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  1. That's a steal compared to what my sleep number pillow cost me. It was a Christmas gift a couple of years ago, but I still think the price was ridiculous! But I do really love it. Being able to customize it and push all the air out of it for travel is a real plus.
  2. Thanks Saint Greg and yes it was easy peasy!!
  3. Nice one! Thanks a bunch! And thanks to everyone else for posting. Some I've missed due to dates, but others have padded my total quite nicely. Thank You!
  4. Well done! That was like being at a comedy club!!😂
  5. 2/29/20 Galveston morning of Vista embarkation
  6. I am my boss, so I already know I've been on a cruise. Got the laundry to prove it too!!
  7. Newfun4me...we have done several land based vacations on Cozumel. Sometimes we will rent a car. We always rent from Isadora Isis. It's owned by Maguerite (sp?). She is a very honest business gal. If we do that then we will head to the East side of the Island and maybe go to Punta Sur or just have drive around and enjoy the beautiful wild coast line. But we will also stop at one of the many beach clubs and have something to eat and drink. We will also take our snorkel gear and stop at Playa Corona on the west side, not far from the cruise port and spend the afternoon there snorkeling, eating and maybe a few beers. We also do this when we don't rent a car, since the taxi is so reasonable. We almost always make a stop at the Mega Mart and pick up hot sauces, vanilla, and anything else that looks interesting. And if I need to re-supply my antibiotics, I can get them here also. They have a pharmacy. The Mega Mart is like a Walmart. I bought the same vanilla that all of the tourist shops have for $16 for a little over $1.00 usd.
  8. Just do what you are most comfortable doing. As HoosierPop so eloquently illustrated there are no crystal ball or "magic eight balls". I just returned from cruise this past Saturday and I am considering booking another for the fall. The reason I'm looking at the fall is not because of the corona virus, but rather that is when I like to cruise. The fall and early spring are the choice times.
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