was going well for them. They had three beautiful children and big plans for the future. In the last twelve months we have minutely examined every word, every action trying to understand why he would choose to die when there was so much to live for. In the end it comes down to one key factor (which was highlighted by the coroner in their report) - if he had not been drinking alcohol that day he would still be alive. He rarely drunk but when he did it had a profound affect on him. Alcohol is widely recognized as supressing inhibitions, but it is also a depressive. On a person with underlying issues such as despression, even a moderate amount of alcohol can cause them to become suicidal and remove the natural inhibitions against completing the act. This is why I find callous statements like those above to be so ignorant and lacking in any insight or empathy. All I can do is echo the poster who said that they hope this person’s family is never affected by the tragedy of mental health issues and suicide. My heart goes out to this family. The pain that they are going through can not be quantified. They will have so many questions and so few answers and they will blame themselves and constantly question what they could have done differently. I hope they get good support and counseling.
  8. Katgoesonholiday

    What did you learn from your first time cruising?

    I’ve learnt.... ....I can’t count on my kids wanting to go to the kids club so I can have a relaxing vacation. In fact, my kids hate going to the club and just want to hang out with us. *sigh* ....I have three or four outfits I love to wear during the day. More clothing is totally superfluous. ....dressing up for dinner is a surprising amount of fun. Even the kids love putting on their suits and looking flash. ....never ask the kids to put their arms around each other for a photo shoot. And don’t expect to get more than two poses before they have had enough and start rolling their eyes and grumbling. ....cruising is an awesome way to get a taste of many different places when traveling with kids - especially when one of them is autistic and needs familiar routines. ....hubby and I don’t get our moneys worth out of a drink package but Mr16 has manages to do so within the first two days. ....courtesy and politeness go a long long way when interacting with the staff who make your holiday happen. ....stairs are better than the lifts except when wearing ridiculous shoes with an evening gown. ....and finally, shoes that hurt your feet and limit your ability to use the stairs are just daft. Far better to get a lower and more comfortable pair.
  9. Katgoesonholiday

    luxury mediterranean cruise for young people

    Our first cruise was in the Yacht Club on MSC in the Mediterranean. It was an incredible experience and hooked us on cruising. We had just turned 40 when we took this cruise and found there were many both older and younger than us in the Yacht Club. MSC has very beautiful ships with modern decor. The Yacht Club gives the feel of being on a smaller more luxury ship without a similar price tag. We loved it and will heading back for 20th wedding anniversary next year.
  10. Katgoesonholiday

    Those who like to have some drinks on the cruise...

    I feel yucky after drinking white wine unless I take an antihistamine. I get an allergic reaction to the histamines in the wine and it gives me a headache that only codiene can knock out. Since I love white wine, I take a antihistamine tablet before drinking wine.
  11. Katgoesonholiday

    My MSC Review

    Awesome review! I really enjoyed it
  12. Katgoesonholiday

    MSC Seaside Yacht Club Review and Pics!

    Thanks for the fabulous review and photos! Since reading this we have booked on MSC Seaside in Yacht Club for our 20th anniversary next year.
  13. Katgoesonholiday

    My review of Sapphire Princess - 21 nights over Xmas & New Year

    I’m really sorry - I wish I could help! However I can’t remember off the top of my head and I can’t find the folder containing all my travel docs and receipts. If I do find it, I’ll be sure to return to this thread and update you.
  14. Hi all! My review of our South East Asian cruise has been published. Feel free to ask any questions, https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=606125&et_cid=3037603&et_rid=99625148&et_referrer=Boards
  15. Katgoesonholiday

    Apple Watch on a Princess Cruise

    I boarded our most recent cruise with an Apple Watch 2 which I used for telling the time, reminders and tracking exercise. Partway through the cruise it got smashed when it fell onto a tile floor in the shower (I should have just worn it as it’s waterproof) so at our next stop I bought the Apple Watch 3 which also tracks flights of stairs. I absolutely freaking LOVE that feature. On my best day I did 77 flights of stairs.