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  1. That is somewhat similar to how Ponzi schemes work.
  2. I am not a finance/business person, but it is unclear to me if this is good news/bad news/neutral news in regard to the future of Genting Hong Kong and Crystal. In my untrained eye, this looks purely as a liquidation move by Genting Hong Kong. If that is the case, eventually, they will run out of things to sell.
  3. The new shingles vaccine (Shingrix, marketed by GSK) has been studied for a few years before it was released for routine use, and GSK is still collecting data on the vaccine as we speak. As far as I know the most recent publication reported that that acceptable efficacy was preserved at 4 years after administration of the Shingrix vaccine. Efficacy of this vaccine beyond 4 years is still being studied. This is for a vaccine that was approved in 2006. So, it has taken 14 years to get this kind of data in the real-life patient population. My guess is that it would take YEARS before we would
  4. By the way, the effectiveness of the vaccine, especially the durability of the effectiveness, will not be known AT ALL at the time they are first distributed. This is something most of the journalists (and some of my fellow medical people) are not really aware of. It would take at least one year to find the effectiveness at one year, two years to find that at two years, and so on. So some of the expectations on how the vaccine will change our outlook on this outbreak at the time of initial distribution of the vaccine is set unreasonably high.
  5. If this outbreak is not contained as soon as possible, cruise lines and other (mainly leisure) travel industries will suffer greatly. However, if any cruise line tries to re-start in a condition that could create multiple Diamond Princess situation could possibly contribute to a more abrupt and fast death of the cruise industry. It is my opinion that controlling the outbreak is really the first step. Obviously, learning about this (and other future) outbreaks, as well as preparing for a safe resumption of the cruises is both necessary and important at this time, but just "trying" to cruise
  6. I did not think a personal attack was warranted or even necessary. My point is that, regardless of what is "standard business practice" or not, Crystal, and perhaps other cruise lines should be sending their customers letters that are much more consumer friendly, especially when they are in dire need of some slack from the public.
  7. That was my interpretation when I received something similar for my cancellation for a September 2020 cruise. However, my point is that the way in which the refund option is somewhat buried in the letters reflects very poorly on Crystal, whether this was done intentionally or because of the incompetence of the corporate communication department, or little bit of both. If Crystal wants their loyal customers to remain so, they should be sending out a simple, easy to read letter that gives clear guidance on all options for the customers to choose, instead of somehow guiding them to take what Cr
  8. The language on this is not clear, at least to me, regarding how refund eligibility is determined, if at all. Who determines if you are "unable to redeem your Credits by December 31, 2023?" I am really disappointed in Crystal for not just telling the affected customers that they have a choice of credits vs refunds, instead of making it sound so complicated. Also fine-printing the refund option is not really acceptable.
  9. Um....you can try again??? This is another example of gaslighting. You are not actually even attempting to actually argue the facts, just repeating a quote to increase your smugness.
  10. When you tell someone that -“You need to take a chill pill.” -“You are seeing the worst in people.” -“You are the only person who feels that way.” you are actually trying to invalidate someone’s opinion, which is a classic definition of what we commonly call “gaslighting.”
  11. I guess many of us can give you advice based on our previous experiences with Crystal, but I am afraid to say that our advice may not “hold water” in the current situation. I think Crystal delivers a great product onboard their ships, or at least they did so before they stopped sailing earlier this year. I think there is a huge uncertainty regarding the future of Crystal and other cruise lines, and whether they will continue to exist in the same manner in the future, if they even survive this crisis. The advice I used to give to people regarding booking on Crystal is to book it a
  12. This only works if Genting HK is actually interested in spending that “extra money,” if that actually can exist, even after this temporary bailout of the shipyard, on Crystal. Also, the money is a temporary fix, and if the outbreak and the economic impact from that continues beyond March of 2021, Genting HK will be in the exact same position as now, or worse.
  13. Thanks for your suggestion, but I was hoping you could actually say something more meaningful than just criticizing my apparent emotional state. Do better. Please argue in a more mature manner, how my arguments are totally unreasonable.
  14. It is correct that I have never met them. I’m glad that you got to know them. (Thought I have a customer can really “know” the executives. Perhaps I’m not cruising correctly???) Anyways, I also have to say that if I had known both of them, I would be even more upset about how Crystal is using the death of an executive as marketing tool, to “soften” their messages as well as to engender and reinforce the emotional connection some of their customers have with the brand. I am upset because this dirty trick actually works. Obviously it has worked extremely well for many of you, to
  15. I"m just saying that that optimization of vaccination prioritization is a complex problem, and I am certain that people who will be making the decisions for the governments are already thinking about it. Also, I can assure you that there will not be a perfect order in which the vaccine will be administered, and those without a relevant scientific background in vaccine science and epidemiology will not be able to understand some of the less-than-intuitive issues that complicate this process. One caveat is that for a vaccination program to be successful, those who are likely to contract AND sp
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