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  1. Now if they wanna add me some points I am all for it
  2. You will just want to get extra keys for each room So A & C are book in room 1 with Cheers B & D are booked in room 2 without cheers B gets a second key for room 1 and then just switches rooms use the extra key to get in the room and the original key to pay for stuff C gets a second key for room 2 and then just switches rooms use the extra key to get in the room and the original key to pay for stuff If you "OFFICIALLY" switch rooms back you run the risk of both rooms getting charged full prices for cheers
  3. like salt scrubs to put on --- they have these cool showers you can do and you could put on the scrubs before hand sit in the steam room a few minutes with them on then take one of the cool showers before scrubbing them off ... (Doesn't hurt if the hubby helps put them on and off)
  4. I loved the Breeze this past Christmas so much that I booked it again this Christmas Although this time I booked us for Spa Rooms ... We absolutely loved the spa the thermo pool is amazing! Next time I will be bringing my own scrubs for the Spa - they charge like $6 a scoop in their We hung out at the red frog ALL the time
  5. I am not gonna say I regret it persay ... I enjoyed having it but will I get it again no I won't because on days I was just not up to drinking I felt like I needed to drink because I paid for the package and so it was not worth it ... But I tested it out on a small cruise -- Now when we have multiple rooms and hubby is one room and me in the other with our kids split amongst us then I will get it for him as its totally worth it for him
  6. You can look on the hub app for each dining night as soon as you are on board Also if there is not something you like ask your waiter if they can get you something different -- I have in the past been able to get something off menu because I asked for it the night before ... They are now always able to do this depends on if they have any left on hand.
  7. It used to be every single night ... When I was on Legend in June they danced every night When I was on the Breeze in December they only danced twice
  8. I got off the Breeze in December and EVERY SINGLE TIME they would ask where I was when my daughter tried to scan to get off - Did not matter if I got off before or after her they would look around and say where is Barbara Norris
  9. This is why I now let them know in advance that I am medically needy and require an inside muster - For one I simply can't stand the heat and like you I almost passed out once from the heat so after that happened I now tell them I am required to be indoors for muster - And then secondly I am always on time which means I am always stuck in the back of the drill with 6 or 7 rows of people in front of me and the claustrophobia in me just can't handle that either Some ships like Carnival Breeze only have indoor musters - I think all ships should change to this
  10. I would suggest for your child that likes music go ahead and just download some music to her phone directly And the same for your other one that likes tv maybe download some youtube or amazon movies for them to watch if you google you can find a free extension for chrome that will allow you to download youtube videos in video format or in music format
  11. It actually looks like your missing elegant night dinner that usually has something special including some sort of grilled shrimp
  12. Funny I am actually bringing a platter - I know its weird but bringing one to fill up on goodies from the Lido pool to bring to hubby
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