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  1. One more question concerning the coffee in Windjammer...is it still as bad? Can you also get regular coffee in the Diamond lounge along with cappachino? MARAPRINCE
  2. Any idea how long Perry Grant will be on the ship? Saw him on Celebrity and he was a riot with a big following that only became larger each night as passengers learned about his antics! MARAPRINCE
  3. On sea days, do they have the make your own salad bar in the MDR? How about the mini buffet at breakfast in the MDR? Thanks! MARAPRINCE
  4. Just to let everyone know that we have reached the 25 minium sign up on the Roll Call for this sailing to have a Meet & Mingle party on board. So, if you are on this sailing and have not as yet joined the Roll Call please sign up so we can meet in person. MARAPRINCE
  5. I am referring to an inside deck area and not an outside one. MARAPRINCE
  6. Anyone know if the Sunrise will have a mini breakfast buffet available like the Sunshine on deck 5 or 6 near the area where people sign up for anytime dining? MARAPRINCE
  7. Exactly where on the Adventure of the Seas is the Diamond Lounge located? MARAPRINCE
  8. That's what I wanted to know. On Anthem, Concierge was able to secure tickets to one of the shows as well as a shore excursion for us. MARAPRINCE
  9. Wait and do it at the port. If they do not like the photo they took, they will just take another one. Happened to my friend. Guess she moved or photo didn't show correctly. MARAPRINCE
  10. On embarcation day, what time does the Diamond Lounge open? MARAPRINCE
  11. Does the Adventure of the Seas have a Solarium restaurant? MARAPRINCE
  12. Sunrise -- will Cucina be an option for lunch on boarding day or not???? MARAPRINCE
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