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  1. oh wow. so he was in the ship what we missed. I hope for his fully recovery in Italy. Thanks for sharing the article and your warm wishes.
  2. I know.., Policy for US is different than Spain and it seems like RC is more generous for European cruises. We would have to do our due diligence for US cruises.
  3. Thank you for your concern! We all got Pfizer vaccine. Booster would help for sure. Good luck to you guys!
  4. Currently different rules are in place in different countries. For Spain, negative test result is not required but they perform rapid test on all passengers before boarding. I feel like RC is more favorable to outside of US cruisers at the moment. Thanks for your concern!
  5. everyone gets a rapid test done and for someone who tested positive on rapid, they do pct test on you. my husband got positive for both. I wish we could go on a next cruise! but I have to go back to work and Kids need to back to school.😪
  6. Yes, we're strong believers of mask wearing. Especially my husband. If someone needs to get an award for sanitizing, he should be the one. I took some mask breaks outdoors when nobody was around but my husband would not take off his mask. It's odd that he's the one that got tested positive. We even shared ice cream and rest of us are fine. We believe his immunity went down, through red-eye flight and lack of sleep coming to Spain.
  7. Yes my husband was asymptomatic until the night we were put in a hotel. He started having fever the night we got to the hotel, for 3 days. So we believe we arrived at Spain as negative and he contracted the virus within 2 days we were at barcelona, possibly from taxi rides as he always sat next to the driver multiple times. I guess you would never know if you got covid or not until you test at the cruise terminal like us. It's rare but it happens as you can see.
  8. we suspect that my husband picked up the virus within that 2 days. God knows where and when but we suspect maybe it could've been from our multiple taxi rides? My husband was the one that sat next to the driver all the time. He started having fever on the night that we were put in a hotel. Prepare yourself to worst situation if you're flying into Italy and make all the possible backup plans as much as possible or at least mentally prepare yourself. Traveling during Covid era is so unpredictable. Getting changeable ticket is a must. Best luck to you.
  9. We also got tested before our flight and we were all negative but this positive situation still happened in matter of 2 days. I wish you the best for your cruise from Athens. It seems like every country had different rules so please double check what their rules are before you head out.
  10. Yes, conditions are certainly different in Europe. I know rules are different for US sailings. Passengers from UK are not allowed to Cruise now and I guess they do need more passengers from US to cruise in Europe. Without that covid assurance, I wouldn't have come here. I believe only 2 families were quarantined at the cruise terminal so even if RC has to pay for the expense- they would rather offer covid assurance than not having passengers at all?
  11. Luckily, every extra expense if covered. I booked a flight with no change fee for Covid related changes so I was able to change the flight with no fee with no price difference. I did have travel insurance to cover medical expense but we're lucky to not use that. It's a good call on your end to shift your cruise to Sept 2022. I'm looking into cruising next year as well but I'm holding my thought at the moment. If the same covid rules are in place, I certainly would not want to be in the same situation again. We were all tested negative before we got on the flight to Spain and in two days, my husband turned out to be positive and he is the most cautious person in terms of sanitizing himself. We might book something from leaving from NJ next year and maybe I'll hold on to Europe cruise til 2023.
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