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  1. No Problemo!! Looking through this thread someone named PSDottie said she was getting off the Princess ship that I am getting on the same day. That's all. Have a great time on beautiful Oceania!
  2. My question was titled @PSDottie because she is getting off the PACIFIC PRINCESS on November 28th... I am well aware of Oceania's Casual cruising! Thanks tho!
  3. Leave her clean for us...we are getting on, on 11/28. Will you blog or post anything while you are on the cruise? I would love to know the exact formal nights so I can schedule my speciality restaurants for those nights. Thanks in advance Y
  4. Sailing on the 10 day Tahiti marquesas cruise on November 28th. Which 2 nights will be the formal nights? Thanks
  5. We invested in a pair of nikon 10x50 waterproof trailblazer binoculars on our first trip to Alaska. when we went to traitors cove when the salmon were running in early september, I was using my binoculars. There were 22 bears that came to the river to get salmon for either themselves or their bear cubs. The highlight of my trip was watching these bears get the salmon and take the salmon back to the cubs (hiding in the bushes). It was so close up with my binoc's. However, I about tossed my cookies when the mama bear decided to eat the salmon right there....within 2 feet from me, (viewing through my binoculars). But still binoculars brought everything within touching reach! Going end of May to alaska for the fourth time and the binoculars were the first thing I packed!
  6. Holland America has been offering many many paid upgrades throughout their ships....I know three couples that got great ones on their Med cruise! They were thrilled!
  7. I use the large gallon size freezer, zip lock bags for my camera. Trick is.... put your really good camera in the ziplock bag... Then cut a hole, a little smaller than the lens size when open. Then put camera in it. Use another bag zip loc freezer bag that you keep camera and other zip loc bag completely zipped up.viola... no moisture Have done this in Alaska twice and Christmas markets in the freezing rain in Germany 5 times... Works well. Doesn't look beautiful but it works well.
  8. The best binoculars you can afford. I bought some really good binoculars on my second trip to Alaska and I have not regretted it. I love searching the shorelines for animals that most people cannot see with the naked eye. So much fun!
  9. @Lori I am going in 3 weeks and would love to read your blog... Could you please send it to me. At catkoe1@cox.net Thanks in advance for sending!
  10. Well with 500k of people coming in for the big cultural event...they have to stay somewhere!
  11. Hi all Yes the Uitmarkt is happening in Amsterdam. The biggest cultural event in Europe bring 500,000 people to Amsterdam. Because it is all free. Now if you are disembarking off of a Rhine river cruise and all you wanted to see was the Amsterdam area. It will be jammed with the cultural seekers. So we shall see much culture and plan on walking. No bus tours for us,
  12. Hope there are people that are just getting home from the Christmas Markets on the AmaCerto will chime in with their thoughts on the cruise!
  13. Thank you, Thank you!! Your review was fabulous. A couple of questions... did anyone complain of noise or vibrations in cat. E? Two of our cabins are in E. Also, the restaurants you went to...did they accept Credit cards? We went to Cafe Kor in Budapest and went to pay and no credit cards/no euros accepted. So the women stayed behind and the men found an atm. Not a problem but a little embarrassing! Was Bottega la Famiglia also in Budapest? Okay, I booked the Prague pickup from the airport to take us to the downtown hotel...Intercontinental because we are doing the pre cruise part in Prague. think we will have any problems? There are four of us and they have us down for a minivan. I called even and stated....definitely want the minivan.. We will keep our fingers crossed. I have set up the other two couples that way also. Ugh. Curious about booking the speciality restaurant onboard? Also, where was the captain dinner held? In MDR or speciality restaurant? Where did you find Andrea Řezníčková [Andrejka2002@seznam.cz]Not sure if anyone will want to do this, since we will be in Prague 3 1/2 days. But if you think it is worth it, let me know. I would like to do an additional tour the disembarkation day in Budapest, do you have any suggestions there? Thanks again for all of your information and your review. Can't wait. Depart this Sunday 12/9 for a very long flight. Merry Christmas to you!
  14. Thank you for that quick response. I should have looked it up. My last Christmas Market Trip was on AMALyra and we loved it! It was such a fun crew! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Looking forward to experiencing this new ship AMACERTO and hope to continue for many years to come to experience the new ships of AMA WATERWAYS! My favorite! thanks again!
  15. Hi Caviargal! thank you for the update. We board on the 13th of December. Cannot wait! Could you please update me a little...what is the recommended gratuity per person per day please. One of the passengers traveling with me wants to know... and I can't find it! Thanks in advance and enjoy Melk! Such a sweet town! I just hung up my hand painted Melk ornament that I bought two years ago! Must buy another one this trip! Have fun!
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