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  1. A lot of the newer ships have a system that the A.C. shuts off to your room when your balcony door is left open. A stateroom is going to get very humid without any A. C. It's also a courtesy to your neighbors. If their A.C. isn't working, there will be calls to report it and the staff can tell very easily if someone has their balcony door open. It creates a draft under your door to the hallway. They will advise you to keep your balcony door closed.
  2. You can not open ocean view windows. And you can't leave your balcony door open all night either. It causes problems with other cabins around yours in regards to the A.C. You may consider bringing a small fan with you to move the air around in your state room. Years ago on an Alaskan cruise the ship was going through some pretty rough seas and our ocean view windows were covered up with port hole covers until we were out of the rough ocean waves.
  3. What a beautiful vacation! Thanks so much for taking us along to see such beautiful and memorable sights. It goes by so quickly, but glad to hear you made it back home safe and sound. Thanks again for all your time and effort and a really nice trip report! Sherry
  4. Are you driving home tonight? Thanks for the trip Greg! And a most interesting live review!!
  5. See...I told you the world was upside down!🤣
  6. So your sleaze ball friend skates through security and they pull you aside for the honors! The world really is upside down!! But, hey, congrats on the seat with no one else beside you!!
  7. You had a killer view!! I could look at that for hours on end.
  8. Are you serious?? He's going to return it after using it on a trip!! I'm sorry, but that is soooooo wrong!
  9. That's actually pretty good. Certainly could have been a lot worse.
  10. That's a weird color of tile in that jacuzzi! From a distance it looks like pool of blood. 😱
  11. That used to be the dive hut, but I see they moved their office inside. It's nice that they've added an elevator. Did your friend have an elevator in his section? Good idea to get to the airport early. Depending on what your friend purchased at the pharmacy and the quantity there's always the chance they want to check him out in more detail. Although it will probably be just fine. Safe travels Greg!
  12. Sorry your trip hasn't been that great for you. I think the combination of having your friend tag along and the situation with the virus has not given you the true charm of Cozumel. Sid was right about you needing to get out of the hotel and try different places to eat on the island. There are some really great places to eat that are all different price ranges. I love Cozumel for the warmth of the local people and that beautiful blue water that I so love to explore. And I have never felt unsafe in Cozumel. There are several all inclusive resorts on the island. I've tried
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