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  1. Good Grief, how stunning was Taormina!?! Everything was so vivid and colorful! I was half way through your photos, when I knew I had to zoom in on them and look at every detail. In the shops and outside of the shops, every little inch of space is packed with the shop owners goodies. And they all looked amazing!! Right before you mentioned the need to buy shopping bags, I was thinking I would have to bring a wheeled carry-on suitcase to be able to handle all the things that I would want to bring back with me! The ceramics were incredible. And I can only imagine the food items that I would have to buy! What an incredible day you all had! I think when you travel, you add another layer to your heart and soul, kind of like the life rings of a tree. It changes you in a way that others may not see, but you know it and it becomes a part of you. Thank you so much Nicole! I can feel myself slipping off of that fence that I've been sitting on, trying to decide where my next cruise will take me. I'm pretty sure the Mediterranean will have to be and I will have to work towards that becoming a reality. I'm not young in body anymore and will have to work around some physical limitations, but I'm sure it will be more than worth it!!
  2. I think this is the first time I've read a trip report where I'm riveted to the shore excursions. When it's time for you to head back to the ship, I'm like...no, not yet! I want to see more of the port through your eyes and words. I guess I need to plan a cruise to the Mediterranean. I do worry about being exhausted with such an intensive port schedule. I guess you just do what you can and understand that you can't possibly see it all. I've always thought of cruising as "sampling" the ports. You just get a small bite to try...not a full meal!?! Thanks for truly taking us along with you on this wonderful journey.
  3. OMG...what gorgeous pics!! You really do have a talent for photography! I am so amazed at how beautiful everything is. It makes me wonder what it would be like to live there!?! I am so loving your trip report....can't get enough of it! Thank You!!
  4. Cozumel is an amazing island, but you need to move past the tourist gift shops, unless you are looking for vanilla extract or even prescription medications that do not require a prescription. Even then I would go to the Mega Mart to get those items. Cozumel has some of the best diving and snorkeling available in all of the islands. Before it was a cruise destination, it was a divers paradise. The best way to enjoy Cozumel is to rent a car for the day and make a circle of the island. The East side of the island is an amazing destination. There are restaurants that sit on the edge of the ocean with spectacular views and delicious food and drinks. You can visit Punta Sur, the ecological park and spend several hours there. I have spent several vacations on Cozumel and consider it one of my best vacations I have ever had. Once you get out of the tourist zone, you will find the prices are much more reasonable and the local people warm and kind. I have never felt unsafe and I am careful and pay attention to my surroundings. I would never stay on the boat in Cozumel. There is too much to do in just one day.
  5. I just found your review and loving it! It's been years since I've been on NCL, but who knows, it might just be a nice change. I'm hoping you will provide a little more information about your camera and snorkel gear that became "lost"!?! That doesn't sound like a good ending to your time in Barbados. I'm also interested in finding out why your DW hated Antigua. The two times I've been, I found it a drop dead gorgeous island and the taxi drivers were excellent. In the Caribbean, we very seldom do tours and just grab a cab and head out on our own. I'll have to remember to take the Barbados taxi situation in mind. Thanks so very much for taking the time and work to do this trip report! I'll be following along and looking forward to more.
  6. Nicole, you are quite the talented writer. Of course your subject matter is pretty spectacular too! I think I actually got a sweet whiff of the orange and lemon trees! I too love going in local grocery stores wherever I travel. I always find the most unique items. Bravo on a fabulous trip report! Can't wait for more.
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