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  1. Sid, so glad you were able to take the long awaited cruise and it was even more than you thought it would be. Too bad they always go by too quickly and we have to get jolted back to reality. Thanks for all of your time and attention to detail and of course taking us along with you!
  2. This makes perfect sense! My old hair hot iron was not ceramic and the new one is. My old one always worked just fine on any cruise ship. Thank you very much!
  3. I had the same issue on the Vista last cruise Feb. 2020. I bought a new straight iron a few months before the cruise and took the new one. I had always taken the old one before that cruise. The new one would not heat up but the light was on. Worked fine in the hotel and back home. The old one is a Revlon and the newer one is a Conair.
  4. I would have to hire a pool boy to get me out of most of those chairs! They should make the designers sit in those chairs for hours on end and see if they still think they were good idea! 😖
  5. I wonder if they have it for sale in the gift shop.
  6. I think it's hard to get an accurate feel for a cruise line right now with reduced capacity. I don't want to feel like I'm on a ghost ship for most of the day. I really enjoy seeing others have a good time in addition to having a good time myself. However, my first impression of VV is that it's a floating night club with excellent dining. I do think that it will evolve over time and find that balance that will be more appealing to a larger demographic. Time will tell, as they say. I did notice that some of the softer fabric furniture was already looking a little rumply and tired after so few cruises. Maybe in their interest of trying to make it look cool, they didn't calculate how much abuse furniture can get on a cruise. Also it looked like a lot of their sitting areas were made for lounging and slouching. I'm afraid a week on that ship my back would be destroyed even more than it already is now. Okay...maybe I am too old for a VV cruise!?!
  7. I'm not a member either 😢 It sounds like it would be a lot of fun! (The bonfire...not the other)
  8. Are you still docked in Bimini?? I was thinking that they stayed there until about midnight, but of course I could be mistaken.
  9. Looks delicious! Did you cook your own meat 😁?
  10. Are the handles on the sliver ware really as long as they look??? I noticed the same thing last night when you were having the seafood boolya meal.
  11. That looks pretty good. Is the avocado breaded and deep fried??
  12. Can you give us an idea of the entertainment? Any live music?? I'm not a big drinker and the casino looked a bit lack luster and dark and I do love live music when I'm onboard. I could care less about trivia and bingo, but I do like a lively atmosphere.
  13. So what exactly is this? I assume the shells are like a chocolate cookie made to look like a taco shell, but what's inside of it? Serious sweet tooth peeps want to know.
  14. Now that's a plate of food! Is that what they call Halloween lobster....Booya!?!
  15. That's an interesting guac. with the pomegranate seeds. Did they add an interesting flavor?? I make a batch of guac. every week and might try it if it works.
  16. Surely the pizza place is open. A Guy's burger sounds pretty good about now.
  17. Hey Sid, do they have any live music on this cruise??
  18. That looks like something I saw at the Hologram museum in Chicago. Or something from the movie, "Vertigo".
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