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  1. We all have to work within the confines of the current situation. We don't have to agree with it or even like it for that matter. However, we do need to have a paradigm shift in our thinking. I'm not sure what you think we can help you with here on CC. At this point you have a few choices but an attitude adjustment is going to have take place, if you are going to enjoy your cruise. Try to make the best of a challenging situation and you just might surprise yourself and enjoy the cruise.
  2. So if someone asks you what you do for a living, simply respond that you are a "cat herder".
  3. I'm having a little trouble understanding your dining preference. It sounds like you want to try the "Your Time Dining", but for some reason have the early dining wait listed. Choose your preference and let Carnival know your first choice. YTD is very flexible. It's up to you where you eat and how many of the party go to the dining room, if any at all. Even with a set time, it doesn't have to be the entire party. Or your entire group may decided to eat elsewhere on a night. Of course with a set time, you will need to be timely if you decide to eat in the MDR on any night. T
  4. That's a steal compared to what my sleep number pillow cost me. It was a Christmas gift a couple of years ago, but I still think the price was ridiculous! But I do really love it. Being able to customize it and push all the air out of it for travel is a real plus.
  5. Thanks Saint Greg and yes it was easy peasy!!
  6. Nice one! Thanks a bunch! And thanks to everyone else for posting. Some I've missed due to dates, but others have padded my total quite nicely. Thank You!
  7. Well done! That was like being at a comedy club!!😂
  8. 2/29/20 Galveston morning of Vista embarkation
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