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  1. You have to consider that Casino players spend (translate to "lose" ) more money than passengers just paying for their cabins. No matter what perks Casino players get, they still put out a lot of money to get those perks. MARAPRINCE
  2. Where is the safe located? In the closet or near the dresser? Will the refrigerator be empty? Can we get a full ice bucket everyday? How about the bathroom...shelves over the sink? A little off topic, but do you need to keep card/key in slot near door to have the lights stay on? Thanks. MARAPRINCE
  3. Do you need to bring towels from the ship or are there places on Coco Cay to get towels? Thanks. MARAPRINCE
  4. How about to cut down on vandalism, bulling, etc. by unaccompanied teens? MARAPRINCE
  5. Thanks for sharing. Ship looks great. We sail in Sept. MARAPRINCE
  6. Do you need to bring towels from the ship if you are just planning to walk around and sit in a lounge chair? MARAPRINCE
  7. What else besides items made from straw do they sell? Any wood carved items? MARAPRINCE
  8. Tomorrow the ship will be offically christened as the new "Carnival Sunrise". Thus, begins a new chapter for this ship. MARAPRINCE
  9. Speaking of the ice show, when is it offered? On sea days in the afternoon, at night? Do you need to pick up tickets for the time you want? Thanks. MARAPRINCE
  10. As long as we can do it from deck 5, that's fine!!! 😂 MARAPRINCE
  11. Is it possible to walk through deck 5 to get to the theater on deck floor and then use a stairway to go to deck 4? MARAPRINCE
  12. Same reason someone would book the highest price cabin on the ship ---privacy. MARAPRINCE
  13. Like the photo of lounge chairs under the life boats! That's one way to get some shade. MARAPRINCE
  14. Ship looks great! Photos of the various areas are great too! I will not ask how you managed to get photos of the shows since on my last Carnival sailing if someone even looked like they were about to take a photo of the show one of the staff members sought them out and discouraged it. MARAPRINCE
  15. So you can get food at Snack Shack free or do you have to book a cabana? Chill Grilll or Skipper's Grill is the free buffet that is offered to all? MARAPRINCE
  16. On deck 5 in the morning did they have a mini buffet set up like on the Sunshine? MARAPRINCE
  17. Questions regarding the lunch time buffet...did they have barbeque spare ribs, dedicated Asian section, sandwiches made to order? Thanks! MARAPRINCE
  18. Shucks! Defeats the whole concept of going to 2nd seating dinner. One of the biggest gripes we have is that they do not stick to the same time for the shows...one night it is at 7PM, then it can be at 7:15 or 7:30 PM. MARAPRINCE
  19. I have a question regarding show times and 2nd seating dinner in MDR. Do they expect 2nd seating to go to the early shows before dinner like on the Explorer? We take 2nd seating to allow us to not be rushing to get to a 7PM show especially when the ship has been in a port. MARAPRINCE
  20. RCL no longer gives "free" upgrades. You want an upgrade and you receive the upgrade e-mail, you need to put in a bid (pay for). Or, you can upgrade yourself by picking out the cabin you want and pay the difference. MARAPRINCE
  21. It really is a neat and practical gift and definitely not something I would give away. As far as lanyards go, we usually get the strecthy ones from the casino after having our cards punched. It makes it easy to find your card in your purse, doesn't get soiled when you have suntan lotion on, great to wear when going on or off th e ship since it isn't easily seen if you have a collared shirt/top. We even use the ones from the casino with a clear plastic holder on other cruise lines where you cannot punch the card due to chips in the cards. MARAPRINCE
  22. My problem is that I do not like Starbucks coffee since I find it to be too strong. I guess I will just have to bring a small jar of instant coffee to drink outside of the dining room. Had to do this on the Explorer. MARAPRINCE
  23. Since items that can be reused are a big thing/business these days, a nylon foldable tote bag would be a great gift that is both practical and would come in handy when shopping. MARAPRINCE
  24. Just a guess, but could it be that it hasn't been christened as yet? MARAPRINCE
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